Johnson & Johnson requests approval of single-dose coronavirus vaccine



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  • Johnson & Johnson requests approval of single-dose coronavirus vaccine
  • The US pharmaceutical company asked US regulators for approval
  • Although it is not “as effective” as that of Pfizer and Moderna, it could help solve the ‘shortage’

Johnson & Johnson on Thursday asked US regulators to grant authorization for the first single-shot COVID-19 vaccine, a simpler-to-use option that could help address the shortage, The Associated Press reports.

J & J’s vaccine was shown to be safe and to offer strong protection against moderate and severe cases of COVID-19, according to preliminary results from a huge international trial.

Johnson & Johnson Vaccine, one vaccine application, coronavirus dose

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Third vaccination option in the US

It was not as effective as the options of two applications from Pfizer and Moderna, a finding that could be more perception than reality, considering the differences in the form of approval.

But the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has asked its independent advisers to publicly discuss all the data surrounding the one-shot vaccine.

Johnson & Johnson Vaccine, one vaccine application, coronavirus dose

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This, in the same way in which its competitors were analyzed, and before deciding whether to grant approval to a third vaccination option in the US Dr. Peter Marks, director of vaccines of the FDA, he asked to avoid comparisons before he had all the evidence, according to The Associated Press.

“With all the need we have to control this pandemic, I think we cannot ignore any tools in the drawer,” Marks told the American Medical Association last week.

“We will have to do our best to try to make sure we find the populations that benefit the most from these vaccines and deploy them in the most thoughtful way,” he added.

They had previously announced its effectiveness

The long-awaited first single-dose vaccine against COVID-19 provides good protection against the disease, Johnson & Johnson reported according to a crucial study released on Friday.

It would be a potentially important tool as the world races ahead of a rapidly mutating virus.

Johnson & Johnson Vaccine, one vaccine application, coronavirus dose


Differences from other vaccines

Preliminary findings suggest that the single-dose option would not be as strong as the two-dose option from Pfizer or AstraZeneca, and was notably weaker against a mutant version of the virus in South Africa.

But amid the world vaccinations on the wane, it may be an acceptable trade-off to quickly vaccinate people with an easy-to-handle injection that, unlike rival vaccines that must be kept frozen, can last for months in the refrigerator. .

“Betting on a single dose certainly paid off,” Dr. Mathai Mammen, global head of research for J & J’s Janssen subsidiary, told The Associated Press.

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Less protection for more vaccines?

Vaccination campaigns around the world have gotten off to a rocky start, and experts hoped that a single-dose vaccine would remedy supply shortages and avoid the logistical nightmare of getting people back for the booster dose.

However, given that other vaccines have shown 95% effectiveness after the second dose, the question is whether less protection is acceptable in exchange for accelerating vaccination.

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The company said that in a week it will apply for approval for emergency use in the United States and then in other countries.

He expects to supply 100 million coronavirus vaccines to the United States by June and some to ship as soon as authorities give him the green light.

These are preliminary results of a still inconclusive study with 44,000 volunteers. The researchers tracked the disease 28 days after vaccination, the length of time that the second dose of the other coronavirus vaccines would be needed.

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“After day 28, none of those vaccinated required hospitalization or died even though they were exposed to common COVID or these particularly horrible variants,” Mammen said. Those vaccinated who contracted the disease suffered from it in a milder form.

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