ISIS attacks in Congo and kills 22 people, there are women and children among the victims

ISIS attacks in Congo, there are 22 dead, 13 of them were beheaded. Army confirms that among the victims are women and children. They say...

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  • ISIS attacks in Congo, there are 22 dead, 13 of them were beheaded.
  • Army confirms that among the victims are women and children.
  • They say that several people have been kidnapped.

ISIS attacks in Congo, there are 22 dead, 13 of them were beheaded, among the victims there are women and children at the hands of the Allied Democratic Forces, according to information published by the news portal of Daily Mail.

Violence struck a village near the northeastern city of Beni, and DR Congo authorities have confirmed that minors and women lost their lives in this attack.


ISIS attacks in Congo
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The rescue groups were in the jungle area to be able to recover the bodies of the victims in an area that was difficult to access, but with the collaboration of other bodies, last minute efforts were being maintained to find the dead in Congo. .

The most recent report indicated that there was a presumption that the attack group had forcibly taken a group of villagers, however, it was not clear the number of people who were allegedly kidnapped, but it was clear that in the Congo there were more dead

ISIS Attacks in Congo: TRAGEDY

ISIS attacks in Congo
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It was the rescuers who participated in the area who informed the journalists that at least 13 of the victims were tied up and beheaded by members of the extremist group, during the attack that took place in the village.

In addition, they reported that a four-month-old baby was found alive on the back of one of the victims and is believed to have been orphaned, along with his six brothers and sisters. His mother’s body has yet to be found.

ISIS Attacks in Congo: BACKGROUND

ISIS attacks in Congo
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The attack by the ISIS group comes three weeks after the military made the declaration of martial law in two provinces neighboring Uganda – this includes the one that led to this latest attack – as a forceful response to the increase in violence.

Information about this attack quickly circulated among the media and social networks, and few photographs began to circulate in which some soldiers who arrived in the conflict zone were observed.


ISIS attacks in Congo
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The population of the Democratic Republic of the Congo suffers not only from violence but also from natural phenomena such as the recent explosion of one of its volcanoes, for this reason the authorities have issued a report on what the similar conditions suffered by other countries.

Violence and natural disasters – often triggered or compounded by the impact of climate change – forced people to move within their countries more than 40 million times last year, the highest number in more than a decade, according to An important group that monitors internal displacement in the world said Thursday. Filed Under: ISIS Attacks In Congo


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In its annual report, the Internal Displacement Monitoring Center indicated that 55 million people – a record – were living outside their homes but within their countries at the end of last year, after storms and floods, as well as new and old armed conflicts, will boost figures that have been rising for more than a decade. Some people have moved two or three times.

The Geneva-based center, which is part of the Norwegian Refugee Council NRC, said the number of internally displaced persons was more than double the number of refugees – people fleeing to another country – at the end of the last year. The group cautioned that the numbers likely “significantly underestimate” the phenomenon, as travel restrictions associated with COVID-19 prevented data collection. Filed Under: ISIS Attacks In Congo


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“It is shocking that someone was forced to flee their home within their own country every second of the past year,” said NRC Secretary General Jan Egeland. “We are not protecting the world’s most vulnerable people from conflict and disaster.”

Of those displaced at the end of the year, some 48 million people had fled conflict and violence, while 7 million had escaped catastrophes, the group said, amid conflict situations in Congo. Filed Under: ISIS Attacks In Congo

ISIS Attacks in Congo: WARS

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The body pointed to escalating violence and increased activity by extremist groups in countries like Ethiopia, Mozambique and Burkina Faso last year, and ongoing wars in countries like the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Syria and Afghanistan. He also mentioned the intense storm seasons in the Americas, Asia and the Pacific, and long rainy seasons in the Middle East and sub-Saharan Africa, and said that these weather events had uprooted millions of people.

In all, the highest number of internally displaced people last year was in China, which suffers from regular floods and where the authorities encourage or demand internal displacement to keep people away from floodwaters. The Philippines and Bangladesh followed. More than 5 million people were displaced within China last year. Filed Under: ISIS Attacks In Congo. With information from AP

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