Jessica Ann Chávez is shot to death by her baby’s father



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  • Jessica Ann Chávez was shot to death by her boyfriend Ervin Eduardo Nafate Ruiz
  • The girl was the mother of a two-week-old baby, when the baby’s father killed her
  • Chávez told her family that he suffered constant abuse and beatings in the hands of her boyfriend

Jessica Ann Chávez was murdered in Fort Smith, Arkansas, by Ervin Eduardo Nafate Ruiz, her boyfriend  and father of her two-week-old baby. Nafate Ruiz has already been detained by the Fort Smith Police Department (FSPD) and charged with first degree murder.

The brutal murder of the young woman Jessica Ann Chávez, 32, by her boyfriend Ervin Eduardo Nafate Ruiz, 24, has shaken the small and peaceful city of Fort Smith, in western Arkansas and on the border with the state of Oklahoma. The girl was an employee of the furniture store Buddy’s Furniture.

Jessica Ann Chávez is shot to death by her baby’s father

Jessica Ann Chavez
Jessica Ann Chávez, 32, was shot dead by her boyfriend and the father of her two-week-old baby. (PHOTO Courtesy of the Chávez Family)

According to the case report made by the FSPD, sent by email to MundoHispánico, on Thursday, April 8, 2021 at 6:15 in the morning, various residents of the southwest of the Fort Smith metropolitan area, in a semi-rural area, called the authorities to report a shooting in an apartment in which a couple lived Hispanic.

FSPD agents arrived at the house marked 1700 on Brazil Avenue near the corner of Zero Street, where the neighbors indicated that the shots had been heard. Upon entering the apartment, officers found Jessica Ann shot to death and lying on her bed in a pool of blood.

Jessica Ann’s boyfriend goes on the run

Jessica Ann Chavez
Ervin Eduardo Nafate Ruiz, 24, is charged with first degree murder for the murder of his girlfriend and mother of his daughter. (PHOTO Fort Smith Police Department)

Faced with the discovery of the woman, the FSPD patrols who responded to the call requested the presence of agents from the Corporation’s Criminal Investigations Division, to take charge of the investigations into the murder of Jessica Ann Chávez.

The corporation’s email does not detail whether Jessica Ann Chávez’s two-week-old baby was in the home when the events occurred. Agents from the Criminal Investigations Division interviewed the woman’s neighbors and discovered that she lived with her boyfriend, but the man had disappeared.

An alert is launched in several states to find the murderer

Jessica Ann Chavez
The young woman told her family that she was repeatedly abused by her boyfriend ‘Lalo’, but never wanted to report it to the authorities. (PHOTO Courtesy of the Chávez Family)

According to Aric Mitchell, a spokesman for the FSPD, during the investigation into the murder of Jessica Ann, detectives identified Ervin Eduardo Nafate Ruiz, 24, as the girl’s boyfriend, and since he was missing, he was considered the first alleged perpetrator. in the death of the woman.

FSPD agents issued a search and arrest warrant against Ervin Eduardo Nafate Ruiz and all Arkansas corporations, in addition to the neighboring states of Oklahoma and Texas, received the characteristics of Jessica Ann’s alleged murderer.

Ervin Eduardo Nafate Ruiz is captured in Oklahoma

Jessica Ann Chavez
Ervin Eduardo Nafate Ruiz is already detained in jail accused of the first degree murder, with premeditation, of his girlfriend Jessica Ann Chávez (PHOTO Sebastian County Sheriff’s Office)

The alert issued by the FSPD was essential to be able to arrest Ervin Eduardo Nafate Ruiz for the alleged murder of Jessica Ann. On the morning of Friday, April 9, 2021, a patrol of the Poteau Police Department (PPD), in southeastern Oklahoma, spotted a boy who matched the description of the fugitive.

The PPD agent asked the Hispanic boy to stop and managed to identify him as Ervin Eduardo Nafate Ruiz, the man who was wanted in Fort Smith, Arkansas, as allegedly responsible for shooting his girlfriend Jessica Ann to death. The arrest was achieved without incident.

