Juan Rivera tells the truth behind the ‘sumptuous gift’ that Lupillo gave him and Mrs. Rosa

The controversy between some members of the Rivera Family continues. Juan Rivera tells the truth behind the ‘sumptuous gift’ ...

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  • The controversy between some members of the Rivera Family continues.
  • Juan Rivera tells the truth behind the ‘sumptuous gift’ that Lupillo gave him and Mrs. Rosa.
  • “This sh… is kind of odd, don’t you think?”, Said the music producer.

And this story doesn’t come to an end. After several weeks of hints and “accusations” between some members of the Rivera Family, the musical producer Juan Rivera tells the truth behind the “sumptuous gift” that Lupillo gave him and Mrs. Rosa.

It was on his official Instagram account that Jenni Rivera‘s brother shared a post where he shows an article from the magazine TvyNovelas whose main title is: “Lupillo gives a sumptuous gift to Doña Rosa and Juan Rivera! Lupillo Rivera granted the rights to 30 compositions to his brother Juan Rivera, with whom he has held a war of insults”.

“I’ll leave that comment and I’m going slowly”: Juan Rivera

"I'll leave that comment and go slowly": Juan Rivera
Instagram photo Juan Rivera

The music producer kept nothing to himself, true to his custom, and wrote the following: “This is called a ‘smoke screen.’ You have to support my carnal Lupillo Rivera (whom he labeled) to divert attention from what I said in my last live “.

“Curious fact: it is the same magazine (TVyNovelas) that leaked the audit… the ped is something strange … there, don’t you think? How strange that after leaving the audit, my carnal now ‘gives us’ his songs? I’ll leave that comment and leave slowly, ”said Juan Rivera.

“If Jenni were there, it would be something else,” they tell Juan Rivera

"If I were Jenni it would be something else"they tell Juan Rivera
Instagram photo Juan Rivera

Followers of Juan Rivera reacted immediately to this publication of the magazine TvYNovelas, which indicates on its cover, as a scoop, that Jenni Rivera’s family is under investigation: “If Jenni were (alive) it would be something else.”

“Oh yeah. They are family, stop fighting for pure money and fame “,” It does not look good that you speak badly of your brother even if he is the worst, let life take over, with all due respect “,” Seriously Juan, Jenni is seeing you each one of you and not give that money to your children, really? How sad of you ”.

Chiquis Rivera was the one who “would have requested” an audit of her uncles

Chiquis Rivera was the one "would have requested" an audit of his uncles
Instagram photo Juan Rivera

Although it has been commented that it was Johnny Rivera who started all this ‘uproar’, in the publication shared by Juan Rivera of the magazine TVyNovelas it is said that Chiquis was the one who carried out an audit of his uncles to know in detail the profits they have generated with the memory of his mother, Jenni Rivera.

“Hahaha, I screwed up… you… what did he steal from you that treats you badly, humiliates you, what’s here, what’s there? Well now he gives you money and you continue to gape, and now what do you want? Do the same thing he does to you: he ignores you !!! ”, commented a netizen.

They tell Juan Rivera to “seize the moment”

They tell Juan Rivera that "seize the moment"
Instagram photo Juan Rivera

Go that this publication of the music producer caused all kinds of reactions, because while some support him, others side with Lupillo Rivera: “Didn’t you get a song too? And your sister a book? In the middle of the audit? ”.

This same person commented that the interpreter, who was the object of ridicule and memes after hiding his tattoo with Belinda’s face, did the same when releasing the Major League song: “It’s the same, take advantage of the moment. As Johnny said: everyone takes advantage of the situation.

“Will Lupillo be the family snitch?”

"Will Lupillo be the family snitch?"
Instagram photo Juan Rivera

Lupillo Rivera did not look very well on this occasion: “Very true, Mr. Lupe always pretending to be the victim”, “Will Lupillo be the family snitch?”, “Better tell us the dark past of his old stripper” , “Did your brother really do that?”

“Good thing he’s your brother, how about he was your enemy? It is not worth it. Just defend yourself, Juan, he speaks with ovaries and you speak with huev … in front, very clear and with good handwriting so that there is no doubt, “said an Internet user when he saw this publication.

“Because they swelled me up”: Juan Rivera

"Because they swelled me up": Juan Rivera
Instagram photo Juan Rivera

A couple of days before this controversial publication, Juan Rivera made a live broadcast on his social networks with the suggestive title “No more! Because they swelled me up ”, just on the day that her sister Rosie Rivera was celebrating another year of life.

“This live is to invite you to see the video that we have just released on my YouTube channel, it’s called ‘Porque se me swollen’, which is a corrido that I began to compose in November. Suddenly I come up with ideas and I start to write like that just like crazy and all of a sudden cool things come out, ”said the music producer, who still had more to say.

With a special dedication for your nephews?

With a special dedication for your nephews?
Instagram photo Juan Rivera

Before being misinterpreted, Juan Rivera wanted to make it clear that this topic is not dedicated to his nephews, taking into account the situation they are currently going through: “The nephews are left with what is happening right now, but it’s not really for that. ”

“This video is not about gossip, it is not about anger, but it is a song that when the problems with my carnal (Lupillo Rivera) started I began to compose. Oh no, I started to compose it before, “he said, and just at that moment, he began to sing a fragment of the song.

“Before, problems were fixed like this,” says Juan Rivera

"Before, problems were fixed like this", says Juan Rivera
Instagram photo Juan Rivera

“Now when it gives you courage and you say ‘now, it was worth mad … now if they swelled up, now if I’m going to make the decision to do things the way I have to do them, how I want to do them. When you get fed up, you say: ‘now I’m going to shut up their noses because they swelled up.’

Although he does not say any name, and made it clear that it was not a “gossip” video, it seems that Juan Rivera is at all he can with his hints: “Before, problems were solved that way, the media were not the social networks, it was not with hints, before it was ‘drop him over here, cab …, we break the mad … and we have to give ourselves in the mad …’ ”.

“Are you talking to Lupillo?”

"Are you talking to Lupillo?"
Photo YouTube Juan Rivera

Despite the fact that Juan Rivera was focusing on his new musical theme, several people asked him if he had already made peace with his brother, Lupillo Rivera, to which he answered bluntly that ‘no’ and continued with his own, he even received the visit from his wife and family pet.

“I am from the street, I grew up in Long Beach, California, and in Paramount, California, it was when I began my adventures, in Compton I was shot for the first time, I was 15 years old, I was in jail and I have many acquaintances who live the street life ”.

And that’s when Mrs. Rosa and Rosie Rivera arrive

And that's when Mrs. Rosa and Rosie Rivera arrive
Photo YouTube Juan Rivera

In another part of this video, and when no one expected it, Mrs. Rosa appeared, who was ‘in the process’, as it should be remembered that it was the birthday celebration of Rosie Rivera, who did not take long to make her appearance, and in a way As a joke, he told his brother not to be talking about business: “Before, there wasn’t that stupid thing about being brave on social media.”

“I am going to ask you for a strike, share it with your friends, the net I want to grow, I want to verify many things, I want to shut up many mouths of people who told me that I would not be able to. The good has not started yet. We have to take it quietly, we have to have a good time and enjoy life “, concluded Juan Rivera (TO SEE THE VIDEO CLICK HERE).

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