Judge blocks Biden’s moratorium on deportations for 14 more days

A federal judge in Texas extended the lockdown on President Biden’s moratorium on deportations for an additional 14 days The Texas ...

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  • A federal judge in Texas extended the lockdown on President Biden’s moratorium on deportations for an additional 14 days
  • The Texas prosecutor previously called Biden’s move “illegal and dangerous”
  • According to the prosecutor, the moratorium “grants an amnesty to millions of immigrants … many with criminal records”

A federal judge in Texas extended the blocking of the moratorium on deportations decreed by the president, Joe Biden, on the day of his inauguration until February 23, the agency reported. Efe.

Judge Drew Tripton of the Southern District Court of Texas accepted the request made by the attorney general of that state, Ken Paxton, who has sued the Biden administration over the presidential decree.

Moratorium blockade of deportations in extended in Texas

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The magistrate considered that the extension of his decision is justified given that there is a “good cause” that justifies such a decision, thus giving additional time to “fully consider” the case.

In its failure, the court recalls that it had asked the Government for figures on how many people were affected by the decision and explains that the defendants had told it that it was a difficult task.

That information, which should be delivered before this Wednesday, says the judge, will provide him with a broader vision and allow him to decide on the matter.

Tripton also assured in his letter that the “damage” for the plaintiffs would be greater than for the Government if the blockade was not extended to the moratorium on deportations.

In his request, Paxton had stated that the moratorium on certain deportations represents “a total abdication” of the federal government’s responsibility to apply the laws clearly.

The moratorium, the attorney general wrote, “grants at least a temporary amnesty to tens of millions” of undocumented immigrants, many of whom, according to Paxton, have criminal records. “

“Our state defends the largest section of the nation’s southern border. Lack of proper enforcement of the law will directly and immediately endanger our citizens and law enforcement personnel, ”said the Republican in a letter sent to DHS in late January.

In addition, in his words, “DHS itself has previously recognized that such a deportation freeze will cause concrete harm in Texas,” Paxton added.

“I am confident that these illegal and dangerous actions will not continue. The law and the security of our citizens must prevail ”, he concludes.

Biden’s decree was part of what the president has described as “a just and humane immigration policy” that includes proposals for the legalization of some 11 million undocumented immigrants, stricter criteria for the detention of undocumented and the reestablishment of the immigration system. asylum.

During a hearing on January 29, Tipton questioned the parties about an agreement, signed in the last days of President Donald Trump’s administration, according to which the Department of Homeland Security must give Texas a 180-day advance notice when there is changes in the application of immigration laws in that state.

Lawyers for the Biden government have indicated that this agreement is invalid and does not bind the new president because no state has the right to veto the powers of the federal government on immigration.

Tipton also asked lawyers for the Biden administration if the pause in deportation would lead to the release of people charged with felonies or who have completed their prison sentences.

The judge noted that the decree signed by Biden on January 20 specifies that the 100-day pause in deportations does not apply to terrorists or individuals who pose a threat to national security, but does not say anything about the charges or convictions for crimes. .

While the matter continues its course in court, immigrant advocates have pointed out that Tipton’s order does not require the government to proceed with deportations, and while the Biden Administration may well postpone them on a case-by-case basis, deportations have continued.

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