Jorge Ramos gives ‘option B’ in case Republicans do not cooperate for immigration reform

Journalist Jorge Ramos gives a plan B if they do not cooperate with immigration reform “Currently the Democrats have a very small a...

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  • Journalist Jorge Ramos gives a plan B if they do not cooperate with immigration reform
  • “Currently the Democrats have a very small advantage”
  • This he said in his column for The New York Times

Jorge Ramos plan B immigration reform. When the President Of the United States, Joe Biden, was on the campaign, in the fight against Republican Donald Trump, to obtain command of the country, he proposed to start with the Immigration Reform.

Given this situation, the Republicans opposed this proposal that the Democrat wants to carry out during his term, while the journalist Jorge Ramos in his column to The New York Times, gave an option B in case they do not want to cooperate with this Reform.

“Right now the Democrats have a very small advantage,” Frank Sharry, the founder and CEO of America’s Voice, who has fought for decades for comprehensive immigration reform as proposed by President Biden, told me. “We have to be realists. The Republican Party is the party of Trump, of power, of plutocracy and of racism. Democrats will have to do it alone if they want to bring about life-changing changes, “the journalist wrote in his column.

Jorge Ramos immigration reform plan B


Where he also mentioned that if approval cannot be obtained, the strategy should be changed in order to get it to be authorized by the Republicans who are against it.

What would that ‘option B’ be?

“Praeli believes that the most realistic thing would be to opt for a budget reconciliation process, a complex legislative process of the Senate that allows to approve certain expenses and programs with a simple majority,” to legalize as many people as possible, including essential workers, dreamers, people with temporary protection (TPS) and workers. We believe that the economic package that could be approved this spring is the best way to do it, ”added Jorge Ramos.

Jorge Ramos immigration reform 2 plan B


“A plan B to reform immigration should seek the same thing: to legalize or protect as many immigrants as possible while the necessary votes are found in Congress. It is not ideal, but it is what there is, “he concluded.

It should be remembered that Biden’s proposal includes authorizing permanent residence at five years for undocumented people who are paying taxes, and also who do not have a criminal record.


Through your account TwitterJorge Ramos shared his note where he proposes plan B if the Republicans do not agree to authorize the Immigration Reform.

Jorge Ramos immigration reform 3


Immediately several netizens began to leave their different opinions in the comments:

“A President should NOT receive medications that ARE OUT OF THE REACH OF THE PEOPLE. You have enough already with the privilege of putting them on before. The President is just one more EMPLOYEE of the people. When EVERYONE has access to Rendi Vivir then go ahead and put it on. NO BEFORE. ”, Said one user.

There were those who said that none of the politicians approved it: “Neither Republics nor Democrats will support the reform. This if for you to see is atole with your finger. You even look new. “

“Biden has to sanction Central American countries in not letting people invade other countries … there are ways of circumventing the laws but not invading and demanding respect and help they use their children as shields to circumvent the laws … is that normal and human ? ”.

“There are thousands of undocumented people who work in factories, stores and who go out to face this pandemic while others enjoy work at home. What do the Democrats expect to act fast, what excuse will they put up now? ”Were some of the comments.

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Biden’s immigration reform “won’t be easy” according to former ambassador

Biden proposed the creation of an immigration bill for the United States that would offer a path to citizenship for 11 million undocumented immigrants.


Although there is optimism about the proposal, the issue will not be easy to resolve within the US Congress, said retired ambassador Roberta Jacobson. With the experience of being an ambassador, and now special assistant and coordinator of the southern border of the United States in the Joe Biden administration, she pointed out that the migration issue is complex and will take time.

Democrats, some Republicans, the business sector and immigrant communities in the United States have been extremely excited by the president’s proposal.

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