Jorge Ramos explodes and warns that there will soon be another massacre

Jorge Ramos explodes and warns that there will soon be another massacre The Hispanic journalist said that we are only “waiting for ...

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  • Jorge Ramos explodes and warns that there will soon be another massacre
  • The Hispanic journalist said that we are only “waiting for the next massacre”
  • Ramos’ statements come after the massacres that occurred in Georgia and Colorado

The well-known Hispanic journalist Jorge Ramos explodes and warns that there will soon be another massacre after the violent murders that occurred in theaters Atlanta massages, Georgia and in a Supermarket of Colorado where 8 and 10 deaths were reported respectively.

The recent violent massacres caused the renowned Univisión host to “erupt” in a harsh criticism of gun control in the United States, while the debate over a stricter regulation begins to “reignite”.

“We are just waiting for the next massacre”

Jorge Ramos Massacres, King Soopers, Colorado
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“After every massacre in the United States we have learned a painful ritual of death. First the news of the massacre appears on social networks and on television, then it is the police press conference, then it is the testimonies of the witnesses, ”he begins by recounting.

“And in the end the politicians saying that they are going to pray for the victims and their families. That, I’m afraid, has been of no use. And now we are just waiting for the next massacre. And the other one ”, Jorge Ramos warned in a column for the Mexican media Reforma.

Two massacres in less than a week

Jorge Ramos Massacres, King Soopers, Colorado
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“In less than a week we have had two massacres in the United States. One in Atlanta where eight people, mostly of Asian origin, were murdered. And the other in a supermarket in Boulder, Colorado, where 10 more perished, ”writes Jorge Ramos about the recent massacres.

“The essential question is whether all these deaths could have been prevented. And the sad answer is that in recent years nothing significant has been done to prevent this type of mass murder, “he says. Two 21-year-old men used a weapon legally purchased in the United States to shoot people to death.

Too ‘easy’ to get guns in the US

Jorge Ramos Massacres, King Soopers, Colorado
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The massacres in Colorado and Georgia are giving new urgency to state efforts to create gun restriction laws in the United States. A man opened fire Monday at a King Soopers in Boulder, Colorado, with a weapon that resembles an AR-15 rifle, killing 10 people before being captured.

He bought the Ruger AR-556 pistol on March 16, the same day that another 21-year-old man on the other side of the country killed eight people, six of them women of Asian descent, in massage parlors in the Atlanta area. , says The Associated Prees.

Easier than getting a coronavirus vaccine

Jorge Ramos Massacres, King Soopers, Colorado
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“Getting guns is too easy in the American Union. Easier than getting medicine without a prescription or getting a coronavirus vaccine without being in an authorized category, “says journalist Jorge Ramos about the weapons used in the massacres.

“In the United States – a nation of 332 million people – there are 390 million weapons, according to a BBC investigation. No country in the world has proportionally so many rifles and pistols in the hands of its civilian population ”, the journalist assures.

Demand gun control action after Atlanta and Colorado massacre


President Joe Biden called for gun action after the two shootings. But legislation in Congress is complex, and it has been more than two decades since major federal gun control laws were passed, The Associated Press reports.

However, the suspect in the supermarket shooting, Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, was able to legally buy a firearm and keep it despite concerns about his mental state. “There are problems, conflicts and people with mental illness everywhere.” Ramos assures.

Jorge Ramos warns of a “death sentence” after the massacres

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But the abundance of guns, the ease with which they are available, and the laws that irrationally protect their owners make the United States a very dangerous social experiment. Thus, going to the supermarket (King Soopers) in Boulder or working in a spa in Atlanta can become a death sentence, “he says.

Colorado has a law that requires a background check on almost all gun sales. The suspect had a misdemeanor assault conviction in high school, but that didn’t stop him from buying a gun, notes The Associated Press.

Massacre in Atlanta and Colorado are “irrational”


“When I have to report on deaths or collective murders in other countries, there is generally an underlying reason: war, fight between cartels, robbery, money, kidnapping, control of territory or power,” says the journalist with more than 36 years.

“But the great tragedy of these massacres in the United States is that they are irrational. They happen for no apparent reason. The murderer wanted to kill, he was well armed and the innocent victims were in the wrong place and at the wrong time, ”the Hispanic wrote.

Massacres with ‘legal weapons’


An order in the city of Boulder banning assault weapons was struck down in court just days before the shooting due to a state law prohibiting local leaders from setting their own gun rules, leaving many wondering if it was may have prevented the deaths of all 12 people in the massacre at Colorado’s King Soopers.

Jorge Ramos concludes by saying: “The United States has suffered at least 121 massacres in the last four decades, according to the magazine’s investigation. Mother jones. These are massacres in which four or more people died. And his conclusion is disheartening: “Most of the murderers got their guns legally”

More guns in the United States due to the pandemic


Arms sales nationwide surged to record levels last year amid uncertainty related to the pandemic, lawmakers in at least four states have proposed creating or extending waiting periods, The Associated Press says.

Three days after being arrested on suspicion of shooting 10 people to death in a Colorado King Soopers, Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa appeared in court for the first time on Thursday and his lawyer asked to assess his client’s mental health.

Suspect in Colorado massacre bought the gun the day before


The suspect in the Colorado King Soopers shootings purchased a firearm prior to the incident at a local gun store after passing a background check, the store owner said Friday. John Mark Eagleton, owner of the Eagles Nest Armory in Arvada, said in a statement that his store was cooperating with authorities investigating Monday’s shooting in which 10 people were killed, including a police officer.

Eagleton said the shooting suspect, Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, approved the background check by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation before purchasing the firearm, according to The Associated Press. Alissa was convicted in 2018 of a misdemeanor after throwing a student to the ground, climbing on him and hitting him multiple times on the head, according to police documents.

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