Jazmín Lema died in the desert on the way to the US after fleeing from family violence with her daughter

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Jazmín Lema died in the desert on the way to the US after fleeing from family violence with her daughter
  • The sad story of Jazmín Lema who wanted to have a better future in the US.
  • The Hispanic woman had fled the alleged domestic violence at her home.
  • Jasmine Lema died in the desert.

The search of a better future became a sad story. The young Hispanic Jazmín Lema tried to cross the border to the United States with her little girl to flee from the violence she suffered at home, but she died in the desert.


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The news agency Efe reported that Jazmín Lema, 21, an Ecuadorian who allegedly escaped the violence of her daughter’s father, died in the Sonora desert, in Mexico, without fulfilling her dream of reuniting with her mother in New York, United States.

Jasmine Lema died in the desert

Jasmine Motto

The minor and Jazmín Lema’s current partner, who accompanied her on the trip to the United States, are in shelters in Mexico, where the victim’s body remained after she died in the desert, Efe explained.

The family in Ecuador asked for help from the Foreign Ministry to transfer the body to their country to be buried, William Murillo, executive director of 1-800-Migrante, told Efe, the group of lawyers that is assisting Gladys Guallpa, mother of Jazmín Lema , in an attempt to bring the girl to New York.

They seek to repatriate the body to Ecuador

Jasmine Motto

William Murillo mentioned that although the Ecuadorian government had initially told the family that the repatriation process could take a month, on Friday, September 3, he contacted them and is already providing assistance for the transfer of the body.

“The mother lives in Queens (New York), but Jazmín has a sister, grandmother and cousins ​​who will see to it that the body is sent to Ecuador,” said lawyer William Morillo, according to the report from the aforementioned information agency.

They want Jazmín Lema’s girl and boyfriend to receive asylum in the US

Jasmine Motto

The group contacted other lawyers on the border to manage to bring the girl to the United States and reunite her with her grandmother Gladys Guallpa, as Jazmín Lema wanted, but also the Mexican Human Rights Commission, which they have asked to verify that the little girl is fine.

According to the report by the Efe news agency, the lawyers are also evaluating the way in which they can help Jazmín Lema’s boyfriend, an unidentified 17-year-old, who only has the assistance of his godmother in the United States.

The girl’s father and maternal grandmother claim custody

Jasmine Motto

The lawyers could request asylum for the young man and the girl, who are not identified because they are minors and victims of human trafficking, although it is a fight against the clock because the father would be making arrangements in Ecuador to travel to Mexico and claim together with her parents to the girl, said Efe.

Nothing prevents the father from having custody of the minor – who is also claimed by her grandmother in New York – because her mother has died, recalled William Murillo, the executive director of 1-800-Migrante, explaining the moving case.

The painful journey of Jasmine Lema

Jasmine Motto

“The grandparents (paternal) are already making arrangements to take the girl to Ecuador. We are against time and obviously the father has more rights than the (maternal) grandmother, ”recalled the lawyer who helps undocumented migrants.

Jazmín Lema left by plane with her daughter -after the minor’s father signed the authorization in exchange for allegedly not having to pay child support- and with her boyfriend on August 21 to Mexico to travel by land to Mexico from there. United States, according to the lawyers cited by Efe.

“Don’t abandon my daughter, take her with mommy,” said Jazmín Lema to her boyfriend

Jasmine Motto

After arriving in Mexico, they traveled by bus to Guadalajara and from there in another transport to reach Tijuana, on the border with the United States. But that trip could not be completed since they had to leave the bus for an immigration control and continue the road on foot through the Sonoran desert, without water or food, with a very high temperature, which caused Jazmín Lema to faint and start to bleed from the nose.

Her boyfriend carried her and the girl, but he could not continue the journey and had to leave Jazmín Lema to go find help, said William Murillo. “Do not abandon my daughter, take her to where mommy is in Queens,” the young woman asked her partner, according to her story.

The young man had carried Jasmine Lema and her daughter

The young man had carried the Ecuadorian

Upon arriving in Sonora, the young man asked for help from a policeman who told him that it was a matter for medical emergency personnel, which delayed the assistance, according to the statement from 1-800-Migrante, which provides pro bono legal assistance. to Ecuadorians.

When they finally reached the location, Ecuadorian Jasmine Lema had died in the hot desert on August 28, according to William Murillo. The girl was then treated by doctors to find out about the condition of her health.

Jasmine Lema’s boyfriend broke the tragic news to her mother

The ecuaotirana's boyfriend gave the tragic news to the mother

“The minors (the girl and the victim’s boyfriend) are in shelters in Sonora, Hermosillo. We are working with human rights organizations to find out how their situation is and with lawyers in the United States to explore the possibility that they can enter the country, “said William Murillo.

Jazmín Lema’s boyfriend notified his partner’s mother what had happened and then she contacted the lawyers, who are now awaiting the paperwork carried out by their colleagues on the border and the response of the Human Rights Commission.

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