Joe Biden ‘dances’ Despacito to the rhythm of Luis Fonsi (VIDEO)

Joe Biden dances ‘Despacito’ to the rhythm of Luis Fonsi Trump seized the moment to attack the Democrat But Twitter penalized...

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  • Joe Biden dances ‘Despacito’ to the rhythm of Luis Fonsi
  • Trump seized the moment to attack the Democrat
  • But Twitter penalized the president

Joe Biden Slowly. In an attempt to win over Hispanic voters, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden went viral after bringing up Luis Fonsi’s ‘Despacito’ during a campaign rally in Florida.

Right at the start of Hispanic Heritage Month, Biden caused a sensation when before starting his speech, he pulled out his phone and played Despacito, the popular Luis Fonsi song.

It was precisely Fonsi who introduced the Democratic candidate to the audience in Florida and taking the microphone, Biden said: “I only have one thing to say,” before touching the play button.

“There you go, dance a little, Joe. Let’s go, ”Fonsi encouraged him.

Joe Biden shook when he heard the first chords of Despacito, a song popularized by Luis Fonsi with Daddy Yanquee in 2017, before turning off and putting the phone back in his pocket.

“I’ll tell you, if I had the talent of any of these people, I would be elected president by acclamation,” Biden said, referring to Fonsi, as well as singer Ricky Martin and actress Eva Longoria, who spoke before Biden in Kissimmee, Florida. , in accordance with USA Today.

The moment quickly went viral on social networks and even President Donald Trump took the opportunity to criticize, in an attack that was counterproductive.

And it is that Trump shared an edited video of the moment early Wednesday morning, in which Despacito is replaced by the 1988 NWA hit, “—- Tha Police.” “What is this all about?” Trump asked in the tweet with which he shared the video, but Twitter labeled it as “manipulated media.”

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Joe Biden ‘dances’ Despacito to the rhythm of Luis Fonsi

However, the president shared the video again a few hours later, now with a different message: “China is drooling. You can’t believe this! “

Apparently with the NWA song, Trump was recalling the accusation he has made against Biden about wanting to defund the police, despite Biden’s statements to the contrary.

What was not clear is why Trump referred to China in the edited video he shared the second time around, USA Today reported.

Joe Biden Despacito Biden Fonsi

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Many of Trump’s supporters on Twitter pointed out that Despacito was a poor song choice for Biden, whom Trump has occasionally mocked with the nickname “Slow Joe.”

Prominent stars of music, acting and sports, such as Eva Longoria, Ricky Martin, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Rita Moreno, John Leguizamo, Lila Downs and Adrián González, had planned “special appearances” in that encounter with the Latin Americans of Florida , an important community and state in these elections.

As Federal Congressman Darren Soto, of Puerto Rican origin, said, “The Hispanic vote is critical in this election.”

Joe Biden ‘dances’ Despacito to the rhythm of Luis Fonsi

Actress Eva Longoria pointed out that “it is a fact, Latinos are going to decide these elections,” while Ricky Martin said that Trump has “trampled on Latino dignity.”

Hours before Biden’s arrival, a Florida Atlantic University poll was published, which shows a tie between the two candidates, because although the former vice president has a three-point advantage over Trump, the undecided (five percent) are mostly shown more inclined to vote for the current president.

According to another recent poll, more Hispanics in Florida are likely to vote for Trump (54 percent) than they think to vote for Biden (46 percent), something that did not happen in 2016 with the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, who lost in Florida by about 130,000 votes difference with Trump, but had more support from Hispanics.

In a statement to journalists accompanying him on this trip, Biden said that the Hispanic community has been affected worse by COVID-19 than the white community and that is due to the way the Trump Administration has handled the crisis generated by the pandemic.

Joe Biden Despacito Biden Fonsi

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Joe Biden ‘dances’ Despacito to the rhythm of Luis Fonsi

He also stated that his electoral proposal has to do with “jobs and having the will to act and provide opportunities to people.”

“It’s about making sure that people have the ability to pay their rent, their mortgages. All these things have been approved by the House of Representatives, but they are stopped ”by the Republicans, he said.

The Democratic candidate, who has promised to work like “a demon” to secure all the votes he can in Florida, urged Trump to get out of a “damn time” off the golf course and sit in the Oval Office of the White House with Republicans. and Democrats to do what it takes.

In addition, Joe Biden said that Latinos will do “much better” in matters such as health, education, employment and immigration if the president is him and not Donald Trump.

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Joe Biden ‘dances’ Despacito to the rhythm of Luis Fonsi

On immigration, Biden, who made his first visit to Florida in the campaign for the November presidential elections, promised to keep deportations frozen for the first 100 days of his administration and to legalize the “dreamers.”

“The only people deported will be those who have committed serious crimes,” he stressed to Telemundo in his first interview with a national medium in Spanish.

The former vice president spoke thus before attending a ceremony to mark Hispanic Heritage Month in the United States in Kissimmee, a city in central Florida with a 55 percent Latino population and especially Puerto Rican.

“Trump has done nothing for the dignity of Hispanic families,” stressed the Democratic candidate, who paid tribute to the contribution of Latinos to the United States and stressed that “American heritage and Hispanic heritage are the same,” and that ” You can not have one without the other”.

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