After rumors that he allegedly had a child with another woman, Jacky Bracamontes’s husband sends alarming message (PHOTO)

Martin Fuentes, Jacky Bracamontes’s husband, didn’t have a good weekend and he made it known. The famous woman’s husban...

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  • Martin Fuentes, Jacky Bracamontes’s husband, didn’t have a good weekend and he made it known.
  • The famous woman’s husband wrote an unexpected message under a photo where he appears in the company of his mother.
  • Speculation spread like wildfire saying that he allegedly had a son with a young girl.

Martin Fuentes, Jacky Bracamontes’s husband, is in the eye of the hurricane after a terrible rumor spread this weekend on social networks in which a young woman allegedly announced that she was the one who gave a male child to the husband of the host and actress, after so many failed attempts by his wife.

As if that were not enough, the photograph of the alleged young woman with whom Martin Fuentes would have cheated on Jacky Bracamontes and now presumably would be the father of her son was leaked, however, now, the racer and extreme sports fan sent an alarming message.

Jacky Bracamontes’ husband in unexpected scandal

Jacky Bracamontes husband
Instagram: Martin Fuentes

And it is that this weekend, along with the scandal unleashed by the alleged infidelity of Martin Fuentes, which sparked speculation about the photograph of the young woman carrying her baby boy, the car racer published a suspicious message in a photo with his Mommy.

Martin Fuentes has been a car racer for years, a lover of extreme sports and is always very affectionate with his daughters, but it is striking that in his Instagram account the images that he has recently published with his wife Jacky Bracamontes are counted …

Martin Fuentes published a photo with his mother

Martin Fuentes' mother

Accompanied by his mother, in a career he had and with a serious face, Jacky Bracamontes’ husband admitted that it was not a good weekend for him: “A very complicated weekend, with a bad result, we finished P-8 . We could not find an adequate balance in the car all weekend, but turned to the page and concentrated in León on August 7th. Thanks to the team @hospeedracingoficial to my engineer @hrichardsdriver, my co-driver @ pabloplg12. #wewintogetherandweloosetogether #teamwork #neverlosesight. THE BEST OF ALL IS THAT I HAD MY BEST FAN, SUPPORT, MY BOSSAAAAA, “he wrote.

However, it is striking that precisely this weekend that ‘did not favor’ his career, the scandal of his alleged infidelity to Jacky Bracamontes was unleashed, who incidentally did not accompany him or at least did not appear in some of his photos.

Jacky Bracamontes’ mother-in-law ‘steals glances’

Message from husband Jacky Bracamontes

In the comments on the photograph of Jacky Bracamontes’ husband, it was his mother who got the applause: “What a bearing your mother has”, “Yes, it will always be the best, your beautiful mother”, “How beautiful”, “So her beautiful mother ”,“ The best, your mother cheering you on ”,“ Your mother is beautiful…, greetings! ”.

“You have your holy mother as a trophy! That’s the best !! ”,“ Being able to enjoy your mom next to you is the best trophy ”,“ That was the award, having your mom, what else is possible? ”,“ How beautiful is your mom, God bless her always the result was not good but you are a champion ”,“ I encourage Martin to work hard ”, commented other people.

He loves his daughters and Martin Fuentes proves it

Mexican family

Jacky Bracamontes’ husband loves his daughters and in a recent publication, he shows why people consider him to be a very good father, contrary to what was speculated by the rumor of the weekend in which he allegedly would have been unfaithful to the famous with a young girl who had a male child.

In the Instagram account of Martin Fuentes, before his message in the photo with his mother, he shared a video of how the family went to have fun in their garden with inflatables from where the extreme sports lover ventured with his youngest daughters and one of them very happy tells him that she wants to repeat ‘the adventure’.

They rate him as an excellent father

Could it be true that he had a child with a young woman?

In the video where Martin Fuentes enjoys time with his little daughters while Jacky Bracamontes records it, people’s comments point to what a great father he is: “Wow, you are a great dad! My respects and with your precious daughters, never mature so that you always enjoy them ”,“ I never tire of saying that this man is a tremendous dad ”,“ ahah soul of a child ”.

