José Joel, son of José José sends a strong message to Sarita Sosa, one year after the death of the singer (PHOTO)

José Joel, son of the Prince of Song, José José, sends a strong message to his stepsister Sarita Sosa One year after his death, he asks a...

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  • José Joel, son of the Prince of Song, José José, sends a strong message to his stepsister Sarita Sosa
  • One year after his death, he asks about the last moments that his father lived
  • He also publishes a photograph that he has with the ‘Prince of the Song’

José Joel, son of the Prince of Song, José José, sends a message to Sarita Sosa and says that he does not know anything about the last moments that his father lived, this after the first year of mourning the death of the Mexican singer.

This revelation was given by the son of artist who through his account Instagram official published a photograph with José José, which has some modifications in the design.

Next to the postcard, the singer’s son left the message of discord hanging: “A year after your departure Dad, we still don’t know how was your last week in this world ”.

Image taken from Instagram @josejoeloficial

And he added: “What consoles us is to think that you are next to our Lord Jesus Christ and that you no longer suffer. I love you and I will always carry in my heart every shared moment, every smile, every teaching and every hug ”.

And it is that after the death of José José, his daughter Sarita Sosa was the target of accusations, alleging that the young woman had ‘kidnapped’ her father.

Before the death of the singer, Internet users did not take long to be present on his daughter’s Instagram account, to accuse her of having ‘kidnapped’ her father.

“You will be happy, your father died, he just left you deprived him of saying goodbye to your brothers and friends, bad daughter HIENA, you will pay dearly,” wrote a user to the also interpreter.

And she was the only one of her children who was present while the ‘Prince of Song’ was interned in the United States.

That is why the message from José Joel, José José’s son, seems more like a message of reproach towards his half-sister for not informing them of his father’s state of health in his last moments of life.

After the hint that José Joel, son of singer José José, sent to his half sister Sarita Sosa, people could not stop commenting on that.

“Do not invent, it has passed to live in the past is to live in depression, they are Christians and do not forgive, apart they worry about investigating, investigating and when he is alive because they did not move the sea and land, you have to let go and forgive, a great artist, master his music DEP ”, said one of the followers.

For his part, one of the people who sent an encouraging message was the copycat Gilberto Gless who wrote: “Hugs brother! God bless you”.

Someone else commented: “Beautiful, you were and are his true family, he must be sorry for leaving with the saras and sooner or later I know that God will do justice as he is already doing, or go ahead with his plans for success.”

Another person sent them the best wishes to heal his soul: “Courage, José Joel, God is with you, I don’t understand why they do interviews with the Saras if you are José José’s first child2.

Image taken from Instagram @josejoeloficial

One of the followers even extended his comment and expressed his opinion on the post that José Joel, son of the ‘Prince of the Song’, José José, left about Sarita Sosa.

“Your message in this post does not surprise me. You call yourself a Christian but you don’t show it, you fight and kick when you see your sister José Manuel, you make demands and jump like a cat when you hear him and you say you’re a Christian? Let God enter your heart, but really, because that will make you a happy man and without hatred for your blood, stop creating storms in your mind, because that one discards you ”.

And he recommended: “Let God do his work without you knowing it, stop denying and point to your blood because later you can repent, be sensible and mature, stop pretending that you are a Christian for your actions towards Manuel José they say otherwise . The @ Christian forgives and the peace of God is reflected, but in you I only see envy and hate a bad Christian call ”.

Prince of song

Image taken from Imnstagram @josejoeloficial

After revealing the hint that José Joel, José José’s son, apparently sent to Sarita Sosa, the people sent good wishes to all of them.

“Blessings to you as children, you are excellent children, your dad will be proud of you resting in the arms of our Lord Jesus Christ, a hug,” said a follower.

One wrote as if to recriminate: “One year! And we still do not know what happened, we are with you dear Sosa family! Always with you! And we continue to hear the harpy speak incongruously as ever! ”.

“We miss the prince very much and without a doubt he is now in heaven with his other friends”, “divine memory! Great prince and son! RIP Don José José ”,“ it is correct, no one will be able to take it away from you, a hug, blessings for you and all your beautiful family ”, more people told him.

Another person said: “Don’t make fun of your father again, that was very bad (program from here in Monterrey) made me want to go slap him with those guajoloteras slaps. Children more respect for parents. Please”.

“God has it in his glory. DEP God bless you Pepe, he is proud of you because you are warriors “,” handsome courage your dad sees you and applauds you from up there because he is very proud of you and of the great person and artist that you have become TQM “, more people said.

Son José José indirect

Image taken from Instagram @josejoeloficial

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