Julio César Chávez gives his son a low blow on Father’s Day because of Canelo (PHOTO)

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  • Julio César Chávez gives his son a low blow on Father’s Day.
  • The son of the legend couldn’t win his fight against the Brazilian Anderson Silva.
  • Saúl Canelo Álvarez was present at the Chávez exhibition.

Julio Cesar Chávez Canelo Álvarez. Saturday night was a special night for the Chávez family, as all three boxers that have grown out of this legacy each offered an exhibition above the ring, including the legend Julio Cesar Chávez who mentioned that it was the last time he got into a ring.

But things did not go as planned, as both the legend and his son Omar Chávez won their respective fights, but that was not the case for Julio Cesar Chávez Jr. who was defeated by the Brazilian Anderson Silva, while his rival Saúl Canelo Álvarez was sitting in the stands.

Julio Cesar Chávez gives his son a low blow

Julio Cesar Chávez sends a message to Canelo Álvarez

But the controversy occurred in the middle of Father’s Day, when the Mexican Julio Cesar Chávez gave a low blow to the Jr. through his account of Instagram, with a message and an image that has shaken the world of social networks, because of how direct he was the best boxer Mexico has ever had.

And it is that after being the only one of the Chávez dynasty who could not complete his fight with a victory, adding that the best fighter currently was present, the boxing legend shared a post where he said goodbye to the ring and clarifying that his heir in the ring was not his son.

Julio Cesar Chávez Canelo Álvarez: Message from the boxing legend on Father’s Day

Julio Cesar Chávez gives his son a low blow because of Canelo Álvarez

In his last post on his social network profile, Julio Cesar Chávez shared a photo where he appears with the current champion Canelo Álvarez, and in the middle of Father’s Day, the athlete throws a message for his son, where when he appears he is a little disappointed for its Saturday night display.

“I say goodbye to the Ring, my temple, my life, my happiness. Yesterday, I gave them the best that I could give them, Thanks to you who made me be THE GREAT MEXICAN CHAMPION. But we have @canelo who today is the best pound x pound, represents us as #mexico in the world of boxing ”, was the message of Julio Cesar Chávez.

Julio Cesar Chávez Canelo Álvarez: Answer from Jr.

Julio Cesar Chávez Jr answers a message to Canelo Álvarez

For his part, the son of the legend, Julio Cesar Chávez Jr. in his Instagram stories, uploaded a strange image where with an emoji he placed the message of Happy Father’s Day, but with a black background, is it the case that are you upset with your father after seeing the message he posted?

While in his last Instagram post, the Jr. only published a snapshot where he is himself signing a box glove, while wearing a multi-colored shirt, where only his last name is headed and stating that he is still number one.

Julio Cesar Chávez Canelo Álvarez: The praise continues

Julio Cesar Chávez says that Canelo Álvarez is the best

During the exhibition offered by Julio Cesar Chávez on Saturday night, while facing the son of Puerto Rican Macho Camacho, during the fourth round, Canelo Álvarez went into the ring to dedicate a few words to the legend, and before going down, the Cesar of boxing I dedicate a few words to him.

“Here you have the best Mexican fighter of today and possibly in history; Canelo has earned everything thanks to his talent, work and perseverance ”, were the words of the Mexican boxing legend, in the presence of all the public that attended to see the boxer’s last fight.

Julio Cesar Chávez Canelo Álvarez: “He loves him more than his son”

Julio Cesar Chávez praises his son's rival

Immediately the messages of the Internet users were present in the publication of Julio Cesar Chávez where he recognizes that Canelo will follow in his footsteps in Mexican boxing. And many comments showed that she is more proud of another athlete than of her own children.

“He loves him more than his son”, “The son he always wanted to have”, “The champion swallowed … Yesterday I should have said I am leaving my son, who is also a champion, but Canelo had to say”, “Without doubt @caneloLike you, they will continue to represent Mexico ”, were some comments.

Julio Cesar Chávez Canelo Álvarez: Jr. was beaten up by someone much bigger

The son of legend took a beating

Bad and bad for the son of the legend, since first he lost a large amount of money for not being able to give the ideal weight for the fight, later in his fight the Brazilian Anderson Silva beat him up, being much bigger than him. Jr. and finished off with his father’s words that he prefers Canelo.

After awarding the victory to the Brazilian by split decision, Julio Cesar Chávez Jr. mentioned not agreeing with the judges’ decision: the ropes, he did his job, but I think he did not win the fight, at most a draw, “said the son of the legend, according to The opinion.

They arrest the son of the legend

The Jr is arrested
Instagram photo

Previously, the Mexican boxer Julio César Chávez Jr was involved again, in police matters and was almost arrested because of a fire, according to a publication that he himself made and that replicated the Instagram account of shows Chicapicosa 2. Through a video that lasts approximately 16 minutes, the Mexican boxer who was almost arrested, documented everything that happened since they descended from the Protected Natural Area of ​​the Nevado de Colima National Park.

Everything originated when a fire broke out, then when he wanted to go to Ciudad Guzmán, on the orders of the authorities and in response to an evacuation order, the boxer and his team were intercepted by municipal police from Zapotlán El Grande. Filed Under: Julio Cesar Chávez Canelo Álvarez

Problems with authority

Things got tense
Instagram photo

When advancing a few kilometers, Julio César Chávez and his team were again intercepted by a police checkpoint at a gas station that is in front of the Technological Institute of Ciudad Guzmán, where the problems began there.

Aboard his truck, the boxer, son of the legend Julio César Chávez, recorded the discussion that took place between the boxer’s team and officials who were not allowing the passage, because it was suspected that they had started the fire in the protected area. Filed Under: Julio Cesar Chávez Canelo Álvarez

There was great tension

Instagram photo

There were several minutes of tension between the agents and the work team of Julio César Chávez Jr who was about to be arrested, even the Mexican boxer faced one of them while recording him and in the end the situation calmed down, not without first experiencing moments of anguish.

After arriving at his hotel, the son of the legend began to explain everything that happened so that there was no doubt that they had not done anything and that it was all a confusion, he also took the opportunity to talk about some opinions he has on other issues related to your profession. To see the video click here. Filed Under: Julio Cesar Chávez Canelo Álvarez

Was it your father’s order?

blame his father
Instagram photo

When talking about the police, he tried to justify them: “They did not do it with bad intentions, they thinking otherwise, as the fire was, we had to get off, so the police had the order not to go down, it is illegal for them not to let you down. because we are of legal age … ”

And he continued: “But my dad told them, they did him a favor, but it really is ugly, apart from that time is up there and I tell them that they cannot stop us because it is illegal and they say ‘the champion said’. He is not the champion, the champion didn’t say it because if my dad had spoken to me, he would have said ‘hey son stay up’, I would have done it. Filed Under: Julio Cesar Chávez Canelo Álvarez



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