Jessica Ann suffered constant abuse from her boyfriend

Jessica Ann Chavez
PHOTO Taken from Facebook

According to the FSPD investigation, when interviewing Jessica Ann Chávez’s family, it was learned that the girl suffered from an abusive relationship by Ervin Eduardo Nafate Ruiz and constant acts of domestic violence. The girl, according to her family and friends, constantly appeared with bruises on her body from the blows she received.

Myda Chávez, sister of Jessica Ann Chávez, declared to the authorities that ‘Lalo’, the pseudonym by which her sister’s boyfriend was introduced, met the girl a little over a year ago and they began a dating relationship and decided to start dating. live together.

Attacks of anger and jealousy against Jessica Ann

PHOTO Taken from Facebook

However, always according to the testimony of Jessica Ann Chávez’s sister, her boyfriend ‘Lalo’ was very abusive towards the girl, but she never paid attention to her family to report him to the authorities. Frequently, Jessica Ann would come to work at Buddy’s Furniture with the bruises that ‘Lalo’ had caused her in her outbursts of anger and jealousy.

Myda Chávez told the authorities that throughout Jessica Ann Chávez’s pregnancy, her boyfriend, Ervin Eduardo Nafate Ruiz, subjected her to constant abuse and beatings and even the man went so far as to threaten her, on one occasion, with a gun. However, the family never thought that the boy would dare to kill her.

Her baby was 20 days old

Jessica Ann Chávez was happy to be a mother but, even during her pregnancy, her boyfriend abused her and even threatened her with death (PHOTO Courtesy of the Chávez Family)

20 days ago Jessica Ann Chávez’s baby was born and her family shared their happiness with her, who was full of happiness to be a mother. Since then, the girl’s family has been meeting with her to help her with her maternal responsibilities and the afternoon of April 7, 2o21 was the last time they saw her alive and with her baby.

The FSPD gave Myda Chávez the baby of her sister Jessica Ann Chávez into official custody and the girl will begin the legal procedures to be her mother officially. For his part, Ervin Eduardo Nafate Ruiz has already been taken from Oklahoma to Arkansas to face his charge of first degree murder.

The family cries out for help

PHOTO Taken from Facebook

To face the difficult economic situation that comes to her family, the young Myda Chávez opened in the social network of economic support Go Fund Me the account Jessica Ann Chávez: Funeral arrangements (Funeral arrangements for Jessica Ann Chávez), to ask for donations and to pay for the funeral of the murdered girl.

“The Chávez family asks for your help with what they can cooperate with for the funeral expenses of Jessica Ann Chávez, who was murdered on April 8 in what is a great and very painful loss for the whole family. Thanks to all who can help, God bless you, thank you very much ”, explained Chávez, crying out for help and solidarity.

Jessica did not listen to her family, neighbors, or friends

PHOTO Taken from Facebook)

According to the testimonies of the neighbors, in the apartment where Jessica Ann Chávez and Ervin Eduardo Nafate Ruiz lived in the last weeks, prior to the girl’s murder, the man’s attacks on his girlfriend occurred almost every day and she she suffered in silence without calling the authorities, despite the fact that her neighbors also suggested it to her.

According to the PPD report, when the officer arrested Ervin Eduardo Nafate Ruiz, the man had traces of blood on his hands, on his pants, socks, and on his right leg. In the room in which Jessica Ann Chávez died, officers recovered several casings. However, authorities have so far not found the weapon.

Why was Jessica Ann shot to death?

PHOTO Taken from Facebook

The arrest warrant against Ervin Eduardo Nafate Ruiz for the alleged murder of his girlfriend, Jessica Ann Chávez, details that the man is not a citizen of the United States. However, the legal documents in the case do not reveal where the man is from, nor what his immigration status is.

Ervin Eduardo Nafate Ruiz is already detained in the prison of the Sebastian County, in Fort Smith, waiting to face his first hearing accused of the murder of Jessica Ann Chávez. So far, the only thing that the FSPD authorities do not know is the motive for which the girl was murdered by her boyfriend.

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