Italy orders TikTok to block children’s accounts after girl’s death

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Did TikTok cause the death of a girl? The Italian prosecutor’s office has opened a file in which a detailed investigation will be carried out on the motives behind the death of a ten-year-old girl who, they say, died after participating in a ‘challenge’ on said social network.

  • Italian police are investigating the death of a 10-year-old girl, who died allegedly after participating in a challenge on TikTok
  • The ‘Blackout Challenge’, originated in TikTok, could have been the cause of the death of the minor, and the platform is already collaborating with the authorities to find the cause
  • TikTok assures that there is no information on its platform regarding this challenge, but what is a fact is that the minimum age to open an account is 13 years old

Recently, social networks were shocked with the news of the death of a minor from Palermo, Italy, who allegedly died after performing a ‘challenge’ known as the ‘Blackout Challenge’.

Without a doubt, TikTok is one of the most downloaded and successful platforms in the last year.

During the pandemic, the platform has seen an increase in its downloads, although its attractiveness has also caused more and more minors to try to create an account without the supervision of their parents.

On a daily basis, the platform is used to create and consume content, and although the information contained is generally harmless, it can also bring risks for users.

This has happened in Palermo, Italy, where the Italian prosecutor’s office has opened a file to investigate the accidental death of a minor.

Although the minimum age set by TikTok to open an account is 13 years old, a ten-year-old girl from Italy reportedly passed away after participating in a ‘challenge’ known as the ‘Blackout Challenge’, also known as the ‘Blackout Challenge’ .

It was in a Palermo hospital where the girl died after being admitted; it was her five-year-old sister who found her passed out in the bathroom of her house; the challenge in question appears to have been a self-asphyxiation aimed at producing a feeling of euphoria in the brain.

According to the minor’s parents, she did use the social network, but she never showed interest in other activities other than watching videos within the application.

For its part, TikTok has stated that, so far, it has not identified any type of content within its platform that may be related to the death of the minor.

It is not the first time that TikTok has been at the center of controversy; either for its content or for alleged deficiencies in its privacy terms, the social network owned by ByteDance has been accused of being unsafe for its users.

In this regard, a spokesperson stated that “The safety of the TikTok community is our top priority, for this reason we do not allow any content that encourages or promotes behaviors that may be dangerous.”

In the case of the girl who died in Italy, the court has formally filed a lawsuit against TikTok, and among its accusations it stands out the fact that the platform did not provide the necessary security measures for users who are minors .


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TikTok is one of the most downloaded applications, but also one of the most controversial: It has already deleted millions of videos for breach of its rules

TikTok has been trying for some time to verify that its security measures are strong enough to avoid situations that endanger the physical or moral integrity of its users.

In recent months, the social network issued a statement detailing the measures it would apply to prevent inappropriate use of its platform.

TikTok, owned by the Chinese firm ByteDance, was given the task of eliminating around 100 million videos created in its application, only in the first half of 2020.

This was due to the fact that the administrators of TikTok claimed that said videos violated the terms or regulations of the social network; After the removal of the videos, they issued a statement in which they established that: “Of those videos, we found and removed 96.4% of them before a user reported it, and 90.3% were removed before receiving any visits.”

In a transparency report shared by TikTok, among the countries most affected by the measure are

  • India: 37 million 682,924 videos deleted
  • U.S: 9 million 822,996 videos deleted
  • Pakistan: 6 million 454,384 videos deleted
  • Brazil: 5 million 525,783 videos deleted
  • UK: 2 million 949,620 videos deleted

Age regulation continues to be a relevant issue for TikTok, which is once again in the position of creating more drastic measures to prevent the entry of minors under 16 years of age.

Perhaps one of the strongest criticisms that TikTok has received is that every day more minors find on TikTok a means to share videos and interact with people from all over the world, many of whom are unknown to them.

The administrators of the platform have made a promise to continue working to create measures that guarantee the safety of all users, especially those who are minors.

Among the measures that TikTok has mentioned is the option to automatically deactivate all direct messages that arrive in the inbox of all accounts associated with people under 16 years of age.

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