Jorge Clarividente says that the father of Sherlyn’s son is the politician Miguel Ángel Mancera (PHOTOS)

Jorge Clarividente assures that the father of Sherly’s son is Miguel Ángel Mancera They compare the face of André and the former he...

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  • Jorge Clarividente assures that the father of Sherly’s son is Miguel Ángel Mancera
  • They compare the face of André and the former head of the Federal District and say they are similar
  • However, so far they have not officially revealed their identity

Jorge Clairvoyant ‘flies the fence’ to uncover the identity of André’s father, Sherlyn’s son, assures that he is the former head of the Federal District, Miguel Ángel Mancera, according to a publication of the bill from Instagram @entrefamososoficial.

Textually, the account explains: “Clairvoyant assures that the politician Miguel Ángel Mancera would be the father of #sherlyn #andre’s son.”

Until now the actress has not disclosed the name of her baby’s father, however, the rumors have started dating.

Image taken from Instagram @entrefamososoficial

Then he details: “The first rumor about the paternity of Miguel Ángel Mancera is brought to light by Jorge Clarividente after sharing in an interview the chats between him and Sherlyn González where she reveals the name of André’s father.”

“Although the seer did not give further details, thanks to the photograph of Sherlyn’s son and the politician, you can see how the shape of his head is similar, as are his eyes and much of his face.”

And he adds: “However, Sherlyn González continues to keep this secret to herself and although of all André’s possible parents, Miguel Ángel Mancera is the most similar to the little baby.”

And it ends: “Other followers assure that the father of Sherlyn’s son could also be José Luis, the singer from Río Roma, because a few months after ending their relationship, Sherlyn confirmed her pregnancy.”

We will have to wait for Sherlyn’s reaction about the alleged paternity of her baby in the name of Miguel Ángel Mancera, as Jorge Clairvoyant assures.

On the next page we will leave you some opinions that Internet users give about this rumor that has already been made public on social networks.

After the rumor that the father of André, Sherlyn’s son, is the former head of government, Miguel Ángel Mancera, people could not stop reacting.

One person had the following opinion: “If she doesn’t want to say, what do others care about? You have the right to your privacy and to share what you want to share and what you don’t, nope. It must be respected ”.

“It’s all her face cloned”, “the baby doesn’t look like that man at all! He is identical to his mother and his cousin Diego ”,“ the clairvoyant reveals just because she told him hahaha ”,“ he just got married ”,“ you see how he was not the son of the holy spirit hahahahahaha, the real father has already come out ” other people said.

An Internet user asked for privacy and respect for the baby, so she made a suggestion: “Don’t stain, leave that poor baby alone, as long as he’s happy and the mother can give him everything he needs, it doesn’t matter who put the sperm.”

Image taken from Instagram @sherlyny

But more people wanted to comment on the rumor that the father of Sherlyn’s son is supposedly the former head of Government of the Federal District, Miguel Ángel Mandera, so we leave you more comments.

“In the end I will say it but many years must pass”, “the father of the child is Jose Luis Roma”, “the man is gay”, “like fuck … buy a life, now that clairvoyant, no fuck …”, “nothing that see ”,“ it is not true, the pope is Zoé Robledo, the secretary of the IMSS ”,“ by God ”,“ sure ”,“ whoever it is, God fill him with health and blessings ”, more people said.

Some more gave their point of view more extensively and one of the followers wrote: “The clairvoyants eating shit … if what they said were true, they would have already won the millionaire lottery prize, but they make money with idiots” .

“Yes they look alike”, “it could be from the head”, “how ridiculous”, “well it does look like him”, “leave that woman alone with her baby, the media wants to make her look like the bad mother to be able to put together a story “,” tomorrow will surely say @javierceriani and @elisaberistain that is an open secret that he is the father of the baby, “said more people.

Image taken from Instagram @sherlyny

Just a few weeks ago Sherlyn once again defended her decision to conceive her child thanks to artificial insemination: “There is a moment when suddenly you have an epiphany and you say: ‘it’s right now, I’m ready, I’m ready, I feel mature, I’m stable I’m happy and I can be a mom ‘, that’s what happened ”.

She recommended that single mothers enjoy their motherhood process because time is so short. The actress was also questioned again about the identity of her son’s father, so she, with a serious face, said: “God is my son’s father; She lives with us, I breathe, I talk, I entrust her to her all day and I think she couldn’t have a better dad ”.

She mentioned that she plans to speak the truth to her baby, so when the time comes, she will tell him how and why she decided to father him by artificial insemination.

“I believe that the truth is the shortest way for everything, my loves, and treating children as if they do not understand is disrespecting their intelligence, so to be very honest: ‘I chose you, I was dying to have you, I could not find the person, ‘”the actress said.

Father son Sherlyn

Image taken from Instagram @sherlyny

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