Juan Rivera clarifies that he does not have $10 million in his bank account

Jenni Rivera’s brother reveals everything about his finances. Juan Rivera reveals how much his income is. With papers in hand, Juan...

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  • Jenni Rivera’s brother reveals everything about his finances.
  • Juan Rivera reveals how much his income is.
  • With papers in hand, Juan Rivera discloses his personal finances

.Juan Rivera money: With a video that Juan Rivera uploaded to his social networks, he clarified everything about the supposed $10 million in his bank account. “Oh, they are wrong, compadre, I am worth more and they don’t know anything,” he said laughing at the start of the video.

“I think it was a magazine or I don’t know how the $ 10 million appeared, and some people say that I stole that money from Jenni, the children or I don’t know what the fuck, how did I get the $ 10 million… I wonder if in those $ 10 million are my baseball cards that I have 30, 40 years with them, and all the jewels that I have, I don’t know, everything was evaluated”.

Juan Rivera money: He says that now he is going to defend himself

Juan Rivera clarifies that he does not have $ 10 million in his bank account
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Jenni Rivera’s brother assured that he made that video for his family, and to monetize, because he assured that it was money that was going to them, he also made it clear that he was no longer going to allow more things to be said about him. “I have never defended myself from things my family has said and now I am going to do so.”

“If you want me to stop doing lives of these things, just don’t throw hints, and everything is fine, everything is fine … To begin with, there is no $ 10 million in my bank account, I have never seen them … and resolved that I know it reaches this number because they make an analysis of the things that one has, “he continued.

Juan Rivera money: Account about his first house

Juan Rivera clarifies that he does not have $ 10 million in his bank account
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Regarding the rumors that indicate that he did not even have a house when Jenni Rivera lived, he said: “I bought my first house and in 2001… and we sold it in 2004, we bought it for 250 thousand dollars, when we sold it in 2004 to 390 thousand, we took 140 thousand dollars of profit, and from there we came to River Side ”.

“At that time Jenni was not so strong to afford so many luxuries… and Brenda accompanied me to support her with the children… she asked us to support her in that… they were my worst years… 2007 or 2008 I took a real estate course to when an opportunity arises for me or my family to help them ”.

Juan Rivera money: He talked about his hairdresser

Juan Rivera clarifies that he does not have $ 10 million in his bank account
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“In 2010, Jenni gave me 100,000 balls for her birthday, but she didn’t give me anything else, that year she gave them all, because that year she did very well and she supported us all to start our businesses, ah What a damn thing the family should do or not, but it was born from his heart ”.

“I invested a jet in the hairdresser… in 10 years that property increased a lot in value, that property is one of the most valuable that I have, not only because my sister gave it to me, but because of how much it grew with what I I invested in it… in the 10 years I paid it and I am blessed with what it has generated, ”said Juan Rivera.

Juan Rivera money: A detailed account of their houses

Juan Rivera clarifies that he does not have $ 10 million in his bank account
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He assured that this business has given “because I am not menso”, in 2011 he assured that he lived in a rental house, but then Jenni told him to take care of a house, and in January 2011 he looked for his second home. “Jenni’s house was sold six months before she died, because many people believe that I still live there.”

Rivera continued explaining the entire process he went through to buy his second home, and even said that they rented an apartment in poor condition, and gave everything numbers, and emphasized that everything about his properties was in Public Records.

Juan Rivera money: He gave details of his finances

Juan Rivera clarifies that he does not have $ 10 million in his bank account
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“I explain everything because people are very interested in knowing how I bought my houses,” he narrated in the video, in which he explained step by step each of the places where he and his family had lived. He told how his nephews loaned him the money for his house, and how by refinancing it he was able to pay his nephews in six months.

“I took out a loan of 425 thousand dollars and with that I paid my nephews …” It was then that with papers in hand, Jenni Rivera’s brother said how he had done the house for his daughter. “My father lent me to build a house for Divina (his daughter) with a loan of 50 thousand pesos.”

He assured that he advised his nephews to buy a house

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He assured that his mother-in-law’s house was bought in front of his house “I told my nephews, buy that house because it is a good investment … they did not want to buy it,” he assured that then with cash he bought the house, and likewise, He asked his dad for money again and refinanced the house.

“We live in a place where there are 5 houses, we own two and with the favor of God I am going to buy all 5 to have all my children here close to me, that is my goal in life, to give my children a home to everyone is close and happy, “said Jenni Rivera’s brother

Where do you get the money from?

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Regarding doubts where he got his income from, Jenni’s brother said: “I told them, I have six businesses, a hairdresser…, my salary of 3,600, I have Linea Music that Sony paid me to create talent for them, how much we earn It depends on how much talent, I have another business, this YouTube is monetized, there are five ”.

“I started another business with my sister, there are six of them, besides I wanted to open another business… and for all those who wanted to know how I do everything, I already said everything, there it is in public records, there is everything, to see if they still continue talking about me ”, he assured.

They uncover their finances

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It was the Chicapicosa2 Instagram account who made the singer’s heritage known, after the fortunes of Rosie Rivera and Chiquis Rivera were revealed, which unleashed a series of comments towards the members of the famous family and, of course, fed the accusations against the brothers of the band diva, after he defended his sister from the attacks she received.

Although it is known that the producer and singer Juan Rivera generates profits through the years that he has worked in the industry, at present it has been clouded by the controversial audit that was decided to carry out after the resignation of Rosie Rivera. Today, the millionaire fortune of which he is the owner was announced through the aforementioned Instagram account, which attracted more than one of them.

Controversy after Rosie’s resignation as CEO at Jenni Rivera Enterprises

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The comments have not been long in coming, users have been divided between those who defend him and others who attack him, just how it happened to his sister: “And this one doesn’t even work”, “This is the pastor of the Christian Church and he already has $ 10 million … “,” Well, what do people care “,” And he still borrowed $ 400,000 from his nephews to cover the male’s eye. ”

After Rosie’s resignation as CEO at Jenni Rivera Enterprises, Juan was among the first to jump in to defend his sister. This was announced by People magazine in Spanish, mentioning that “Juan defends the first, revealing that Chiquis was left out of the inheritance”, after he appeared on the Ventaneando program and told of the gossip to which he was subjected the youngest of the Rivera after Jenni’s death.

Respond with video to controversy

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The brothers have always relied on the various controversies in which they have been involved, and he made it clear in the interview. “Rosie’s job as executor was not to make Jenni Rivera’s legacy or fortune grow, it was nothing more ‘distribute money as I indicated,” so I make it clear for the program TV belonging to TV Azteca.

It was because of this controversy that Juan Rivera made the video that lasted almost an hour and in which he explained in detail everything about the purchases of his house, how he got the loans, the houses he rents, the loans that he asked his father and the financing with the bank. WATCH VIDEO HERE

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