Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner are said to be distancing themselves from Trump

Ivanka Trump and her husband stay away from Donald Trump due to his constant complaints After several months of the presidential election...

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  • Ivanka Trump and her husband stay away from Donald Trump due to his constant complaints
  • After several months of the presidential elections, the Republican hasn’t overcome his defeat
  • “The former president complains for several hours about the 2020 elections having been ‘stolen'”

Ivanka walks away Trump. Fed up with Donald Trump? The daughter of former president of the United States Donald Trump, we are talking about the beautiful businesswoman Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner, are said to be distancing themselves from the previous president due to his constant complaints of alleged electoral fraud in November 2020.

During the Republican’s electoral campaign to obtain the presidency of the country in 2021, Ivanka Trump and her husband were loyal followers of Donald Trump, but everything seems to indicate that the couple would have gotten tired and are now estranged from the ex-president because of his complaints, according to The NY Journal.

Ivanka Trump and her husband leave the former president

Ivanka walks away from Donald Trump
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Everything seems to indicate that Donald Trump has not yet been able to overcome the electoral elections for the Presidency, where the victory went to Democrat Joe Biden, to become the new president of the United States in January 2021, as he continues with his regrets for leaving the White House.

The constant claims, complaints and laments have made his daughter and son-in-law ‘get tired’ of this situation, which is why they are causing a distancing: “Sometimes, the former president complains for several hours about the 2020 elections ‘stolen’ . Other times, his frustrations come up in fits and starts, most likely when he talks about his hopeful return to national politics, “said a source close to the president according to the portal of CNN.

Ivanka walks away Trump: Tired of Donald Trump?

Ivanka Trump gets tired of her father
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According to the El Diario de NY portal, 12 former Trump White House officials and family friends, as well as Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump, are now separated from former President Donald Trump who is in disgrace and do not want to have anything to do with it. see with him.

Apparently they can no longer bear his constant insistence on the past and his inability to move on on his own. Currently the former president of the United States is living in New Jersey, and as many know he has a home in Mar-a-Lago, Florida.

Ivanka walks away Trump: They buy a piece of land

Ivanka Trump and her husband buy land
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According to the versions of the 12 former White House officials, they indicate that the couple made up of Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner would already be buying land worth more than 30 million dollars in Miami, Florida, where it is expected that they will soon be able to build a Mansion.

“A large part of the reason for the separation is the constant insistence of Trump in the past and his inability to move forward,” were the words of a source close to the Trump family, who affirms that Donald still has not overcome his loss in front of Joe Biden.

Ivanka walks away Trump: blames his son-in-law

Donald Trump's daughter walks away
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After more than seven months of the presidential elections have passed, former President Donald Trump blames the whole world for his defeat, even questioning the work of his daughter Ivanka’s husband, whom he blames for not achieving the Presidency in his re-election last November. It should be remembered that Jared was the Republican’s political advisor.

“Ivanka Trump has also struggled to undo the tangles caused by her years with her father in the White House, while seeking a less complicated life for her family. (She has to) walk a fine line between hugging her father and distancing herself from his electoral lies, ”the family sources say.

Ivanka walks away Trump: Movement on social networks

Ivanka walks away from her father
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Immediately Internet users demonstrated on social networks leaving their different opinion about the departure of Trump and his daughter: “Simply unreal, these people were in the main room where decisions were made for 4 years,” said a user.

“They began to distance themselves in the millisecond that it became apparent that a second term was not in sight. Ivanka is only interested in herself. She learned that from dad “,” You can feel empathy for someone like Ivanka. But since he was constantly deflecting answers to questions about his father with precisely calculated precision, it is obvious that he decided to look the other way for practice. It is fair to hold her responsible for that ”, were other comments.

Ivanka Walks Away Trump: Ivanka Trump’s Fortune

Donald Trump still does not forget
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Previously, it was revealed how much Ivanka Trump’s fortune is and many are curious to know if the young businesswoman has more or less money than the former first lady, Melania Trump. No doubts. They are both powerful women, closely related to the tycoon and former president Donald Trump, so it is difficult to guess which of them may have more.

Her real name is Іvаnа Маrіе Тrumр, but she is known as Іvаnkа, who in addition to being the daughter of Donald Trump, is an American businesswoman, writer and former model. The young woman married Јаrеd Кuѕhnеr in 2009 and they have three children: Аrаbеllа Rоѕе Кuѕhnеr (2011), Тhеоdоrе Јаmеѕ Кuѕhnеr (2013) and Jоѕерh Frеdеrісk Кuѕhnеr (2016). According to an April 2021 update of Wealthy Persons, Ivanka Trump’s fortune amounts to $ 350 million, while Celebrity networth reviewed that her fortune together with her husband is $ 800 million.

How did Ivanka get her fortune?

Donald Trump's daughter
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With business and more business. Ivanka graduated in 2004 as an economist from the University of Pennsylvania. He worked at Forest City Enterprises, but later joined the family business – the Trump Organization. In addition, he created a jewelry line called Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry in partnership with the diamond trading company Dynamic Diamond Corp.

Later, he designed his own line of bags and footwear that were sold in stores such as Macy’s and Hudson’s Bay, which within a few years brought him an income of more than $ 75 million annually. She went on to launch a line of women’s workwear that earned her $ 100 million a year. Archived as Ivanka Walks away Donald Trump

From business to politics

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In 2018 it closed its design lines due to late sales. Ivanka also participated in episodes of the television show “The Apprentice” and has written two books. In January 2017, Ivanka Trump resigned from her position in the Trump Organization. Two months later, she was named “First Daughter and Principal Advisor to the President” and although she did not receive a salary, she was considered a government employee.

For 2019, she launched the “Global Prosperity and Development Initiative for Women”, a project that led her to travel on behalf of the United States to various countries such as Ethiopia, Ivory Coast, Argentina, Colombia, Paraguay and Morocco. Archived as Ivanka Walks away Donald Trump

Melania’s Fortune

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We already mentioned before that according to Wealthy Persons, Ivanka’s fortune amounts to $ 350 millionBut does Ivanka Trump have more money than Melania Trump? According to the same media, the fortune of the former first lady is currently of $ 55 million.

Melania Trump is a model of Slovenian origin. In 2005, she married Donald Trump (the businessman’s third marriage) and that union led her to become first lady of the United States when Trump arrived at the White House. Archived as Ivanka Walks away Donald Trump

How did Melania get her fortune?

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Melania started modeling when she was just 5 years old because her mother worked in a children’s clothing factory. At 16, he began appearing in commercials. He also posed for fashion photographer Stane Jerko. Later, Trump modeled in Paris and Milan until in 1996 he moved to the United States to model in the city of York. He also appeared on various magazine covers such as Vogue, InStyle, Vanity fair Y Glamor.

Trump’s wife has also entered the business world. In 2010, she introduced Melania Timepieces & Jewelry, a jewelry collection with QVC. She also launched the Melania Skin Care Collection, although the makers of her products ended their relationship with her in 2017, generating royalty income of between $ 15,000 and $ 50,000 annually. Filed as Ivanka walks away Donald Trump.

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