Jacqie Rivera was worried about her baby’s illness and went to the hospital (VIDEO)

Jacqie Rivera and her baby live days of terror. Jenni Rivera’s daughter’s baby had to be taken to the emergency room. The sin...

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  • Jacqie Rivera and her baby live days of terror.
  • Jenni Rivera’s daughter’s baby had to be taken to the emergency room.
  • The singer and sister of Chiquis Rivera told what happened.

Jacqie Rivera took her baby to the emergency room of a hospital after the little one, just over a year old, suffered health problems that plagued Jenni Rivera’s daughter and her husband for days, as the little one gave no signs of improvement and she had to be taken to the doctor.

Through her Instagram stories, as can be seen in a video compiled by the ‘Univision Famosos‘ account, Jacqie Rivera, visibly worried, shared the moment when she took her baby to the hospital while her exhausted husband accompanied her to talk about everything that had happened in recent days.

Jacqie Rivera and her baby stopped at the hospital for the child’s health

Jacqie Rivera baby lived moments of terror
Instagram: Univision Famosos

“It was a loooong night. Tired? Yes, he is tired… ”, Jacqie Rivera is heard saying in a room with her little one-year-old baby Julian Joy as she takes her bottle and is cared for by her father, Jenni Rivera’s daughter partner, who was very tired , given the bad night they had passed.

“Thanks to everyone who cared about Julián Joy, he’s fine, he doesn’t have COVID, he was up all night,” Jenni Rivera’s daughter began by telling them about the emergency they experienced because the little boy was in pain and they decided to take him to the area. emergency department of the hospital.

Jacqie Rivera’s baby gave her a tremendous scare due to a pain that she presented

Jenni Rivera's daughter's baby fell ill

“We were a little scared last night that maybe he was very bad, he was coughing all week because of a vaccine that they gave him last Friday, he had a fever all week and then last night he did not sleep all night, he could not sleep”, Jacqie Rivera assured fearing that it was COVID.

However, given the bad night they had, she and her husband decided to take him to the emergency room so that at the hospital the doctors could assess the health of the child who is barely one year and five months old and was one of the main reasons why that Jenni Rivera’s daughter returned to her husband after separating.

They detected what happens to the baby of Jacqie Rivera, daughter of Jenni Rivera

Jacqie Rivera emergency baby to hospital

“My husband took him to the hospital, emergency room last night because we did not know what to do, we did not know what else to do, he was very annoying, he was crying all night, we took him and they did a COVID test and everything went well thanks to God, ”said Jacqie Rivera.

But Jenni Rivera’s daughter revealed the reasons why her baby became so stupid and did not improve: “He does not have COVID and they checked everything and he has an infection, a little, an ear infection that is why maybe he has a cough He has a lot of phlegm, and four of his teeth are also coming out, so he’s feeling a lot of pain and that’s why he can’t rest ”, he said.

Jenni Rivera’s daughter’s baby is already at home

Daughter Jenni Rivera baby

Faced with the fright that was caused by the bad days that her baby spent, Jacqie Rivera was finally able to rest and tell that everything was in tremendous fear and a bad night: “But all good, look at him, all good my love, get up”, and You can see the image of your little Julian Joy with his very calm bottle.

People’s comments quickly appeared in the Univisión Famosos video: “It was the least you could do is your responsibility ”,“ God bless you and your husband and your family, we pray for you and your child. May he be well soon recovery, a hug ”, you can read in the messages of the people.

Before her baby was sick, Jenni Rivera’s daughter had caused controversy over some outfits she used

Jenni Rivera's daughter's baby

DID YOU FORGET THAT YOU WAS A CHRISTIAN? Jacqie Rivera debuted at her sister’s concert Chiquis, wearing a very ‘vampire’ style outfit that caught the attention of users on social networks. The compliments were not lacking and some mentioned how similar she is to the late Jenni Rivera, but negative comments also came to light.