Other people pointed out: “How cool to have a dad that makes you lose fear and fill you with adrenaline and challenges”, “Noooo please don’t grow up, keep enjoying the little ones”, “Excellent dad”, “How cute dad is”, “ The best dad in the world “,” You are the best, keep it up with that and love for your daughters you are super super dad. ” HERE YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO OF JACKY BRACAMONTES ‘HUSBAND VERY HAPPY WITH HIS DAUGHTERS

The controversy over the publication of a mysterious young woman

Jacky Bracamontes husband

In social networks, the rumor is running that the Mexican television presenter and actress, Jacky Bracamontes, was unfaithful and that she already knew about the adventure, but that is not the most shocking of the subject, since this relationship came out to the light after it was known that the young woman gave birth to a boy as a result of her relationship with Martin Fuentes.

The statements were given by a Twitter account that only hinted at the adventure that had occurred, but at no time assured that it was Jacky, although it was the users who answered saying that it was the beloved presenter, since they were the only couple that “she had only girls” and that her husband always wanted to have a child, if true, it would be a low blow for Bracamontes, since they had conceived a child who died in childbirth.

Martin Fuentes involved in scandal over rumors

Martin Fuentes

It all started on Twitter, when an account dedicated to the shows made a revelation that left more than one thinking and intrigued about the identity of the person who was being talked about, since he claimed that it was a famous person who only had daughters with her husband, so the suspicions began to come to life, because it was possible to know who the news was about.

It was this tweet where they say that: “What the wife could not give him, after many pregnancies, this woman achieved it the first time. He gave him the much desired little boy for him. They have an agreement and he pays her a large monthly payment to buy her silence. The wife knows it ”, which generated a controversy for knowing the identity of the woman of which it is spoken, although some thickened to speculate.

The husband of Jacky Bracamontes was unfaithful to him?

unfaithful husband Jacky bracamontes: The rumor
Photo: Instagram

But it was the response of a follower of the account on Twitter, who made “all eyes” turn to the presenter Jacky Bracamontes, since she is one of the few figures of the Mexican show that has maintained her marriage as one of the most stable and who have become one of the favorite couples in the medium: “How little! She lost a little boy who came along with her first daughter and she cries every time she remembers him, that was cruel ”, alluding to the situation that the couple went through a few years ago.

The account on Instagram “Chica Picosa” was the one that released the news on Twitter, mentioning to his followers that: “How are you? for this tweet what they bring on Twitter they assure that it is Jacky Bracamontes and Martin Fuentes “, which made several of his followers begin to question who the young woman who appears in the images is. Filed Under: Unfaithful Husband Jacky Bracamontes

Speculation on social networks did not wait

Martin Fuentes husband Jacky unfaithful bracamontes: They assure that it is Jacky
Photo: Instagram

Although it is not known who is the mother of the supposed son of Martin Fuentes, the images of the child’s birth were released, where he looks in the arms of the woman, who looks years younger than Jacky and Martin, which caused that Several people began to wonder “who he was”, because if this news were confirmed, it would mean that Bracamontes had been unfaithful for a long time.

In particular, what draws the attention of the photograph is not the age of the woman holding the child in her arms, but rather that in her left hand she poses with a particular ring on her ring finger, a promise ring, perhaps? Because compromise would be practically impossible, knowing that Martín is married and his wife knows his identity, which makes the idea of ​​a possible infidelity or the birth of another Fuentes child even more rare. Filed Under: Unfaithful Husband Jacky Bracamontes.

The photo of the alleged woman with whom Martin Fuentes would have been unfaithful to Jacky Bracamontes

Martin Fuentes unfaithful husband Jacky bracamontes: The identity of the young woman is unknown
Photo: Instagram

The news would be a low blow for the presenter, who on previous occasions has confessed to the cameras that she had a very bad time and in constant depression since she was informed that the child she was going to have in her first pregnancy had been stillborn. But fortunately her daughter had survived; so if it were true that her husband had a child with another woman, it would be quite painful for her.

In accordance with Infobae, the actress and presenter in an interview she did some time ago, confessed how she felt after the loss of her baby, mentioning that after the birth, the girl was in intensive care and was her engine to get ahead: “she had the The illusion that my Jacky was in intensive care, I went every day to see her, to feed her, but I was in a very strong depression ”. Filed Under: Unfaithful Husband Jacky Bracamontes Some images of this note come from the following video

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