Jorge Ramos exposes Kamala Harris’ betrayal of immigrants

Journalist Jorge Ramos makes strong statements against Kamala Harris. Harris’s policy towards immigrants is contradictory. Kamala&#...

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  • Journalist Jorge Ramos makes strong statements against Kamala Harris.
  • Harris’s policy towards immigrants is contradictory.
  • Kamala’s words are the opposite of what she said during her campaign to win the vice presidency.

Jorge Ramos exposes Kamala Harris. At the beginning of June, Vice President Kamala Harris took her first international trip to Mexico and Guatemala, where she offered a couple of conferences and her words were considered to be part of a policy where migration is a central issue.

The Mexican journalist Jorge Ramos makes an interesting reflection in his weekly column in relation to Kamala Harris’ words during her visit to the two most controversial countries in the matter of migration and her political discourse during the time when she was running for the vice presidency of the United States. However, he exposes her and makes it clear that she also comes from immigrants: “Today Harris, as vice president, has had to go out to defend the interests of the government she represents, not her own point of view. And that’s why her statements collide with her previous stance. What would have happened if an American politician had told Harris’s mother from India or his father from Jamaica not to go to study to the United States?” The Mexican said in his column.

Jorge Ramos exposes Kamala Harris: “Don’t come” Harris’s harsh words

Jorge Ramos exposes Kamala Harris: The uncomfortable visit to Guatemala
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Jorge Ramos in Clear words It exposes the political speech that Kamala Harris offered during her visit to the Guatemalan country and the message that she made clear to anyone who wanted to cross the border between Mexico and the United States: “Do not come.”

Criticism was not long in coming after that message was played by the different media, making it clear that this government would not be as different as the previous one, demonstrating that Biden’s promise to restore an asylum processing system would be left behind. the moment outside the government’s plans and it would only be that, a promise. Filed Under: Jorge Ramos Exposes Kamala Harris

Jorge Ramos exposes Kamala Harris: The phrase that marked a visit by a daughter of immigrants

Jorge Ramos exposes Kamala Harris: Daughter of immigrants
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During his stay in Guatemala, Harris made it clear that entry to Central American migrants was neither desired nor permitted. A message that became a sure criticism for Kamala, where it was shown that the political speeches of promises were already forgotten and of course, now, Biden’s help was seen as a remote possibility.

Ramos has explained it better than anyone, Kamala Harris was completely contradicting herself, not only because of her origins as the daughter of immigrants, but because of the political discourse she had put together and the promises of help that do not seem to come at such a difficult time for all those people who dream of a better life.

Jorge Ramos exposes Kamala Harris: The contradiction of a 2019 Harris

Jorge Ramos exposes Kamala Harris: The 2019 campaign
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In 2019 was when Kamala Harris was in full swing of her campaign to be part of the White House and proposals full of promise flooded her political speeches. His words inspire thousands of people, who from a foreign country were aware of the future of the American country.

It had been difficult years since Trump ruled and his border wall policy was gaining power, so Biden and Harris appeared to be the best option. Jorge Ramos mentions those days, when Kamala said that he was against the policy that turned his back on people who are in danger, that it is really surprising to take a new role, contradicting himself in a way that was not thought to be seen on his part. Filed Under: Jorge Ramos Exposes Kamala Harris

Jorge Ramos exposes Kamala Harris: The fight for the wishes of the United States Government

Jorge Ramos exposes Kamala Harris: Support for the government
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When a politician comes to power, for some it is normal to see that the interests and desires that were seen at the time of being within an electoral campaign change. Kamala, during the visit to Mexico and Guatemala, only continued with a policy that had been carried out by the previous government, without really caring what she wants or not.

