Jorge Ramos posts a photo from his past and he is told that he is vain

After posting a photograph of his youth, the journalist Jorge Ramos was heavily criticized Users call Jorge Ramos vain. They say that the...

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  • After posting a photograph of his youth, the journalist Jorge Ramos was heavily criticized
  • Users call Jorge Ramos vain.
  • They say that the story he tells about how he arrived in the United States is not true

Jorge Ramos photograph: The journalist Jorge Ramos took a photo from his times as a student at the Universidad Iberoamericana, one of the most prestigious and expensive universities in that country, and the post was immediately filled with thousands of comments.

Some congratulated the work of the Mexican journalist, while others called him a ‘vain’. Ramos posted the image accompanied by the following message: “The photo of my generation from the Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico. (Communication 1982)”.

Jorge Ramos photography: They tell him he’s ‘vain’

Jorge Ramos publishes a photo of the past and they tell him that it is 'fifi'
PHOTO Instagram

The criticisms of the photo that Jorge Ramos uploaded to his official Instagram account did not wait: “Student vain from the Ibero and you talk that you arrived in Los Angeles undocumented and washing dishes. More false story to cause pity “, is one of the comments that can be read in the publication.

“Well, apparently you did not learn anything”, “You report pure lies”, “How cruel life is over the years sometimes”, “He did not look at López Dóriga, they have no credibility, they have the same little school”, “In my house We baptize you as “Ramos lies” or “Fresh lies” with that I tell you every damn biased journalist! You have 0 credibility ”.

Jorge Ramos photography: They ask him to see himself in the mirror

Jorge Ramos publishes a photo of the past and they tell him that it is 'fifi'

They also wrote in their publication: “I would like you to see yourself today in a mirror and ask yourself what you really are and have done a different journalism than all those tabloid journalists who lose their duty as journalists and become puppets of the system. If when you look in the mirror you see a reporter without a puppet strap then I congratulate you. It’s worth lying to yourself. ” Images of this video

On the other hand, in his most recent column entitled “Por un abrazo de mama”, Mexican journalist Jorge Ramos admitted that due to his “binational identity” many called him “a traitor and that he is no longer Mexican” for having emigrated almost 4 years ago. decades to America.

Jorge Ramos photography: He admits that they call him a ‘traitor’

Jorge Ramos publishes a photo of the past and they tell him that it is 'fifi'
Photo: Mezcalent

“We have to face the challenges to our binational identity; in Mexico some tell me that I am a traitor for having left and that I am no longer Mexican. Meanwhile, in the United States, others do not just accept me and tell me to go back the way I came ”, admitted the journalist.

The confession of the Mexican journalist, Jorge Ramos, came up after he told in his column on May 7 that he traveled to Mexico to visit his 87-year-old mother after more than a year without being able to see her due to the pandemic of the coronavirus.

Jorge Ramos photography: “‘I never said:’ When I grow up I want to be an immigrant ‘”

Jorge Ramos publishes a photo of the past and they tell him that it is 'fifi'
PHOTO Mezcalent

In a letter that seemed more like a confession in self-defense than a story, Jorge Ramos assured that he never wanted to be an immigrant. “I never told her, ‘Mom, when I grow up I want to be an immigrant.’ I wanted to be a footballer or a rocker. You do not become an immigrant because you want to, but because you have no other option, ”said the 63-year-old journalist.

“She understood perfectly when I told her that I had burned the ships and that I had to leave the country,” said Ramos, who also assured that leaving meant suffering permanent anguish. He narrated that leaving his country was not easy for him and it was not easy for his family.

Jorge Ramos photography: He lived with nostalgia

Jorge Ramos publishes a photo of the past and they tell him that it is 'fifi'

Ramos recalled that since she emigrated to the United States in 1983 she visited Mexico several times a year and that in her opinion, returning to her country was a kind of ritual to recover “a little bit of the Mexico that I lost and the years that I had left with her, with my family and friends”.

“For those who have never left, it is difficult to understand the emptiness and nostalgia that those of us who left suffer from. Those of us who are outside our country of origin live in permanent anguish that someone becomes ill, suffers an accident or catches Covid and we cannot return in time ”.

He talked about the vaccine that he and his mother received

PHOTO Instagram

Ramos indicated that since March he had not traveled to Mexico for fear of accidentally infecting his mother and that he waited for both of them to receive the two doses of the vaccine before promoting the expected meeting. “We let two more weeks pass to be well protected and I got on the first plane from Miami,” said the immigrant.

The Mexican immigrant stressed that although the vaccination campaign against COVID-19 in Mexico has been very slow, he was grateful that his mother was among the 12.7 million people who had received the two doses of the coronavirus vaccine.

The reunion with his mother

Jorge Ramos immigrants virtual meeting, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, Joe Biden

The Mexican journalist, Jorge Ramos, said that despite being vaccinated, both he and his mother had to take all possible precautions and that he had used two masks, including an N95, to avoid any contagion or infecting his mother that is already passing 80 years.

“Without touching her, I asked her to put on a mask. He took a few steps back, took a nice mask with Mexican motifs from a shelf and put it on with difficulty, “said journalist Jorge Ramos about his visit to Mexico to reunite with his mother.

Broke down in tears

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Jorge Ramos’s confession was not only what they thought about him in Mexico, but also what he did when he was finally able to hug his mother, grateful to have arrived home on time, unlike a friend who could not say goodbye to his mother after losing her to the virus.

“At last, I hugged her. Long. Without letting go. He had arrived home on time. I felt his body, almost shaking. He put his two arms around my neck and said behind my ear: ‘Oh my boy’. And I started crying ”, he assured. To read the column of the confession of Jorge Ramos press HERE.

Your arrival in the United States

PHOTO Youtube

Jorge Ramos immigrant? The journalist Jorge Ramos is constantly criticized by people who consider that Chiqui Delgado’s boyfriend likes to take “prominence” thanks to the undocumented, of whom he constantly speaks in his daily life and according to his words “help” for his condition in the United States. Now a video emerges in which he talks about his status as an ‘immigrant’.

Through YouTube, in a video from two years ago, on the Univisión Noticias channel you can see how the journalist knew how to tell a little of his story when he was young and came to the United States as an immigrant according to his words and the way he had than living as a student.

They criticize their arrival

PHOTO Youtube

Many people criticized the alleged immigrant status of Jorge Ramos in the US: “Only those who travel these paths know how difficult it is to be an immigrant and what it costs to live outside the law is very difficult, it is very complicated and it is very dangerous”, “The storyteller of Jorge Ramos is pity, when he arrived in this country many Latinos were already working in many different states because California is the state of Mexicans.”

But the claims towards the journalist continued: “In a bad hour you came to divide this beautiful country, you are a sinister character”, “It is good that Jorge Ramos recognizes that his English is bad”, “Jorge Ramos you are always ungrateful”, “This a man from Mexico does not bring anything, he is a terrible human being ”, they commented. HERE CAN YOU WATCH THE VIDEO

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