Jenni Rivera’s 3 worst feuds (VIDEOS)

Jenni Rivera and her memorable feuds. Other singers talk about her. La Diva de la banda’s clashes. Jenni Rivera stood out for being...

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  • Jenni Rivera and her memorable feuds.
  • Other singers talk about her.
  • La Diva de la banda’s clashes.

Jenni Rivera stood out for being an energetic woman with a strong personality who never let anyone get in her way. Today we honor la Diva de la banda and we talk about Jenni Revera’s three worst feuds.

Her explosive personality led her to have several clashes with her own family. However she also never hesitated to fight with actresses or singers who dared to speak ill of her or simply criticize her without knowing her well.

Jenni Rivera’s 3 worst feuds

Jenni Rivera's 3 worst fights
PHOTO: Youtube video capture

Some of these feuds were covered in the media because, even on live broadcasts, Jenni was not afraid to express what she thought. She was even less likely to let people speak about things they didn’t know about.

That is why she decided to confront them face to face. If that was not possible, Rivera would personally find the means to explain the situation and avoid staining her reputation, her legacy and, above all, the name of la Diva de la banda.

Jenni’s fight with Niurka

niurka fight
PHOTO: Youtube video capture

This scandal arose 10 years ago, when la Diva de la banda was at the peak of her success. The ‘neighborhood butterfly’ was on tour, and she made a statement that would cause a furor. On a radio show Jenni commented after being asked about recent gossip. She said: “The scandalous don’t fill venues, much less do they sell records, and if you don’t believe me, ask Niurka.”

After these comments, on a live broadcast of Al Rojo Vivo, they called la Diva de la banda to have her respond to what Niurka said. In an explosive video, she told Jenni with strong words that she was called the scandal woman for knowing how to shut up pigs like her, and that she invited her to think before speaking and messing with the star. In response to this Rivera only commented that everything had been taken out of context, that her comments were to flatter Niurka Marcos and that she respected her.

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Forever at odds with Mariana Seoane

Mariana Seoane fight
PHOTO: Youtube video capture

Another great controversy broke out on a live program months later for Jenni Rivera, which will be remembered forever in the history of entertainment. This time her opponent was Mariana Seoane, the famous actress and singer from Mexico City. It happened during a broadcast on the program El Gordo y la Flaca.

While Jenni was on tour, she called in to the show to respond to statement about her acting “jealous” in regards to her palenque colleague Mariana. However, Seoane was in the studio, a situation that put la Diva de la banda at a disadvantage. While the arguement was going on, Mariana “disconnected” the signal and prevented Jenni from defending herself. What happened later was something that nobody expected because it’s said that Rivera quickly called the producers to let them know that they needed to do something. And just a few months later Jenni took her revenge while she was in the middle of an interview in the same studio. While they were talking about one of her singles, she interrupted the hosts and sang one of her famous phrases, then simply stood up and left. That was her taking her revenge for having been cut off on air a month ago, so that everyone would know that no one messes with a strong Mexican woman like Jenni.

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A massive feud with Graciela Beltrán

the diva of the band

PHOTO: Youtube video capture

Without a doubt, this was one of the worst feuds involving la Diva de la banda. This time, she went up against “The People’s Queen”, Graciela Beltrán. It all started when Beltrán harshly criticized Jenni, for dedicating a concert to Rivera’s deceased ex-husband, calling her a hypocrite and stating that before she always called him a ‘freeloader’. Given this, Rivera was said Graciela’s statements were heartless.

The press was still questioning these statements and, once again, Jenni simply replied: “She and I are not at the same level, I shine more.” Graciela was not be far behind and began to make statements about how the Diva de la banda and her family had been trying to harm her for a long time and publicly let Jenni know that she always knew she was envious of her. At some point Jenni’s father represented Beltran and, according to Graciela’s statements, Don Pedro Rivera always compared ‘The People’s Queen’ to his “baby”, putting his own daughter down. After all the fuss they simply decided to leave things be, and never speak of each other again.

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