Jacky Bracamontes competes with the Miss Universe participants with a transparent dress and without a bra

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  • Jacky Bracamontes looked spectacular as she conducted the Miss Universe gala.
  • The former beauty queen showed off her beauty in a sensual dress with transparencies.
  • Jacky Bracamontes and Carlos Ponce hosted the Miss Universe pageant on Telemundo.

The Mexican Jacky Bracamontes caught everyone’s attention at the Miss Universe pageant, since together with Carlos Ponce she was in charge of conducting the most important beauty event of the year on the Telemundo network. The beautiful actress wore a sensual dress with transparencies.

The host posted a photograph on her official Instagram account where she is seen posing with Carlos Ponce, minutes after the event started and immediately received thousands of reactions that praised her beauty as well as his gallantry. Both were in charge of conducting such an important beauty event.

Jacky Bracamontes dress:

Jacky Bracamontes makes the competition to the Miss Universe participants with a transparent dress and without a bra
PHOTO Instagram

The comments about Jacky Bracamontes’ dress and Carlos Ponce’s look were swift: “Both of them are very cute and very elegant”, “how handsome”, “beautiful, Jacky is super cute”, “very handsome”, “that dress ! ”,“ Beautiful princess ”,“ they are gorgeous ”,“ cute and elegant ”,“ spectacular ”.

But there was no shortage of criticism, especially because many followers of Telemundo on Instagram did not agree on how they have conducted the beauty pageant: “Let’s see what comment does he make if Mexico does not continue in the competition”, “yes I said the same She is horrible with her comments and the dances and grimaces when Mexico comes out ”,“ uni…. Telemundo 😂😂😂 as his mind wanders there by Univision Jacky ”.

Happy to participate in Miss Universe

PHOTO Instagram

Prior to the event, the drivers had a talk with MundoHispánico, where they talked about the contest: “Happy and happy because my partner is a marvel, she has all the experience in the world in this type of contests, television events, I feel very protected,” said Carlos Ponce.

For his part, Jacky Bracamontes said: “I am also very happy, when they told me ‘you are going to have to drive Miss Universe’ I said with whom? With Carlos, right? It is the most complicated show that has not been done both in terms of driving ”.

Jacky Bracamontes dress: Beautiful memories

Jacky Bracamontes makes the competition to the Miss Universe participants with a transparent dress and without a bra
PHOTO Instagram

Regarding the memories that Miss Universe brought to Jacky Bracamontes, since she participated in the contest in 2001, the Guadalajara said: “Of course, I already want to go on stage to compete, when I participated in 2001 I was 20 years old. , I feel that I lacked experience, but one has experience and security… ”.

“But today it would be totally different, I’m in rehearsals with them and I want to wear the Mexican band. It was an experience that changed my life a lot, it made me grow as a woman, as a person and of course it brings back many beautiful memories ”.

Jacky Bracamontes dressed: He was a contestant 20 years ago

Jacky Bracamontes makes the competition to the Miss Universe participants with a transparent dress and without a bra
PHOTO Instagram

Twenty years ago, Jacqueline Bracamontes represented Mexico in the world beauty pageant, and this weekend she served as the host of the 69th edition of “Miss Universe 2021” (Telemundo) along with Carlos Ponce, in the United States.

The model and actress shares the memories she has of that experience. “Oh, 2001! Twenty years ago, imagine ”, I already feel that it has already rained, hahaha! Nothing is the same anymore, he told the Mezcalent agency, with which he shared an anecdote of his participation in the beauty pageant.

Jacky Bracamontes dressed: They did not limit them in the food

Jacky Bracamontes makes the competition to the Miss Universe participants with a transparent dress and without a bra
PHOTO Instagram

Jacky Bracamontes shared an anecdote that he lived in the beauty pageant: “Well, it has to do with food, because I thought that in Miss Universe they were going to have us on a diet and so on; I say that I was very skinny at that time, I needed to eat, but I was afraid that he would arrive and eat ‘three lettuces, a chicken breast of one hundred grams’, you know, like this ”.

