Joe Biden’s government expects a ‘wave’ of migrants and seeks to take in minors

Joe Biden’s government expects the largest wave of migrants in 20 years in 2021 They warn that they will expel single adults, but w...

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  • Joe Biden’s government expects the largest wave of migrants in 20 years in 2021
  • They warn that they will expel single adults, but will accept unaccompanied minors at the border
  • Republicans accuse the government of creating a “crisis” at the border by easing Donald Trump’s policies

As never in the last 20 years, Government of Joe Biden wait a ‘wave’ of migrants on the border with Mexico, but it expels most adults and family groups, said the Secretary of National Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, but they seek solutions to embrace to minors, according to the EFE agency.

“We are not expelling the minors arriving without company of their fathers or mothers, “added the official in a written statement when Republicans accuse the government of the president, Joe Biden, of creating a” crisis “at the border by easing Donald Trump’s policies on immigration.


But the Democrats defend themselves about Joe Biden’s policy with migrants and assure that the current situation, in which there is a linear increase in the arrival of immigrants, is precisely due to Trump’s harsh policies and the situation in Mexico and Central America. .

“Poverty, high levels of violence and corruption in Mexico and in the Northern Triangle countries (Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador) have pushed migration to our southwest border for years,” added the Cuban-American.


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Mayorkas said that these conditions have continued to deteriorate and “two hurricanes that hit Honduras and crossed the region have made living conditions even worse, causing more children and families to flee.”

The situation at the border “is difficult … and we work without pause to manage it,” he said without using the word “crisis”, which the government wants to avoid. “It is our task. We are making progress and executing our plan, ”he commented on Joe Biden’s policy with migrants.


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The official recalled that the United States already experienced increases in migration in 2019, in 2014 and also before, and pointed out that “since April 2020 (with Trump in power) the number of arrests has been increasing steadily.”

After announcing Joe Biden’s new policy with migrants, it was recalled that in 2000 the highest number of immigrants detained on the country’s southeast border since 1960 was recorded, with 1.6 million undocumented, according to figures from the Office of Customs and Border Protection.


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Since then, the number has dropped notably and just 20 years ago they were 929,809 before falling to 327,577 in 2011, the year from which a rebound began that left the number of undocumented persons intercepted at the border to 479,371 in 2014, but now with Joe Biden the migrant situation could change.

That year there was a “humanitarian crisis” in the US, as President Barack Obama recognized then, due to the massive arrival of unaccompanied minors and family units. But with Trump in power and despite his anti-immigrant policies, that figure went down in 2019 to 851,508 undocumented, according to CBP data.


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Most of the illegal migrants detained when crossing the border now are Mexican adults who travel alone “and who are expelled within the framework of the attributions to attend the public health crisis due to the covid-19 pandemic.”

“Adults who travel alone from Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras are expeditiously expelled to Mexico,” Mayorkas said. “Single adults from other countries are sent by plane to their countries of origin if Mexico does not accept them.” Mayorkas clarified that there are some exceptions as “we do not expel individuals with certain acute vulnerabilities,” he said of Joe Biden’s policy on migrants.


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In the framework of the same public health precautions, family units are expelled, and with similar rules to single adults: they are sent to Mexico and, if there is no capacity to receive them in that country, to their countries of origin.

“We find many children, unaccompanied by their parents, day after day at the border,” said the official about Joe Biden’s policy with migrants. “These are minors under 18 who travel without the company of a father, mother or legal guardian.” We are finding children of six and seven years of age, for example, who arrive at the border without an adult, ”he added. “They are vulnerable children and we have ended the previous government’s practice of expelling them.”


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Alejandro Mayorkas explained that these minors, with Joe Biden’s policy towards migrants, are taken to a Border Patrol office where they are identified and documented, and then they have to be transferred, within 72 hours, to the Health Department.

