It’s your double! Lili Estefan’s son has a birthday and with a photo they discover that he is identical to her (PHOTOS)

Lili Estefan’s son has a birthday and they confirm suspicions that they look a lot alike Lorenzo Jr. appears with his mother, the h...

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  • Lili Estefan’s son has a birthday and they confirm suspicions that they look a lot alike
  • Lorenzo Jr. appears with his mother, the host of El Gordo y La Flaca
  • People send congratulatory messages and are surprised by their resemblance

Lorenzo Jr, son of the host of the El Gordo y La Flaca program, Lili Estefan, birthday and with a photo they confirm suspicions that they look a lot alike.

This was through the account official Instagram of the lanky presenter, who excited reported the celebration of his son.

In a verbatim way, Lili Estefan posted the following message: “My son, the one who changed my life forever! The one that I now miss in the distance, the one that melts me #nationalsonday. Celebrating my champion! Cheers to my champ! Love uuuu so much #MyTwin #DiaNacionalDelHijo ”.

Image taken from Instagram @liliestefan

The postcard also shows the model embracing her son, but she also uploaded other photographs in which it is seen that they are practically identical.

Currently the driver is in the process of divorcing Lorenzo Lauces, since a couple of years ago they announced their separation.

In addition, the host of El Gordo y La Flaca has another daughter, Lina Teresa, who is also very similar to her, so the comparisons did not wait.

Suddenly people began to emphasize the similarity between the two: “Your very handsome son looks a lot like you, blessings, I wanted to say a joke, but I better behave seriously because afterwards your followers lynch me to have a nice night.”

One more person detailed that it is more than a similarity between and wrote: “Your clone Lili, they say that when the boys look so much like their mother, they come out very happy, blessings.”

This comment was joined by another follower: “How beautiful that mom! You are a millionaire in love, it shows in the look of happiness ”.

Given the great resemblance they say that the host of El Gordo and La Flaca, Lili Estefan with her son Lorenzo Jr., people did not stop sending good wishes, but others not so good.

“Children are not forever, because they marry and leave you and you see them from time to time. So find yourself an old man so you don’t spend your old age alone and sad and bitter ”, was the recommendation that someone else made.

“How are you two, Mom &. Sun. Congratulations to you and her “,” two drops of water, identical “,” very cute your son Lili, that is her twin, just like you, blessings, take good care of yourself, a big hug from New York “,” how.

Other people did not stop flattering the face of young Lorenzo Jr. and commented: “Congratulations to your handsome son Lili, may God always bless him”, “that baby has big eyes. What care! , Lili is your clone ”,“ how handsome your son Lili is identical to you, God bless her and make her a good man ”.

Fat and skinny

Image taken from Instagram @liliestefan

However, the comparisons of his resemblance between Lorenzo Jr. son of Lili Estefan and her did not end and people like this made them know.

“How the children are like you Lili. Blessings to all three “,” wow just like you “,” skinny blessings, handsome “,” God always take care of your children “,” beautiful your son Lili, God take care of you and bless you always “, said other followers of the spike host of El Gordo and La Flaca.

But a woman sent a recommendation to the criticism she receives from people: “Don’t pay attention to certain comments, I have the same as you, female and male and this was the best treasure that life gave me, they are married and with children , but I know that I am not alone, they are always looking out for me, not only them, the son-in-law and the daughter-in-law, today I am enjoying a precious old age ”.

“Those children are beautiful and if the boy looks a lot like you”, “Um daddy that is beautiful, with all due respect Lili”, “handsome like his mom, congratulations”, “I like the last photo, where Lili has no makeup and it looks good pretty. This is how I live in love with my daughters ”, said more people.

Image taken from Instagram @liliestefan

But not only does Lili Estefan’s son look like her, but her daughter Lina also bears a great resemblance to the host of El Gordo and La Flaca and then we’ll show you a photo that proves it.

Recently the presenter posted the following message: “The best gift that life gave me! Happy National Daughters Day! Celebrating my princess and the luck of those mothers who are fortunate to have brought a daughter into the world is the most incredible thing that can happen to us! Love uuu so much my little girl @linaluaces what would I do without you “.

Immediately the public commented on the beauty of both and someone wrote: “Beautiful and the most beautiful eyes I have seen, blessings.”

“How beautiful they are, but Lina has exceeded all expectations”, “She is a very beautiful girl. Blessings ”,“ spectacular beauty photography, how beautiful are my precious ladies, my beautiful skinny girl and my pretty little princess, they are both very beautiful, I love them very much, congratulations ”, more people told them when they saw the photograph of both when celebrating one day so special for mother and daughter.

Son Lili Estefan

Image taken from Instagram @liliestefan

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