Jill Biden scolds the president during speech (VIDEO)

Jill Biden scolds the president during speech (VIDEO), First lady Jill Biden scolds the president and ‘steals the show’. Who ...

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  • Jill Biden scolds the president during speech (VIDEO),
  • First lady Jill Biden scolds the president and ‘steals the show’.
  • Who wears ‘the pants’ in the White House?

Jill Biden scolds the president during her speech (VIDEO). Joe Biden is eager to reassert America’s place on the world stage, bring reassurance to allies deeply shaken by Trump, and present democracy as ‘salvation’ and so he set out on a trip to Europe.

The US president, who left for his first stop in Britain on Wednesday, has laid out a broad vision for his eight-day trip. But what has attracted attention on this first trip abroad was his wife, Jill Biden.

Did you humiliate him? Jill Biden scolds the president in full speech

Jill Biden scolds President Joe Biden
PHOTO Facebook Joe Biden

This is not Joe Biden’s first time abroad, representing the US, but it is the first time that, after traveling the world for decades as vice president and a member of the Senate, he descended from the presidential plane as commander-in-chief.

The image of the United States around the world has improved dramatically since President Joe Biden took office, according to a poll cited by The Associated Press and conducted in 16 countries, including several allies, but Jill Biden’s ‘scolding’ was in center of attention.

Jill Biden scolds the president: Who ‘wears the pants’?

Jill Biden scolds President Joe Biden
PHOTO Facebook Joe Biden

The US president arrived in Britain on Wednesday, hoping to restore America’s global position and strengthen partnerships with key European allies, according to the AP. But the embarrassing moment occurred at one of the events scheduled for his visit.

The first lady first addressed the US Air Force servicemen and their families who were at the Royal Air Force Mildenhall. Biden’s ‘triumphant’ entrance came amid applause and US flags.

In full speech Jill Biden scolds the president and everything was on video

Jill Biden scolds President Joe Biden
PHOTO Facebook Joe Biden

The president takes the stage, after stopping to greet several soldiers, the first lady was already waiting for him ready to deliver his speech and this is where the uncomfortable situation begins. Jill Biden begins by thanking the soldiers.

But, before continuing, someone seems to interrupt the couple, who smiles and Jill continues with her speech, but not before asking everyone present to take a seat, since out of respect for her husband, they stood up with the arrival of the leader.

How did you scold him?

Jill Biden scolds President Joe Biden
PHOTO Facebook Joe Biden

Joe Biden turns to greet several soldiers behind him, while the first lady tries to start speaking again. Jill Biden, before scolding the president lets out a few little laughs and finally turns around and calls her husband’s attention.

“Joe pay attention,” says the first lady, which immediately provoked the laughter of all the attendees and that of the president himself. Jill Biden’s gesture did not go unnoticed as the president even responded with a sign after the scolding.

“Joe is a ruled”

Jill Biden scolds President Joe Biden
PHOTO Facebook Joe Biden

Joe Biden raises his hand in a military salute to Jill Biden, following the laughter provoked by the ‘scolding’ he had received. The situation began to be a trend in social networks and comments about the president’s relationship with the first lady.

“You can be even the president, but we already know who’s boss”, “as a good teacher”, “Joe is a governed, how cute”, “like a normal couple”, “okay, so that he is not rude and listen to the wife, that’s how it is done ”, commented various users of social networks.

“It is a lack of respect”

PHOTO Facebook Joe Biden

While for some it seemed a tender gesture, for others it was even a lack of respect. “God bless you President and Mrs.”, “she is charming and an example for all women”, “a real marriage”, “how beautiful”, “I love them”, “beautiful couple”, they commented after the scolding in full discussion .

But others did not react in the same way, saying that Jill Biden’s scolding of the president was “disrespectful.” Others commented: “like any wife”, “ridiculous”, “the boss spoke”, “let it be clear, the woman is the boss”.

Is Joe Biden “rude”?

PHOTO Facebook Joe Biden

Some even called the president “rude” for not paying attention to his wife as he prepared to give the speech. This ’embarrassing’ situation could even be compared to the multiple rudeness that former President Trump made to the former first lady, Melania Trump.

What is true is that the relationship that the Bidens show the world is very different from the cold and even distant image that Trump and Melania left in the White House, even on the last day of their presidency, Melania refused to pose with her husband in a tremendous ‘rudeness’.

Jill Biden the same as Melania Trump?

PHOTO Getty Images

After causing a furor by leaving the White House dressed in black as if in mourning, Trump’s wife again surprised network users by getting off the presidential plane in Florida with a completely different outfit, according to Telemundo.

Melania Trump’s ‘rudeness’ was when she refused to pose for reporters, causing great outrage. Trump’s wife continued walking despite the former president stopping to smile and pose in front of reporters. The uncomfortable moment caused the comments, criticisms and theories about the former first lady to intensify.

Melania’s displacement to the former president

PHOTO Getty Images

The comments regarding the attitude of the former first lady were swift: “She looks like Melania’s double, she doesn’t want to be bothered”, “That is the double from Melania not?“,” Something does not match “,” We saw her getting on the helicopter with another wardrobe, “were some of the comments on Twitter collected by Telemundo.

Comments like: “ethat’s the double. Melania already left ”, they arrived from righ now to the networks, and is that they add to a series of previous theories about a supposed and imminent divorce after his departure from the White House. To see the video give click here.

Last appearance of the former first lady


Melania Trump made her last appearance as first lady when leaving the White House and it happened with a very particular and completely black and designer outfit as is her custom, as well as a rather expensive bag, whose ‘secret’ has been revealed.

The fashion magazine ‘Elle’, analyzed the outfit of the now former first lady on her last day accompanying her husband Donald Trump when he left the White House and faced with the controversial refusal to attend the inauguration of Joe Biden, breaking a tradition of years.

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