Devastated! Journalist Jorge Ramos tests positive for COVID-19

Jorge Ramos tests positive for COVID-19. The  Univision host was on vacation with his family. He revealed how he’s doing. Jorge Ram...

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  • Jorge Ramos tests positive for COVID-19.
  • The  Univision host was on vacation with his family.
  • He revealed how he’s doing.

Jorge Ramos, a Univision journalist who is considered one of the most influential Hispanic men in the United States, reported this Thursday that he tested positive for COVID-19. This happened while he was on vacation in the Seychelles.

After the positive result, the journalist has had to remain isolated in a hotel for a few days. Despite the fact that he is known to have suffered only mild symptoms, the 63-year-old writer appears to be quite disheartened by the news.

Jorge Ramos tests positive for Covid-19

PHOTO: Mezcalent

That’s because what had started as a fun vacation with his family to celebrate the end of the year in Mahe, the largest island in the Seychelles archipelago, ended up being a major disappointment. Just three days after settling in, Ramos discovered that he had COVID after undergoing a rapid test.

As reported by the EFE News Agency, the journalist explained that the worst part of this situation is having to isolate from his family, who have already returned home. Not to mention the uncertainty of not knowing when he will be able to return home to Miami, Florida. Filed Under: Journalist Jorge Ramos

How Jorge Ramos’ life changed after falling ill with Covid-19

Jorge Ramos
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“Here so far you feel very vulnerable and fragile. There are so many things that don’t depend on me. I had to let go of control. It’s a very different life to the one that for decades I’ve been used to. An anguish hangs in the center of my chest that doesn’t even go to sleep,” confessed the journalist himself in an article published on the Univision website.

“I’m on an island of the most beautiful islands in the world and I have nothing to do. Due to COVID, I was stuck in Mahe, the largest island in the Seychelles archipelago, with about 100,000 inhabitants (…) but I have to explain how I got here,” the statement reads. Filed Under: Journalist Jorge Ramos

The journalist was on vacation with his family

Jorge Ramos
PHOTO: Mezcalent

Ramos, wrote that although the Seychelles islands, “are on the other side of the world,” visiting them was a dream that he had had since he was in university. He firmly believed that they would be a gorgeous and relaxing destination. This year, he finally made plans to visit them with his family.

“Since my very poor college days, I wanted to come here. They seemed beautiful to the eye and intoxicating to the soul. But above all, unattainable. Finally, after months of planning and saving, to put the frustrations of 2021 behind me, I organized a year-end vacation here with the whole family,” he continued writing for Univision. Filed Under: Journalist Jorge Ramos

“The holidays were over: I had coronavirus”

Journalist Jorge Ramos
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The journalist also said that although he and his family had planned for just about everything and they were all vaccinated, this didn’t stop the virus. Just one day after landing, Jorge began to feel a slight illness that he never imagined could be due to COVID.

“On the second day I felt a strange noise in my left ear (…) but I blamed it, as well as the headache, on the flights and the jet lag. The next day, resting on my stomach, I felt something run in my left nostril (…) I took a COVID home test from my suitcase and 15 minutes later I knew that the holidays were over. I had coronavirus,” he stated. Filed Under: Journalist Jorge Ramos

Jorge Ramos devastated after saying goodbye to his daughter

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The Univisión host said that before his daughter Paola left the place where they were on vacation, he made sure she was okay and they finally said a loving goodbye. It was an emotional moment that quickly made Jorge cry.

“Seeing her wild hair go off in the car that took her to the airport, I started to cry like I haven’t done for decades. For several minutes, uncontrollable. When it rains on this island, the line that separates the sea is erased, everything becomes entangled and it also rains inside me. With Paola’s departure I was left alone. Very alone,” he wrote on the Univisión website. Filed Under: Journalist Jorge Ramos

“I know it’s scary for them”

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Jorge Ramos added that despite being infected, and being feared by the hotel employees, he has received excellent treatment from everyone. They kindly come to the entrance of his room to deliver his food during the day.

“They know my name — and my tastes — when I ask for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They bring me the food in boxes and disposable cups that they leave at the door and that, when finished, are taken and put into special plastic bags. The employees come with masks and gloves and do not approach me. I know I’m scary for them. Nobody ever enters my room. But they don’t know how much I appreciate what they do for me,” he wrote. Filed Under: Journalist Jorge Ramos

How is Jorge Ramos doing now?

PHOTO: Getty Images

Finally, the journalist offered some details about how he’s leading his life after falling ill. Although loneliness is inevitable, he has remained connected to the outside through the Internet, electronic devices and television.

“Sometimes I turn on the TV — CNN International or the BBC — just to feel accompanied, without paying much attention to the news. My cell phone, my Ipad, the Internet, Netflix and the hotel’s good wi-fi system have kept me mentally healthy and connected to bits of my former life,” he wrote on the Univision website. Filed Under: Journalist Jorge Ramos

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