Jorge Ramos and AMLO: A journalist threatens the president because of homicides?

Jorge Ramos and AMLO once again start a controversy on social networks. The journalist challenges or threatens the president over homicid...

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  • Jorge Ramos and AMLO once again start a controversy on social networks.
  • The journalist challenges or threatens the president over homicide figures.
  • He insists that there are more victims in his administration than in those of his predecessors.

Jorge Ramos and AMLO. The controversy doesn’t end and much less the blaming game, now the journalist Jorge Ramos challenges Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) and asks him for an interview due to a record of homicides during his six-year term, according to a tweet posted on his official account.

In his message, the journalist wrote the following: “My column: My Response to the President. Unfortunately @lopezobrador_ is not right. He holds the record for intentional homicides: 95 per day. More than EPN and FCH. My proposal? An interview. Just say when and where and I’ll be there. I already have your data.”


Jorge Ramos and AMLO
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In his column, the journalist wrote that everything arose as a result of this: “Last Thursday, August 19, in his morning, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said the following: ‘Here Jorge Ramos came to say that it was my government that had the record for most homicides. Fake. Fortunately'”.

This led Ramos to respond with the recent tweet, since the figures obtained by the also reporter are from official sources, however, in order not to fall into controversy, he invited the Mexican president to an interview to discuss the figures.


Jorge Ramos and AMLO
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The only thing that the journalist provoked was to raise criticism of his work and another who supported him: “The only thing you are interested in is counting the dead,” “come live in Mexico so that you can criticize traitor”, “And what does a thing with another ”.

Some more commented: “I do not think the father of lies accepts, although the Bible says that Satan is Lopez, he makes some efforts to overthrow his position, what a barbarian”, “Why don’t you ask yourself why this is happening and how it originated? You know well that this is a bad inheritance from previous governments ”.


Andrés Manuel López Obrador
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Other people defended AMLO and wrote: “Perhaps you do not have to know that in previous governments the true figures of homicides were hidden, remember the 20,000 disappeared who did not call homicides, an example of the terrible massacre of Allende Coahuila, it was known several years later, so many ”.

“The previous governments have already passed, I am interested in the present and future of the country, the national guard does nothing, everything is worse and the government does not accept anything, much less does … it is a humanist with the drug traffickers and leaves the sick without resources ”Said someone else when refuting the previous comment.

Jorge Ramos and AMLO: “YOU’RE TUERTO”

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But other people were not left behind: “In other words, if you are told that the current government inherited the increase in crime and more those that are added for you, what matters is that force is used and that criminality ends now. ? You are one-eyed Jorge Ramos! ”.

Someone predicted the position that AMLO could take: “@lopezobrador_ is so cowardly that he will not accept the interview and if he does, he will deny all the reliable data that you bring him. You know that he has other data, that he never presents. Moral: it is a waste of time, do an interview ”.


Jorge Ramos and AMLO
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Someone else made a recommendation: “Show up again in the morning if you want to refute the data, the period of the perfect PRI dictatorship is over, where the presidency sent the questions they would ask the president, the simulation is over, and why? are you going to have privileges?

Another person commented: “Well, Mr. Ramos, keep cornering him, but I’m sorry to say that even if I give him one or ten interviews, the man is not going to change his speech, and he is not going to do it because unfortunately half the country thinks that he is doing things well.” .


Andrés Manuel López Obrador
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And the report indicates that in 19 of the 50 municipalities in the country with the most murders, the victims of intentional homicide increased 56.4% in July, compared to the same month last year, the Secretary of Security and Citizen Protection reported this Friday ( SSPC), Rosa Icela Rodríguez Velázquez.

While in 28, he highlighted, intentional deaths decreased by 29.8% compared to July 2020.
When presenting the monthly report on incidence in the country, the official indicated that 46% of the 19 thousand 788 victims of intentional homicide registered in the first seven months of this year were concentrated in the 50 priority municipalities. Filed Under: Jorge Ramos and AMLO


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He presumed that among the main actions carried out by the three orders of government to combat intentional homicides in the fifty municipalities, are the regulation of commercial establishments, regulate rehabilitation centers, increase attention to polygons and neighborhoods with the highest crime incidence, combat drug dealing, suppress extortion, reinforce intelligence actions and police training.

He indicated that intentional homicide has been reduced by 0.4% in its monthly average, this compared to the last year of the previous administration. “From January to July 2021 it decreased 3.86% compared to the same period of the previous year.” Filed Under: Jorge Ramos and AMLO


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In the accumulated from January to July 2021, Rodríguez Velázquez pointed out that six states concentrated 50.4% of the victims of intentional homicide, but Michoacán went from fifth to third place, while Jalisco from third to fourth and the State of Mexico from fourth to the fifth.

he six states that account for 50.4% of homicide victims are: Guanajuato, Baja California, Michoacán, Jalisco, and the State of Mexico. During the first seven months of the year, they add up to a total of 19 thousand 788. Filed under: Jorge Ramos and AMLO


Jorge Ramos and AMLO
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But the figures presented by Jorge Ramos, according to him, are far from those given by the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, therefore this controversy, which by the way is not the first, since in July, Jorge Ramos boasted his heated meeting with the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), during one of the famous Mañaneras.

A day later and following the interesting debate that both men shared, the situation has developed to a more salient point after Jorge Ramos uploaded only the most relevant dialogues of the exchange they had to his Instagram profile, so the journalist ended being attacked by his followers, who even branded him ‘sold’. Filed Under: Jorge Ramos and AMLO


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Although, when the first statements of the talk that took place in La Mañanera came to light, people took only one side, showing that Jorge Ramos was right in the face of the questions he made to President Andrés Manuel about the high homicide rates. malicious intentions that have occurred in the country since the beginning of his six-year term, it seems that at present the comments have changed and they dismiss Jorge as “not showing the truth” of the Mañanera.

The journalist published on his Instagram profile an image where the dialogues he held with the Mexican president are written, with the caption “Reforma. Morning July 5, 2021 ″, within a few minutes it was that users began to express their discomfort at the way AMLO was ruling, but criticism and anger changed character when a particular user realized that Ramos had edited the conversation he presented to the Reformation. Filed Under: Jorge Ramos and AMLO

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