Jorge Ramos says he put AMLO in his place, but something goes wrong (VIDEO)

The Mexican journalist Jorge Ramos boasted about the meeting he had with AMLO. He made the president of Mexico look bad in one of his fam...

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  • The Mexican journalist Jorge Ramos boasted about the meeting he had with AMLO.
  • He made the president of Mexico look bad in one of his famous ‘Mañaneras’.
  • Users were not silent.

Jorge Ramos boasted about his heated meeting with the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), during one of the famous Mañaneras, but what the Univisión journalist never imagined is that his confrontation over the homicides that have occurred in the years of his government, would actually turn against him.

A day later and following the interesting debate between both men, the situation took another twist after Jorge Ramos uploaded only the most relevant dialogues of the exchange to his Instagram profile, so the journalist ended being attacked by his followers, who even branded him as ‘sold out’.

Jorge Ramos Morning AMLO: Jorge Ramos, from being victorious to… sold out?

Jorge Ramos goes wrong AMLO: Jorge Ramos, from being victorious to ... sold out?
PHOTO: YouTube

Although, when the first statements of the talk that took place in La Mañanera came to light, people took only one side, showing that Jorge Ramos was right in the face of the questions he made to President Andrés Manuel about the high homicide rates. malicious intentions that have occurred in the country since the beginning of his six-year term, it seems that at present the comments have changed and they dismiss Jorge as “not showing the truth” of the Mañanera.

The journalist published on his Instagram profile an image where the dialogues he had with the Mexican president are written, with the caption “Reform. Morning July 5, 2021 ″, within a few minutes it was that users began to express their discomfort at the way AMLO was ruling, but criticism and anger changed character when a particular user realized that Ramos had edited the conversation he presented to the Reformation. Filed Under: Jorge Ramos Mañanera AMLO.

Jorge Ramos Mañanera AMLO: “What to expect from Ramos”

Jorge Ramos goes wrong AMLO: "What to expect from Ramos"
PHOTO: Instagram

In the comment box you can read both the positive and negative responses that the journalist had, but one comment was the one that caught the attention of several by expressing that he should put things ‘as they are’, mentioning that Ramos had not written what At the time he spoke in La Mañanera and that people should better watch the video found on YouTube, where they could hear the exchange of words and what AMLO had really said.

“That was not what Ramos said. This is the full 20-minute video on YouTube, this is just a short of what the president really said. ”, Was part of the comment of the user, who was annoyed with Jorge because he was not a journalist to trust, for what several people wrote “what can you expect from Jorge Ramos”. TO SEE VIDEO CLICK HERE

Jorge Ramos Mañanera AMLO: “How people can believe in you”

Jorge Ramos goes wrong AMLO: User comments
PHOTO: Instagram

It was the same user who presented his doubts against the writings of the journalist whom he accused of having colluded with corruption and for this reason, it was no longer possible to trust what Jorge Ramos presented as notes on the different sites he writes, also that probably He did everything for the money and not for the people.

“I don’t know why people still believe you if you are already in corruption like everyone else. Too bad because before if you were good, now you let yourself go for the money ”, was how the user ended his writing, which caused the response of several users, who said that his words were true and that the journalist had lost credibility for many years. Filed Under: Jorge Ramos Mañanera AMLO.

Jorge Ramos Mañanera AMLO: “That pseudo journalist”

Jorge Ramos goes wrong AMLO: "That pseudo journalist"
PHOTO: Instagram

The situation did not stop with the comment of the user, who began to receive positive responses to his criticism with Jorge Ramos’ post, since many people also pointed out that the journalist had long since ceased to be a ‘good journalist’ and that it had to inform the reality to others, not just generate ‘controversy’.

“That pseudo journalist never responds, Jorge Ramos no longer has any credibility,” commented one user, supporting the written words of the young man who started the discussion that continues in Ramos’ post on Instagram, hinting to others that several already They do not think the way in which the journalist’s interviews have been developed. Filed Under: Jorge Ramos Mañanera AMLO.

Jorge Ramos Mañanera AMLO: “Why don’t you question Biden?”