“I said, well it’s Miss Universe, they have to take care of us, nooo, no, no! I don’t know how it will be now, but at that time they put us some delicacies there in the hotel in Puerto Rico, but it was a buffet of delicious food, desserts, donuts, everything, so I was shocked, the truth is, “he said.

Jacky Bracamontes dress: She combed herself

Jacky Bracamontes makes the competition to the Miss Universe participants with a transparent dress and without a bra
PHOTO Instagram

“And another thing is that since I arrived in Puerto Rico, everyone is like this: ‘Be careful, because this is a plot! Nobody wants you to win, well, not me but I mean, don’t let them do your makeup there! Don’t let them comb your hair, you fix yourself ‘, and I’ oh, what nerves! ”, Said the Mexican,

“Because, well, I took courses to make up and comb my hair, but the thing about the hairstyle has never really occurred to me; So if you see a video of the preview that we had to do in the semifinal, my hair looks all ‘tap’ (crazy), because I combed my hair very badly, hahaha! ”.

He spoke with some participants

PHOTO Instagram

In the interview with MundoHispánico, the former beauty queen shared her opinion of this year’s participants to Miss Universe: “First, the Mexican Andrea is beautiful, I had the opportunity to talk with her, to greet her to live together and she is not only a prettier woman, but also when you talk with her, she tells you so many things with her look and such a positive, beautiful attitude, a very positive energy ”.

“Every year there are issues that stand out, there are always issues like that, I just tell you Miss Uruguay, I spoke with her and congratulated her for speaking frankly (she declared herself bisexual), for not being afraid to talk about what she feels, I I applaud him ”, commented the actress in an interview for this medium.

‘I don’t want to get involved in it’

PHOTO Instagram

In the interview with MundoHispánico He was asked about the recent controversies in which Lupita Jones, who is in charge of the official beauty pageant in Mexico, has been harshly criticized by former participants and her reaction was criticized by the press. WATCH VIDEO HERE

“It is a very delicate subject, because I know Lupita very well, I love her very much and I know Sofía Aragón very well, Ximena Navarrete I know her very well, it is a delicate subject, I do not want to get involved in this, I have spoken with everyone, but I prefer to keep my opinion to myself out of respect for them, because I love them all ”.

Her memories in Miss Universe

PHOTO Instagram

For his part, Carlos Ponce is an expert in this type of beauty pageant and has countless memories, but there is one in particular along with former President Donald Trump (when he was still directing the contest), which the Puerto Rican actor does not forget and shared. to the Mezcalent agency. WATCH VIDEO HERE

“I remember when I had to do it in English with Nancy Odell, that he (Donald Trump), I imagine that in his business it was convenient for him to go to Japan next year, and he was sitting behind the jurors yelling ‘Japan! , Japan, Japan! ‘, Trying to put pressure.

Happy in your marriage

PHOTO Instagram

Ponce continued with the anecdote that he lived in that broadcast of the contest: “That year (2006) Zuleyka (Rivera), (the ‘Miss Universe’) won in Puerto Rico, and we were all excited, because those of us who were there saw an obvious ¿ what’s it called? ‘Little Hammer’ behind the judges ”.

– Changing the subject, congratulations on your wedding with Karina Banda. Now that you have been married for a while, what is the best thing about married life? The best thing about being married is finding the perfect partner. In my case, I am very complemented, very complete, very happy ”.

A great team

PHOTO Instagram

“We are a team, we are friends, and we are a couple and everything is very good for us, so… I can tell you that everything is good, hahaha! I’m trying to think what is the best, but for me, everything is good, “the actor also told Mezcalent.

On the subject of children, he declared for MundoHispánico: “” She alone screwed up in an interview, when she is ready to let me know, I am very happy I adore Mexico for all my life, now being related in the best sense with a Mexican for me is very proud, I adore her country, his family and it’s the best thing that ever happened to me ”. Filed Under: Jacky Bracamontes Carlos Ponce Miss Universe.

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