Jenni Rivera’s death and the images of her death cause a stir (VIDEO)

Details of Jenni Rivera’s death resurface. Inhabitants of the place where her plane fell reveal everything they saw. The state in w...

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  • Details of Jenni Rivera’s death resurface.
  • Inhabitants of the place where her plane fell reveal everything they saw.
  • The state in which the ‘Diva de la Banda’ was left is surprising.

Jenni Rivera death. Almost 9 years after her death, details of Jenni Rivera’s, the ‘Diva de la Banda’ tragedy after the plane in which she was traveling fell are revealed, since in a video some inhabitants who helped to ‘clean’ the area of ​​the accident, share details that leave all her followers shocked, according to a video that appeared in Youtube.

It was through Univision’s Primer Impacto program, that after a live broadcast, a reporter interviewed several of the residents who found the scene of the tragedy and who notified authorities, to later join the search and rescue efforts.

DIED IN 2012

Jenni Rivera death
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As it will be remembered, the ‘Diva de la Banda’ finished a concert in Monterrey, Nuevo León and after leaving, she got on her plane to go to Mexico City for her participation in the Voice Mexico program, but a few minutes After taking off, the plane crashed and no one survived.

There were many rumors about Jenni Rivera and her death, from a possible kidnapping to an act led by organized crime, the truth is that all the people who accompanied her, along with her, died instantly after impacting on the ground from thousands of feet Tall.

Jenni Rivera death: SCENE OF HORROR

Band Diva
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But what did the inhabitants see when they discovered the impact area? As is well known, none of the crew or passengers survived, so there was much talk about whether it exploded in the air or when it hit the ground, but so far the version is that it was an accident.

The first images of the area where they found the wreckage and its occupants appeared in various media. The scenes were gruesome. Pieces of iron everywhere, burned areas, clothes and belongings of the victims could even be seen in the trees.


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The reporter began to narrate what had happened, everything that the official version said moments before the fall, however, when he addressed the inhabitants of a place known as Los Tejocotes, in the Sierra de Nuevo León, this by the very early tomorrow.

A man went out to feed his animals, when he suddenly saw the first remains of iron from the plane and scared, he returned to his town to make the discovery known to the authorities, who immediately undertook the trip to verify the information. Filed Under: Jenni Rivera Death

Jenni Rivera death: NO HEAD

Jenni Rivera death
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It was then that when asked about the scene and being part of the rescue team, he said that he found the singer’s hair, but the most terrifying thing was that he said he was without a head, so this information fell like a bucket of cold water for all his followers.

Víctor Escobedo said in a verbatim way: “There, reaching the top of the hill, I found a large piece of iron, the piece was thrown away, it was all on this side and with his hair, but no one moved it, but there was nothing in his head, nothing else. her hair stuck in the piece that was there ”. WARNING, STRONG IMAGES, to see the video click here. Filed Under: Jenni Rivera Dead


Band Diva
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But that was not all, another person Melesio Rivera, who collaborated in the search, said: “There was a very swollen hand, purple, there was a foot with a tennis shoe, it was very surprising that we had never seen it here,” he said totally dazed by the scenes what did you see.

Another young man said about the ‘Diva de la Banda’ that: “You could see that her big hair was hanging down, I imagine it was hers, it was like brown, half blonde, it was between the branches of a tree.” Thus they ‘uncovered’ this detail of the death of Jenni Rivera, who is about to turn nine years missing. Filed Under: Jenni Rivera Death

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