Julio César Chávez and his Jr. are mourning the unexpected death of someone they love (PHOTOS)

Mexican boxer Julio César Chávez and his son Jr. mourn the death of a friend Both boxers are dismayed by the departure of their publicist...

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  • Mexican boxer Julio César Chávez and his son Jr. mourn the death of a friend
  • Both boxers are dismayed by the departure of their publicist Ricardo Jiménez
  • They receive dozens of condolences and good wishes for their family

Mexican boxer Julio César Chávez and his son Jr. are mourning the death from a very close friend Ricardo Jiménez, according to a publication made by the idol’s ‘offspring’.

It was through her account Instagram official that Julio César Chávez Jr. took a photograph with him dead and that caused a commotion among his friends and acquaintances.

Textually the young man boxer He posted the following message: “A great friend left us a great human being that I love very much #dencanseenpaz @ ricardo.jimenez.7777019”.

Image taken from Instagram @jcchavezjr

For his part, his father did the same in his account, as a tribute and posted the following text: “Rest in Peace my dear friend for years, the best publicist and friend of all Latino boxers. You will be missed. #RIP #boxing #Box #PR ”.

One of the celebrities who immediately reacted to the publication was the actress Maribel Guardia, who wrote the following: “Rest in peace.”

But other people were angry because the world champion did not say the name of the deceased man: “What if you tell us who he was?”, “And how @ see… his name was then. Pin… posts that do do it well ”.

Someone else regretted the news and wrote the following: “Possibly the best boxers translator, I don’t know how he wasn’t the translator in all the big fights. RIP”.

“Really the best”, “rest in peace”, “his name was Ricardo Jimenez, RIP”, “a total gentleman”, “great guy”, “God keep him in his glory” were other people’s words.

But someone referred to him in a very respectful way: “The best chronicler in the written press in Spanish in both boxing and basketball, a great connoisseur, I never missed any of his columns. Rest in peace”.

It was then that people sent more messages to Julio César Chávez dad and Jr, who are mourning the death of Ricardo Jiménez.

The world champion received more expressions of affection from the people: “Rest in peace, warrior”, “I’m very sorry”, “RIP light and progress for your spirit”, “may he rest in peace”, “the heart of Mexico”, “My condolences and blessings to the family,” said more followers.

To see the video click here.

Ricardo Jimenez

Image taken from YouTube Telemundo Deportes

But another of them recognized his work and commented: “A great guy, great person and always kind. He helped many reporters during our careers. He is going to be missed ”.

This video you can see here.

Julio César Chávez Jr

Image taken from YouTube Telemunmdo Deportes

“Take heart, old man weepy”, “sorry for the champion loss,” some fans told the world boxing champion.

Some people began to offend the champion for not putting the name of the deceased and received even some insults.

“What was it called then? Did you never learn his name either? What Gu…! What a pin…. Regards… RIP. Mex publicist / translator. From the nose I remember. Educated fluent in both languages ​​always correct in his translations ”.

Image taken from Instagram @ jcchavez115

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A few months ago, an alleged conflict between Jului César Cháves and El Jr was leaked, which was later clarified by both in a video.

The controversy over the video where the Mexican boxing legend, Julio César Chávez “scolds” his son, was echoed by the protagonists and they have sent a clear message to their audience to clarify what really happened, all this through other material that was recovered by Chicapicosa2’s Instagram account.

As you will remember, a video was released on the same Instagram account where the Mexican boxing idol, Julio César Chávez, yelled various rude words at his son of the same name, during what appears to be a family reunion.

This video generated many comments, since the Junior is not well regarded by the Mexican fans for a series of opinions that he has published where he generates annoyance and indignation among the Mexican population and that in some way has nothing to do with his career or with that of his father, the famous Julio César Chávez.

To see the video click here.

Image taken from Instagram @ chicapicosa2

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Given all this, after a few days both Julio César Chávez father and son, uploaded a video together where they explain that it was not a scolding but that he (father) is like that when (son) speaks to him.

In a textual way, it can be heard when they both say: “This goat … I scold him when …”, then Junior interrupts saying: “This is him, this is he … don’t be mam …”, both said Julio César Chávez.

Between the two publications of Julios César Chávez, there have been more than 20 thousand reproductions and a total of more than 70 comments have been obtained on the @chicapicosa account.

The publications where the Julio César Chávez appear do not cease to cause controversy, since a few days ago the Junior said that “if I were López Obrador I would say: ‘all the poor who do not have food to eat, have the right to counterfeit bills, now for someone to make counterfeit bills and they already have something to eat, there is nothing wrong with it, no, just to have an amount so that there is less hunger, at the end of the day the machines make the bills, as I have seen.

To see the video click here.

Julio Cesar Chavez mourning

Image taken from nstagram @ chicapicosa2

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