Is another pandemic coming? Three dead in Guinea Ebola outbreak reported

Three dead in Guinea Ebola outbreak reported Five other people tested positive for the disease in the region The ‘impoverished̵...

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  • Three dead in Guinea Ebola outbreak reported
  • Five other people tested positive for the disease in the region
  • The ‘impoverished’ country is also battling the coronavirus pandemic

Guinean authorities confirmed Sunday that at least three people have died of Ebola in the country, the first cases detected there since nations in the region battled an outbreak five years ago, The Associated Press reports.

Another five people tested positive for Ebola in the town of Gueckedou in the south of the country, said Dr. Sakoba Keita, director of the Guinea Health Agency.

Ebola Dead Guinea, outbreak

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Health Minister Remy Lamah told the AP: “I can confirm that it is Ebola, the results say.” The patients were treated for Ebola after showing symptoms of hemorrhagic fever.

Those who came into contact with the sick have been isolated, authorities said. The announcement in Guinea comes a week after the Congo announced the presence of Ebola in its territory, however there is no link between the cases, according to experts.

New Ebola pandemic?

Experts in Guinea say these cases could deal a severe blow to the impoverished nation, which is now grappling with coronavirus pandemic and barely recovering from the previous Ebola outbreak, where it originated and where it killed 2,500 people.

Ebola Dead Guinea, outbreak

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In total, Ebola between 2014 and 2016 killed more than 11,300 people in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

“The resurgence of Ebola is extremely worrying because of the effects it could have on the population, on the economy, on infrastructure,” said the doctor. Krutika Kuppalli, professor of medicine and infectious diseases at the University of South Carolina.

“We are still evaluating the repercussions of the previous outbreak,” said the expert.

In order to contain the outbreak, the government and international health organizations must educate communities about the situation, Kuppalli said.

Strong measures against Ebola reports

According to The Associated Press, all seven positive cases attended a nurse’s funeral in Goueke on February 1 and later showed Ebola symptoms that included fever, diarrhea and vomiting.

The government of that country declared an Ebola epidemic and began to track and isolate suspected cases. He also sent an emergency team to support local teams.


Likewise, it accelerated the purchase of Ebola vaccines from the World Health Organization. “I confirm that it is Ebola. The results prove it, ”Health Minister Remy Lamah told The Associated Press.

Vaccine Emergency Reserve

The origin of the infections is still unknown, and health experts hope that the Ebola vaccine will help to quickly control this outbreak.

Ebola is spread through “direct contact with bodily fluids from someone showing Ebola symptoms or from dead bodies that have tested positive,” notes The Associated Press.

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Last month, the World Health Organization said it is creating an emergency global stockpile of around the Ebola vaccine.

However, only 7,000 doses were available at the time of the announcement.

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Concern outbreak in Congo

The announcement comes as health authorities in the Democratic Republic of the Congo confirmed on Sunday the appearance of a new Ebola outbreak in the east of the country, the fourth in less than three years.

On February 3, a woman died in the city of Butembo, in the North Kivu province, announced the Minister of Health, Eteni Longondo.

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The woman from the nearby town of Biena was ill for a few days and was tested at a local clinic, says The Associated Press.

He then went to a hospital in Butembo, but passed away before he received the results. The government has begun tracking those who came into contact with her in an attempt to “eradicate the epidemic as soon as possible,” Longondo said.

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