Journalists are assaulted outside the Barcelona stadium (VIDEO)

Journalists are assaulted at gunpoint outside the Monumental stadium in Barcelona They were doing a report outside the Barcelona building...

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Video: Mundo Hispánico / Foto: Shutterstock
  • Journalists are assaulted at gunpoint outside the Monumental stadium in Barcelona
  • They were doing a report outside the Barcelona building in Gayuaquil, Ecuador
  • The criminal demanded the reporter’s cell phone and fled on a motorcycle

At the tip of gun journalists are assaulted outside the Monumental stadium of the Barcelona team of Guayaquil in Ecuador, the same city where the lone driver was murdered weeks ago offender He flees on a motorcycle and everything is recorded, according to the news portal The universe.

The violence During the pandemic it seems to be accentuated and this can be attributed to the lack of employment and now it was the Directv Sports news team that suffered.

Both reporter and camerawoman were outside the historic building when suddenly a lonely subject arrived to commit the crime.

To see the video click here.

Image taken from Twitter @eluniversocom

The news of the assault on journalists at the Barcelona stadium in Guayaquil was released on the afternoon of Friday, February 12, when it seemed to be a normal recording day for television professionals.

It all happened when the reporter and the cameraman were doing a report, but suddenly a man with a green cap, white mask and dark pants arrived.

In his hands he carried a revolver with which he threatened the professionals and in a textual way intimidated them: “Telephone! Don’t be filming. I put a bullet in either of them ”.

However, despite being given the mobile, the cameraman did not stop recording and the video remained as testimony to the crime. Even the victims did not stop recording and when the assailant fled, they followed him until he boarded a motorcycle with another man who was already waiting for him on Barcelona avenue.

The video was immediately uploaded to social networks and after the news that journalists were assaulted at the Barcelona Stadium, they received the full support of citizens who complain of violence in the country.

Barcelona stadium journalists assault

After leaking the video that shows journalists being assaulted at the Monumental de Barcelona stadium in Guayaquil, Ecuador, people began to comment on the violent act.

In fact, the user wladimir valencia commented: “It is a gang that always steals in that sector, from portete to Ceibos and around the University of Guayaquil and the Catholic one. They walk in groups of 4 to 2 motorcycles, they always steal in those sectors, the @PoliciaEcuador has to monitor these criminals ”.

And I add in another tweet: “In advance my solidarity with you, my sister was hit with a cachazo with that same revolver for not letting herself be robbed, the good thing that you have recorded it and the @PoliciaEcuador
They no longer have excuses to pursue and capture them ”.

It should be remembered that in this same city of Guayaquil, at the end of January the television presenter of the Ecuavisa network, Efraín Ruales, was assassinated by unknown persons in the north of the port city of Guayaquil, the police reported.

According to preliminary police data, Ruales received several gunshot wounds from people who were mobilizing on motorcycles in the vicinity of the gym he attended in the mornings, The Associated Press reported. Ruales was on his way home when he was attacked.

Image taken from Twitter @Radio_Formula

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Agents of the National Directorate of Crimes against Life, Violent Deaths and Disappearances (Dinased), indicated that Efraín Ruales received at least four shots, reported the newspaper El Comercio. The reasons for the shooting that ended the life of the actor are unknown.

Ruales, 36, was one of the most charismatic characters on the variety show “En Contacto” that Ecuavisa broadcasts in the mornings, he was also an actor and a popular character on social media, where he often played comic recordings.

The former mayor of Guayaquil, Jaime Nebot and the presidential candidate Guillermo Lasso, as well as television and artistic figures, expressed dismay at what happened.

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