“The Department of Health holds the child for (medical) tests and quarantine and provides accommodation until that child can be placed with a ‘sponsor’ in the country,” he added. “In more than 80% of the cases the child has a relative in the United States, and in more than 40% of the cases that relative is the father, the mother or a legal guardian.”


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These minors are reunited with their families and go through the immigration process whereby they will have the opportunity to present their requests for asylum or refuge in an immigration court, they reported on Joe Biden’s policy towards migrants.

Mayorkas said that the administration of former President Donald Trump “dismantled” the US immigration system, and that the current administration seeks to reconstitute it while dealing with a growing number of migrants.


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The “good intentions” of the president, Joe Biden, to create “just and humane” migrant policies are insufficient to face the arrival at the Mexican border of thousands of minors who arrive alone, who face a system that repeats the trauma of separation. family and the absence of humanitarian treatment, denounce activists, lawyers and relatives.

Victoria, 17, crossed the border at McAllen (Texas) a week ago. Her mother stayed in Guatemala and the minor was looking to meet her uncles Alicia and Nicolás Jut in California, but as of today they have only been informed that she will be assigned to a “home” so that she can later be legally claimed.


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Desperate not to know how long Victoria will be held, the relatives implore the authorities for compassion to release the minor, who crossed the border in search of political asylum due to the violence that is being experienced in Central America.

“Fear is terrible, it is anguish, you cannot be calm. I stopped sleeping wondering if it is well cared for. The same thing happened with my daughter: they separated her for a month and she still has the trauma, she doesn’t want to remember when she was locked up, ”Alicia, who is waiting for a call to inform her about the minor’s whereabouts, told EFE.


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Like Victoria, an “alarming number” of migrant children detained at Border Patrol facilities in South Texas face overcrowded conditions and daily reports of inhuman treatment of children are held, often for longer than established. for the 72-hour Flores Agreement.

Fernando García, director of the Border Network for Human Rights (BNHR) in Texas, told EFE that Joe Biden’s new Administration with migrants has “good intentions” but has not done what is necessary to provide humanitarian treatment to children ” trapped in prisons ”.


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Shelter leaders assure that the number of children at the border is reaching levels that had not been seen since 2018, already in full fiscal year when the 851,508 detained by the Border Patrol were reached, the highest number since 2006.

At the end of that year, tens of thousands of migrants arrived at the border each month, which led the government of then President Donald Trump to separate the families and lock them up, now the expectation is to see the policies of Joe Biden with the migrants.


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But faced with this “wave” of migrants, Joe Biden wants to opt for another strategy with migrants, that of opening new processing centers to speed up time and be able to deliver minors to parents or “sponsors” as soon as possible, but the avalanche ( with 9,457 unaccompanied minors last January) has led to more than 4,000 of them being in CBP custody, according to national media.

And the Secretary of National Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, already anticipated this Tuesday that in this fiscal year 2021 the numbers of immigrants of the last 20 years will be exceeded, which would imply at least around one million immigrants detained at the border.


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To try to redress the situation, the Government Joe Biden also ordered the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to support the processing and transfer of migrant minors unaccompanied by any of their legal parents or guardians who arrive at the southern border.

The objective is these minors, almost the only ones who are being allowed to enter the country, since the rest are expelled as soon as possible, they are taken to a Border Patrol office, where they are identified and documented and then they have to be transferred to the Department of Health within 72 hours.


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Regarding Joe Biden’s policy towards migrants, Paola Luisi, director of the Families Belong Together group, told EFE that although this step is progress, the concern is focused on the trauma that minors are experiencing when they are separated from their relatives in conditions Not suitable.

“The Academy of Pediatrics in the United States has demonstrated the impact, not only of detention, but of the separation of minors in the short and long term. Being detained is not a good situation. We are clear that their detention must end and reunify them immediately, ”he demanded. Subscribe to our weekly newsletter and participate for a $ 100 gift card each month. Receive your favorite news in your email inbox from today.

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