Jorge Ramos goes wrong AMLO: '' Why don't you question Biden? ''
PHOTO: YouTube

On his Instagram page there has never been anyone who questions the journalist, but this time it seems that users wanted to make him notice his mistake by not presenting the exact words that they carried out in the ‘Mañanera’, for this reason, several followers also questioned him why he is not going to interview Biden and questions his way of governing.

“Why don’t you question President Biden now about what is happening in the US ??? … 150 people died in shootings alone on July 4?” Said one of his followers, who quickly got answers from several Internet users who also They agreed with the words he expressed, because “in the United States there is also insecurity.” Filed Under: Jorge Ramos Mañanera AMLO.

“That is not journalism”

"That is not journalism", they recriminate Ramos
PHOTO: YouTube

The annoyance is palpable in that post, people do not understand why the journalist does not speak about the events that have marked the country and several Hispanics have claimed that his journalism is only based on attacking and not being ‘even’ with the people who interview, mentioning that he only pursues his own interests and forgets what is relevant.

“You only pursue your own interests and that is not journalism!” Said an Internet user, who generated a controversy among the comments, since several came out in defense of the journalist, but others decided to support the young man because he has the reason to expose the facts that Ramos has presented lately in his interviews. Filed Under: Jorge Ramos Mañanera AMLO.

“Why don’t you talk about Enrique Albis?”

"Why don't you talk about Enrique Albis?"
PHOTO: YouTube
So much was the discomfort generated by the Instagram image that some people also reminded him of the scandal that was generated recently with the story of Enrique Albis, a producer of the program ‘El Gordo y la Flaca’, a Univisión program, who was accused of harassing an aspiring presenter in 2015, but the network had sent out a press release saying: “No transgressions of any kind were tolerated.”
“You go to Mexico and you question, and… why don’t you talk about Enrique Albis? Just because he works at Univisión ?, Payaso! ”, Reads the comment box, which generated a rapid acceptance by several of the users who were aware of the words that others wrote criticizing the Univisión journalist.

“Better watch the video in the morning”

"See the morning" Ramos' audience responds
PHOTO: Instagram

Again someone pointed out that the people who closely followed Ramos’s interview with AMLO should first go and find out by watching the video that came out of this confrontation, which can be found on the YouTube platform and lasts only 7 minutes, in addition to suggesting him to Ramos that the best thing would be to start editing his notes to avoid such errors, where the essential information was not written.

“Better watch the video in the morning, what a way to edit to get rid of the ridicule that Ramos made, they presented him with data about what he asked, they made comparisons with his country, the United States, they shut him up.”, Said the user, referring to the couple of times where the President of Mexico made him see the journalist who was wrong with his data and presenting graphs of the data that he had.

“Why didn’t you show up in the other six-year terms?”

The doubt of the users about his presentation in the 'Mañanera'
PHOTO: YouTube

During the ‘Mañanera’, the journalist questioned the president why the graphs of crimes against the country’s inhabitants continued to be alarming and that they had not dropped since the administration of Enrique Peña Nieto, for which AMLO had been annoyed and he pointed out that homicide deaths had decreased.

“And why the other six-year terms did you not go with the presidents to show him your data, that the murders were increasing? Now if you sit down with the sizes to stand up to the president and say your data. Because you know that this president is not going to go against you as happened before and you lived it, “said another user, to whom several gave the reason for his questioning, due to what had happened in past six-year terms.

The annoyance of many users

The annoyance of users
PHOTO: YouTube

Reading the comments, people have focused on pointing out that the journalist is wrong for not writing in the article presented for the ‘Reforma’, that Ramos had been wrong in saying that the figures he showed were not those that fit the graph presented in the ‘Mañanera’, mentioning that he had not even been sufficiently informed to present an argument against the president of Mexico.

But, in said transmission, the journalist at all times pointed out that he had taken those figures from the government pages, properly citing the sites that he had used as main sources, and even, when it came to the subject of COVID-19, Ramos said that the figures were totally different from the ones the president had, which is why it raises questions about which figures are the real ones, whether those that are on the government’s website or those that the president wishes to handle unofficially; Whatever the case, it only shows that in Mexico there is no real control of the data that the government wants to make ‘official’.

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