José Luis Sorto Gómez, MS-13 gang member, is detained by ICE

José Luis Sorto Gómez, a confessed member of the MS-13 gang, was detained by federal agents. Sorto Gómez, 33, was already being held in a...

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  • José Luis Sorto Gómez, a confessed member of the MS-13 gang, was detained by federal agents.
  • Sorto Gómez, 33, was already being held in a Maryland jail but was released.
  • Now the gang member from El Salvador faces serious federal crimes and later deportation.

José Luis Sorto Gómez, a confessed member of the MS-13 gang, was detained by federal agents in Maryland.

Sorto Gómez, 33, was detained by agents of Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) in collaboration with officials from the US Marshals specialized in stopping dangerous fugitives.

The arrest of Sorto Gómez, with a long criminal history in the United States, unleashed sharp criticism from federal authorities of the Prince George’s County Sheriff’s Office (PGCSO, for its acronym in English).

Sorto Gómez had already been arrested for a home robbery case, however he was released from the Prince George’s County jail before federal agents could go to capture him since he is undocumented.

According to Immigration and Customs Control Service (ICE) Sorto Gómez “has been arrested several times in Prince George’s County, between 2016 and 2020, but despite the fact that five requests for detentions were filed by ICE during that time, he was released after each incident.”

In its ICE statement, Sorto Gómez is called a “known member” of the dangerous MS-13 gang, made up mostly of citizens of El Salvador, and one of the most violent in United States.

Federal authorities detail that Sorto Gómez was captured in the capital Washington DC by the team of specialized agents of the HSI Anti-Gang Unit on Thursday, November 19, 2020, without incident.

Sorto Gómez’s first encounter with the authorities, of which ICE has records, occurred in the McDowell County in North Carolina in 2015 when he was arrested for striking a police officer.

José Luis Sorto Gómez, 33, has been deported once before and faced legal proceedings for beating a police officer. (Photos: Immigration and Customs Enforcement Service)

Sorto Gómez was sentenced in 2016 to 14 months in federal jail and his deportation was later ordered.

José Luis Sorto Gómez since he returned to the United States has been arrested up to five times, always in the Prince George’s County in Maryland, for various crimes.

In each arrest, the federal authorities have requested against him a ‘hold’ (suspension) of migration so that ICE agents could detain him.

However, in each arrest the man had already been released when federal agents went to look for him in the county jail, which unleashed an upset in the agency.

Sorto Gómez was even on a poster in Maryland announcing his dangerousness and the possibility of walking through Prince George’s County.

The matter in the Sorto Gómez arrests between the county authorities and the federals reached such a point that ICE even made a sign with his name and photograph alerting the Maryland community about his dangerousness.

José Luis Sorto Gómez was even included in a list that ICE published under the name of Jurisdictions that do not cooperate where they point, state by state, to the counties that do not retain undocumented criminals.

In Maryland, federal authorities openly point to Baltimore, Montgomery and Prince George’s counties as uncooperative jurisdictions in holding undocumented immigrants who commit crimes in jail.

“The only way a person is subject to an ICE arrest warrant … is if they are handcuffed and arrested for a crime committed in the local community,” Matt Albence, director of the federal agency, said in a statement.

Federal agents from the ICE Anti-Gang Unit are responsible for arresting dangerous members of MS-13 in the United States.

Now José Luis Sorto Gómez is already detained in a federal prison awaiting trial for several crimes considered serious committed in the Washington DC metropolitan area and Maryland.

According to ICE, 70 out of 100 of their arrests of undocumented criminals are achieved thanks to some police corporation, at the county or city level, informing them of the arrest by an alien with a prior record.

ICE statistics for 2019 reveal that in total the federal agency achieved 160,000 arrests thanks to cooperation with local authorities.

The arrest of José Luis Sorto Gómez, and the history of his five releases, deserved harsh words from ICE towards the authorities who released him.

“When law enforcement agencies do not honor immigration arrests and release a criminal alien onto the streets, it negatively affects public safety,” the ICE statement details.

The federal agency warns that “Local jurisdictions (counties or cities) that choose not to cooperate … see an increase in enforcement activity from ICE as the agency has no choice but to conduct more arrest operations.”

Veiled, the agency launches a warning to the immigrant community in its statement.

“It is It is likely that the agency (ICE) will come across other foreign nationals present illegally who would not have been found if we had been allowed to take custody of a criminal target within the confines of a local jail ”warns the federal agency on its work in the cities that do not cooperate in holding detainees.

Finally, ICE closes with an analysis of the effort that it will take to arrest these criminals as many say they are seasoned criminals who know how to evade the forces of order ”.

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