Jacqie Rivera ‘humiliates’ her sister Chiquis

Without her sister Chiquis’ home remedy, Jacqie Rivera looks slim in a fitted dress. Jacqie Rivera doesn’t drink “lemon...

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  • Without her sister Chiquis’ home remedy, Jacqie Rivera looks slim in a fitted dress.
  • Jacqie Rivera doesn’t drink “lemon water” to lose weight, she wears a girdle.
  • Jenni Rivera’s daughter, Jacqie, says that she’s ready for the summer.

Jacqie humiliates Chiquis Rivera. Once again one of Jenni Rivera’s daughters is giving a lot to talk about… but no, it’s not Chiquis, this time the singer’s first-born was “humiliated” by Jacqie, who posted a photo on her official Instagram account and surprised everyone.

In the post you can see Jacqie Rivera looking very thin and wearing a tight black dress that highlights her curves, as well as a denim jacket and with her hair loose. “With some hard work and my favorite Faja and I’m ready for hot mom summer. Who’s with me??”, she wrote.

Jacqie humiliates Chiquis Rivera: “Great body that loads you, baby”

Jacqie Rivera 'humiliates' her sister Chiquis and without "lemon water"
PHOTO Instagram

The reactions were immediate: “What girdle are you wearing”, “Sister, you look thin”, “Oh my God, you look beautiful”, “You look wonderful”, “You look very good”, “I love you”, “Divine “,” Great body that you carry, baby “,” Greetings and Blessings “,” How beautiful “,” How beautiful “.

“You inspire me”, “Which girdle do you wear? I need it !!!”, “The Diva”, “You are rich”, “What girdle is it … I want one”, “You look incredible”, “Where do I get the girdle Jacqie “,” Simply beautiful “,” Jacqie you are very beautiful, you have a nice body “,” Small but spicy “. HERE THE VIDEO WHERE THE SCREEN CAPTURE FOR THE PHOTO WAS TAKEN

Jacqie humiliates Chiquis Rivera: “Nothing to do with your sister Chiquis’s current …”

Jacqie Rivera 'humiliates' her sister Chiquis and without "lemon water"
PHOTO Instagram

The comparisons were immediate, and they immediately questioned whether, like her sister had undergone surgery and others even told her that she looked better than the interpreter of “Jolene”: “Did she have surgery too?”, “Nothing to see to the current of your sister Chiquis, if you are a beautiful one, God bless you ”.

“Sing mija, you do look like your mother, sing”, “Precious thing”, “How beautiful”, “Be very careful with your grandmother’s delicious food, it is forbidden!”, “Mamacita”, “Girl, that body begins to look good “,” Divine God Bless you are the same portrait of your Late Mother RIP “.

Jacqie humiliates Chiquis Rivera: Hard work

Jacqie Rivera 'humiliates' her sister Chiquis and without "lemon water"
PHOTO Instagram

The publication that reached 59,990 likes, received thousands of comments, most of them “chuleando” and Jaqie Rivera and others asking her about the girdle, because unlike her sister Chiquis, she has always made public that she uses girdles to shape her figure .

And it does not assure that her leather looks thinner with home remedies such as the “lemon water” that Chiquis has promoted so much in recent weeks and for which she has earned so much criticism, instead Jacqie makes many publications of her workouts and when you try on your girdles.

Jacqie humiliates Chiquis Rivera: You show her meat in nets

Jacqie Rivera 'humiliates' her sister Chiquis and without "lemon water"
PHOTO Instagram

But it is not the first time that Jacqie Rivera shows her meat on social networks, because one of her publications can be seen as the rhythm of Jenni Rivera’s Divine Lady song, her daughter shows her meat in mini shorts without shame in a video that shared on his social networks.

The official Instagram account of the Chisme No Like program, hosted by Javier Ceriani and Elisa Beristain, took up this video in which Jacqie is seen first in mini shorts and a tight blouse that highlights her attributes. Seconds later, she would change her outfit for a red dress.

Jacqie humiliates Chiquis Rivera: With a lot of humor

Jacqie Rivera 'humiliates' her sister Chiquis and without "lemon water"
PHOTO Instagram

Owner of great charisma, Jacqie, who many have said inherited the voice of her mother, Jenni Rivera, began to dance in front of the camera while saying: “I have not won crowns or beauty pageants, without having very fine jewels I am a divine lady ”.

To end this video, in which Jacqie Rivera showed her meats in mini shorts, the singer also expressed: “I’m not a succulent hottie, I don’t boast of a good body. If you drink some tequilas, I am a divine lady ”. TO WATCH THE VIDEO CLICK HERE

Surprise with fitted clothes

PHOTO Instagram

In another publication, Jenni Rivera’s daughter surprises her fans by looking like seldom with a fitted black skirt and a tight blouse almost a year after giving birth to her fourth child. It should be remembered that the singer is the mother of Jaylah Hope, Jordan, Jenavieve and Julian Joy, who was born last April.

Through her social networks, Jacqie Rivera shared an image that so far has more than 30 thousand likes and comments of all kinds, mainly flattering her beauty. “Master it, honey. Don’t let it affect you, ”said the singer’s daughter.

Praise her beauty

PHOTO Instagram

After the singer shared this image in which she wears a fitted skirt and a tight blouse, from her mother’s brand, Jenni Rivera Fashion, the compliments were present, but one person drew attention for the words she dedicated to her.

“In this photo you look exactly like what you are: strong, powerful and brave woman.” “You are amazing”, “I love you”, Beautiful “,” Perfection “,” Seriously, you are my inspiration “,” Without a doubt, you are one of those who most resembles your mommy, from the fingers of your hands, legs and everything “,” You are like your mother, strong, fighter, “read some comments.

Sweat the fat drop

PHOTO Instagram

As a result of that publication, it can be seen how Jacqie Rivera began to share more often publications where she can be seen exercising, taking weight-loss supplements, and the girdles that have helped her to show off a slimmer body.

That is why his followers applauded his publication where he appears in a tight black dress that highlights his curves, because it was his style, he did not hide that he was wearing a girdle and immediately her followers wanted to know what it was, because they wanted to look just like her.

Video resurfaces of Jacqie talking about her father Trino

PHOTO Instagram

After the success of the Mariposa de barrio series on the Netflix platform, a video of Jacqie Rivera, Jenni Rivera’s daughter, reappeared, talking about the possible release of her father, Trino Marín, who is in jail for having abused her, as well like Chiquis and Rosie Rivera.

Through the official YouTube channel of the Hoy Día program, this video was presented dated September 20, 2018 where Jacqie Rivera confesses that she forgave the physical abuse of her father, in the video you can see the girl speaking very sincerely.

“We have to forgive”

PHOTO Instagram

“Many people see jail as a place where you put bad people, but in reality none of us are bad, we are broken, and for me, we all deserve a second chance, but I think in everything in this time that I have spoken with him, I have not talked about that issue (his release). Some images are of this video

Calm down, Jenni Rivera’s daughter commented that as a family they have to decide how they feel, and although she is aware that her mother went through many things, Trino Marín is her father after all. “It is something we have to pray and think about, but if we as people want to be forgiven, we have to forgive.”

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