As Ramos says, his statements collide, but he is finally doing the job that the State asks him to do. It goes beyond her family history, the plans that she wants to address and of course, what the Central American people want to hear, is the duty to her nation that has prompted her to replicate the discourses that leave out the migration policy that was expected. obtain. Filed Under: Jorge Ramos Exposes Kamala Harris

Jorge Ramos exposes Kamala Harris: The defense of the State

Jorge Ramos exposes Kamala Harris: Alejandro defends Harris
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Seeing the criticism obtained in Harris’s trip, Jorge Ramos has mentioned the situation that happened with the Secretary of National Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, who in an interview came out in defense of the vice president of the United States, before the words mentioned in the countries who visited. So he also stated: “Alejandro Mayorkas, the secretary of national security, came out in an interview to defend the words of the vice president. “They were statements loaded with humanity,” Mayorkas told Yahoo! News. Here it is also striking that these words come from an immigrant like Mayorkas born in Havana, the son of Cuban parents and with relatives who fled Nazism in Europe. What would have happened if at that time someone had told the Mayorkas family that the border was not open? “Ramos said in his column.

“Do not come. It is dangerous, the border is not open ”, was what he mentioned, but, again, he becomes in the contradiction of migration due to the personal history of Mayorkas. This is not just any man, but someone who comes from Cuba, a country that has differentiated itself from the rest due to its conflicts with the United States and the poverty that forces people to flee the place at any cost. Hence the Ramos conflict, how can you deny passage to someone who is living a similar or more difficult situation than the one your family experienced?

Crossing the frontier

The border with the United States
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The situation in Central American countries has become increasingly complicated, the lack of money, jobs, food, a dignified life is marred by policies, drug trafficking, the poverty that is lived day by day, which forces people flee your home country.

They risk their lives crossing a border at their possibilities, it does not matter to be cold, hot or hungry, much less the words that a couple of politicians can express about denying them entry in the moments where they most need to escape from the only reality they know. It is better to try and fail than to stay in the same place and keep living like that. Filed Under: Jorge Ramos Exposes Kamala Harris

The number of detainees

The deportees
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Jorge Ramos in Clear Words offers alarming figures on immigrant detainees. He mentions that: “Last May 180,034 immigrants crossed and were detained on the southern border of the United States, according to the border patrol. On average they are more than 6 thousand per day ”.

That is what the American State sees, the numbers increase. But it is also a wake-up call to other countries, especially Mexico, which is the country where the majority are deported and decide to stay in the states attached to the border in order to try to cross again. The Biden government only goes so far as to protect children who cross the border alone, the rest are dispatched according to the health emergency law.

The American dream

The dangers of the American dream
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The American dream is one of the fantasies that people from foreign countries want the opportunity to experience, the desire to be able to have a better life for themselves and their children is more attractive than staying with the same average salary and fighting to survive the dangers faced in their home countries.

It is worth it for them to cross the dangers they face, not only when traveling outside their country, but also from crossing the border illegally and handling a deal with the famous “polleros” and from there, the difficult road to get there. to the United States, trying to stop the “migra” from grabbing you. Filed Under: Jorge Ramos Exposes Kamala Harris

Jorge Ramos’s message

Jorge's experience
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Jorge Ramos experienced it first hand, he did not care, nor was there anyone who said “don’t come”, he had the support of his American acquaintances and fought to leave to have a better opportunity and for an endless number of reasons that had more weight than staying in a country that was not the best option at that time.

He has not been the only one to think like this, out there are thousands of people of different nationalities who have wished to have a better opportunity that perhaps in their nation they will not have even if they work for years and years, no matter what they do, or how they achieve it, But everyone wants to live the best they can, at whatever price. Filed Under: Jorge Ramos Exposes Kamala Harris

The rejection of immigrants

The words of TNYT
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The New York Times He also spoke about the visit of Kamala Harris and how the rejection of immigrants had been so marked, regardless of the words that the vice president offered years ago, when she was in full swing of her electoral campaign.

As the newspaper puts it: “Harris came to Central America with a resounding response: the government would focus on asserting control of its borders, even if that means, for now, rejecting those fleeing persecution and poverty.” it matters the promises already said, but to maintain a control on a situation that little by little escapes of any power. Filed Under: Jorge Ramos Exposes Kamala Harris

On american soil

The harsh reality of the immigrant
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According to the law, when a person has stepped on American soil, they have the right to request protection in the country, but there is also an order to extradite any person to their country of origin who manages to illegally cross the border.

There is no security for people who decide to try to cross the border, nor being in the American country can they be assured a quiet stay and obtain political asylum since it can take months and even years to obtain that permit, but it is a situation that thousands of People want to risk and ignore warnings in order to fulfill their wishes.

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