Jacky Bracamontes celebrates 9 years of marriage and is called ‘cuckold’ (PHOTOS)

They call Jacky Bracamontes ‘cuckold’ when celebrating 9 years of marriage with Martín Fuentes Public remembers “infide...

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  • They call Jacky Bracamontes ‘cuckold’ when celebrating 9 years of marriage with Martín Fuentes
  • Public remembers “infidelity” of her husband whom they have seen with several women
  • The actress publishes a photo of her wedding and is ‘tuned’ on social networks

Actress Jacky Bracamontes did not do well at all celebrating 9 years of marriage with Martín Fuentes, since the public calls him ‘cuckold’ and also brings out his infidelity husband long time ago.

All these comments were made by people on the Instagram account of Un Nuevo Día, in which a photograph of the couple was published.

This image was taken from the account @jackybrv official who uploaded the model and artist, winner of the Nuestra Belleza México contest in 2000.

Image taken from Instagram @jackybrv

The postcard was from the couple’s wedding nine years ago in which their immense happiness can be appreciated, however, this moment was overshadowed by some people who remembered the “infidelities” of Martín Fuentes, since at some point in their marriage they have discovered it with several women.

After celebrating their marriage, the Mexican actress posted the following message: “Congratulations! @jackybrv: 9 years and counting… For many more moments of laughter and complicity… It is beautiful to remember one of the happiest moments of our lives! Congratulations love @ mft07! I love you!”.

Although this publication caused some mockery and bad comments towards her in Un Nuevo Día, on her Instagram account she received many congratulations and also criticism.

One of the first to respond was comedian Consuelo Duval, who wrote the following: “I cry and cry, God bless her love.”

However, this show of affection did not last long since on the same page, a follower commented: “And moments of infidelity.”

Then another person reproached this fact and said: “The only way to last in a marriage is to endure horns … oh no!”

But not everything was there, since more people criticized the marriage of Jacky Bracamontes with Martín Fuentes, who has been seen with several women throughout this marriage.

“Enduring infidelities any couple lasts for years”, “the one who says they can not stand the horn and she doesn’t believe it”, “9 years of putting up with the horn”, “putting up with the horns anyone reaches a thousand years of marriage”, “the horns we all have, no be made and money to keep 5 and more, burned “, commented more people about the fact.

Image taken from Mezcalent

All these criticisms are because on several occasions the businessman was captured with some women in public places, as documented by the portal of The Press.

In that publication, reference is made to information from TvNotas in which it was assured that in 2016 he was seen next to a woman in a bar in Polanco.

A year earlier, the same magazine published where Martín Fuentes was seen with other women at a night party in the city of Cancun, which is why many people point him out as unfaithful.

Image taken from Instagram @jackybrv

But other people wished them more happiness despite the bad comments in which he said ‘cuckold’ to Jacky Bracamontes for celebrating 9 years of marriage with Martín Fuentes and his alleged infidelity.

“It’s good that they are very happy, ignore the bad comments of envy, blessings to all your beautiful family, God always be number one in your home,” commented a follower.

But again people continued with the comments of mockery towards the Mexican actress: “Hahahaha well hopefully I won’t cheat on you again.”

Image taken from Mezcalent

“Happy anniversary, may you spend many more years with so much love and happiness”, “may God continue to bless your marriage with love and respect full of joys together with his 5 princesses and his little angel in heaven. I love you very much ”, were other signs of affection towards the couple.

However, again the teasing made its appearance with some sarcastic comments such as the following: “Congratulations and you did not know what you were going to touch and expect in the future.”

Other Internet users only highlighted her happiness: “For more marriages like yours my Jacky! Long live love ”,“ how beautiful is beautiful! God be always for you the beginning and the end in everything! Amen”.

Image taken from Instagram @jackybrv

The congratulations for the 9 years of marriage between Martín Fuentes and Jacky Bracamontes did not stop falling to the social network, despite the fact that some other people had already called the model ‘cuckold’, for some alleged infidelity of her husband.

“Congratulations on your # 9th anniversary. God bless you and celebrate many more years loving and respecting each other”, “may you be eternally happy”, “many congratulations and God continue to bless your beautiful home,” other followers told him.

One of them even raised the following question to the public: “Who are they to judge? That is why the world is full of evil, starting with critical people … Ah but we pray that all racism and injustice ends, we begin to change ourselves that we are not perfect ”.

“And may I be my beautiful and favorite artist to infinity, may your life continue with many days full of laughter and happiness, your beautiful little princesses have someone to live for”, “if they only hear the version of the yellow news and do not know the reality, Callladitas look prettier ”, commented other people.

“Congratulations, beautiful family. May God bless you forever, a huge kiss from Uruguay”, “you are a beautiful couple and that is why you have a great family, congratulations and may you continue like this always” were other people’s wishes.

Jacky Bracamontes horned

Image taken from Instagram @jackybrv

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