Juan Miranda Jara was arrested after a 12-year-old girl arrived at a hospital 9-months-pregnant

Juan Miranda Jara ended up in prison accused of rape. The minor whom he allegedly raped became pregnant. Juan Miranda Jara himself took t...

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  • Juan Miranda Jara ended up in prison accused of rape.
  • The minor whom he allegedly raped became pregnant.
  • Juan Miranda Jara himself took the little girl to the hospital to give birth.

A man identified as Juan Miranda Jara ended up in prison after a 12-year-old girl arrived at a hospital 9 months pregnant in order to wait to give birth, police authorities reported.

Juan Miranda Jara, 24, is being accused of rape in the first degree after investigators found that he had made the 12-year-old pregnant, News 4 San Antonio, Fox 17 and People reported.

They captured Juan Miranda Jara

Juan Miranda Jara

The defendant Juan Miranda Jara arrived at Hillcrest Hospital, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on July 14 with the minor already in labor. Doctors immediately called police and arrested the man, said Fox 23, who also posted a photo of the couple taken from his Facebook at what is presumed to be the baby shower.

“They entered like any other couple, excited to welcome their newborn son,” Tulsa police officer Danny Bean told Fox 23, quoted by News 4 San Antonio in his report on the dramatic case of sexual abuse. .

Community “shocked” by the crime of Juan Miranda Jara

Chronic Latino rape girl
Reference photo: Shutterstock

The aforementioned media said that the authorities did not offer further details about the relationship between Juan Miranda Jara and the 12-year-old pregnant woman, but they assured that the investigation is being maintained.

“We know there are a lot of people in the community who are shocked by this, disgusted, upset, they have questions, a whole range of emotions,” Bean said, according to the News 4 San Antonio report last Friday. “But over time, we will be able to give the community the answers it wants. We just don’t have all the answers right now to give you, and we don’t want to compromise the research that is still going on and is actually just beginning right now. ”

Juan Miranda Jara admitted that he was the biological father

Juan Miranda Jara
Photo: Tulsa County Jail

Quoting the Tulsa Police Department, People He also noted that Juan Miranda Jara was arrested and charged with rape in the first degree after he allegedly impregnated a 12-year-old girl.

After police arrived at the hospital, the suspect allegedly admitted to investigators that he was the biological father of the baby the 12-year-old was about to have.

He confessed the “relationship” with the minor

Juan Miranda Jara

According to the People report, which cited a release Press reports, the now defendant also confessed to officers that he had been “in a relationship” with the pregnant girl since October. However, explained the aforementioned media, the age of consent in Oklahoma is obtained from 16 years.

In accordance with Fox 23, investigators believe that Juan Miranda Jara expected to go home with the girl and the newborn baby from the hospital as if he had not done anything illegal. Although the relationship between the two is unclear, Bean said police “do not believe this is incest at this time.”

He showed his “relationship” in networks

Juan Miranda Jara
Screenshot from video posted by Fox 23

Fox 23 also reported that the baby was born healthy and uncomplicated, noting that once the investigation is complete, it will be up to Oklahoma DHS to determine what will happen to the two minors, both the mother and the newborn.

In the photos sent to Fox 23 News by a user, it was observed how Juan Miranda Jara, who uses only Juan Miranda’s name on social networks, published on his Facebook profile that he was in a relationship with the minor, in addition to photographs with her in what appears to be a ‘baby shower’ where they celebrate the soon arrival of her son. And the young woman commented, according to Fox 23, that everyone’s life is different and that she has the support of close people not only for her pregnancy but also for raising the baby at such a young age.

Pleaded not guilty

Juan Miranda Jara

“We don’t get these kinds of calls every day,” Officer Bean commented. “It was certainly a surprise for everyone involved,” he added, referring to the case that has shocked the community in that town in the United States.

During an arraignment last Tuesday, a public defender appointed for Juan Miranda Jara pleaded not guilty on his behalf, online records cited by People showed. The defendant was set for a preliminary hearing for Aug. 26, and until at least last week he was still being held on $ 50,000 bond.

He abandoned a dog in Texas and was imprisoned two days later

abandoned dog

For many, it breaks the heart. A man abandoned his alleged dog on the side of a highway in Texas and ended up in prison two days later. The event was recorded in a dramatic video.

Quoting the police and a local report, the daily New York Post reported on Monday that the suspect, identified as Luis Antonio Campos, 68, was arrested because he allegedly abandoned a dog on the side of a road last Wednesday in a heartbreaking scene that was recorded by a witness.

He left his dog on the road and ended up in prison

abandoned dog
Screenshot of the video of the user ms.mojorising_ on Instagram

As reported by the newspaper El Paso Times, Luis Antonio Campos was arrested two days after the event and charged with animal cruelty for allegedly abandoning the dog, a husky, while driving a light-colored Jeep in Horizon City, El Paso County.

The video of the moment in which the man abandoned his dog fueled the emotions of pet lovers online, especially when it was observed how the husky ran and chased the truck as the driver accelerated to leave him behind.

They criticize the action of the accused

abandoned dog
Photo: El Paso County Sheriff’s Office

“I can’t understand how someone would do that to an animal,” said Yazmin Montaya, according to the report cited by the New York Post, while Laura Holguin Vergara said: “My heart is trying to heal after seeing this. It’s heartbreaking and I can’t stop crying. ”

According to KFox 14, less than a day after the husky was abandoned, an unidentified family adopted the animal after observing the poignant images that went viral on social media.

The dog has already got a new family

abandoned dog

“I think you are doing us a favor by completing our family,” said the new owner of the husky to the aforementioned news station quoted by the New York Post. “He is no longer lost,” added the owner who adopted the dog through the nonprofit Huckleberry Hound Dog Rescue of El Paso, which had taken care of the animal after it was abandoned.

Although Luis Antonio Campos was arrested on Friday and booked into the El Paso County jail, he was released the same day after posting a $ 5,000 bond, prison records cited by the El Paso Times indicated. For more details visit this note.

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