The daughter of ‘La Diva de la Banda’ was questioned about her style of dress and it was even hinted that she could have forgotten the Christian precepts, since no one who belonged to the religion would wear a wardrobe like the one she used; The singer even had to come out to answer those insinuations, answering that she does consider herself a Christian and her clothes should not be a cause for annoyance. HERE YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO OF JACQIE RIVERA AND HER BABY

Jacqie Rivera received criticism: He debuted with Chiquis

Jacqie Rivera received criticism: He debuted with Chiquis
Photo: Instagram

Through social networks, Jacqie spoke about the night as a debutant in one of the most special concerts that her sister, Chiquis Rivera had. Jenni Rivera’s daughter mentioned in her publication how happy she felt to be able to be present at the concert and sing for the audience that performed that night, besides that she would always be grateful to Chiquis for having achieved that meeting.

“I had a great time last night. My heart needed him more than I knew. Thanks to my sister @chiquis for inviting me, encouraging me and inspiring me, ”wrote Jacqie Rivera on her social networks, demonstrating the love she feels for Chiquis, who invited her to participate in that concert so important to her. Filed Under: Jacqie Rivera Received Criticism

Jacqie Rivera received criticism: Thank the public

Received criticism: Thank the public
Photo: Instagram

Jacqie also wrote a special thank you to the audience who sang the songs she presented and mentioned that she would never forget the special moments she lived on stage. The daughter of ‘La Diva de la Banda’, surprised those present because she sang rock songs, instead of the popular band melodies that her family has always sung. In addition, she thanked her brothers for having accompanied her on that special night.

“Thanks to the middle, the little one and the little one for cheering me on and rocking with me,” said Jacqie in the publication making a reference to her brothers, who were among the audience supporting them at that very special moment for them; users detailed that the brothers were very close at the concert and were happy for the love shown. Filed Under: Jacqie Rivera Received Criticism

Jacqie Rivera received criticism: “Thank you for encouraging me”

He received criticism: "Thanks for pushing me"
Photo: Instagram

Not only her audience and siblings, they received a special thanks from the singer. She mentioned that she was extremely grateful to her team, who had ‘pushed’ her to take that risk and face a scenario, so she would always keep their help in mind.

“Thanks to my incredible team for always making the vision a reality, for always pushing me to enter what I really am and giving me the confidence I need,” said Jacqie through her Instagram profile, where she shared a couple of photos of the night of the concert where he looked quite happy and even added one of his sister, Chiquis Rivera. Filed Under: Jacqie Rivera Received Criticism

Jacqie Rivera received criticism: “Now I know why they love their fans”

He received criticism: "Now I know why they love their fans"
Photo: Instagram

Jacqie Rivera, confessed that for the first time she had understood why her mother and sister loved their fans so much, since at the concert that night, they had received her like never before and the love they had transmitted to her was gigantic. For this reason, the woman wished to express her gratitude to those who had attended the concert.

And thanks to all those last night who received me as I am and with so much love. Now I know why my sister and my mother love their fans so much. I know now more than ever that this is the dream that I am going to pursue until I finally reach it, “said the singer through social networks. Filed Under: Jacqie Rivera Received Criticism

Jacqie Rivera received criticism: Are you a Christian?

It received criticism: Are you a Christian?
Photo: Instagram

Although Jacqie showed how happy she was to have participated in her sister’s concert, the criticism did not wait and fans of the young woman began to question her religious faith, all because of the costumes she was wearing. The young woman stood out for a black, glued jumper and a ‘very rocker’ appearance, which did not please her followers.

“Beautiful do not forget that your roots are Christian,” wrote one of his followers through the comments of the photograph. What she never imagined is that Jacqie would respond to her comment, emphasizing the religion she processes and telling her that she always remembered where she came from. “I do not forget. I speak with my Lord every day, ”Rivera replied. Filed Under: Jacqie Rivera Received Criticism

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