IRS confirms who is hardest hit by third check late payments

IRS confirms who is hardest hit by third check late payments The federal agency announced more payments but some could be delayed The Int...

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  • IRS confirms who is hardest hit by third check late payments
  • The federal agency announced more payments but some could be delayed
  • The Internal Revenue Service reported a delay in the delivery date of the check

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) confirmed who is most affected by delays in payments of the third check, while announcing that the aid of $ 1,400 would reach almost 30 million Americans in the coming days. .

About 37 million payments in the second batch of Economic Impact Payments of the American Rescue Plan signed by Joe biden last week they were disbursed by the IRS on March 24, according to the agency revealed in a official statement.

IRS could present delay in delivery of the check

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The IRS announced that the amount of payments disbursed from the American Rescue Plan rose to approximately 127 million payments “for an approximate value of $ 325 billion,” said delivery includes direct deposits, as well as paper checks and debit cards. .

However, Democrats in the House of Representatives have pressured the IRS to release “soon” and without delay the third aid check of up to $ 1,400 to about 30 million people who could be in arrears, according to the newspaper. The opinion.

Trump staff delaying Biden’s check?

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Democratic Representative Bill Pascrell accused Donald Trump-appointed staff of helping nearly 30 million Americans delay the delivery of the check who may have to ‘wait even longer’ to receive their third payment, the Los Angeles newspaper said. .

“We are giving ** 24 hours ** to the heads of the Social Security Administration appointed by Trump to calm down and stop delaying the sending of stimulus checks to 30,000,000 Americans,” the legislator wrote in his account. of Twitter.

They ask Biden to fire the ‘guilty’ of the delay

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“Two Trump appointees are responsible for delaying stimulus payments to nearly 30,000,000 people. I’ve been asking President Biden to fire them both before they destroy Social Security, ”Rep. Bill Pascrell said in a later Tweet.

“The Social Security administrator informed us at 8:48 this morning that they have met our ultimatum to stop preventing 30,000,000 Americans from receiving their encouragement. Let’s do it. No more delays will be tolerated by the IRS and the SSA ”, he adds in another message.

Who else could see a delay on their check?

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The opinion, points out that other people could see a delay in the delivery date of their check, such as “older adults who live in retirement homes, parents with child support problems, who do not declare income tax due to low income. income, estimated at more than 12 million people ”.

In addition, from “families with mixed immigration status, that is, where one of the parents is undocumented, those who live in US territories and some people who do not qualify for a stimulus check, but do for the $ 1,400 per dependent, because they don’t have a job, “says the Los Angeles newspaper.

Second round of payment of the third check


As in the first round of payments, the new batch was sent “primarily to eligible taxpayers who filed 2019 or 2020 returns,” the IRS indicates. In addition, the federal agency announced that Americans who “normally do not file a return, but who successfully used the Non-Filers tool on last year, were sent payments in this batch.”

In total, this second shipment of Joe Biden’s American Rescue Plan checks contemplates approximately 37 million payments “with a total value of almost $ 83 billion,” warns the IRS, which also said they were sent from all three. different forms contemplated for checks.

Will I get any of the checks and EIP cards that were sent?

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The aforementioned second round of payment of the recently approved stimulus, contemplates 15 million checks in paper and 5 million debit cards arriving in the mail to eligible Americans in the coming weeks, while direct deposits could arrive sooner.

“Paper checks and debit cards, known as EIP cards, began processing on Friday, March 19 and will continue to be mailed for the next several weeks,” notes the IRS. However, the agency did not provide details on who would receive these payments.

Third aid check ‘pending’?

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The first checks began to be processed one day after the signing of the American Rescue Plan, last Friday, March 12. Some recipients who received direct deposit assistance viewed the assistance as pending prior to the official March 17 date.

On this occasion, the various payments of the second round began to be processed with the date of March 19, and according to the IRS they would also appear as pending payments until last March 24, the official date of the aid of the second batch of payments for economic impact.

How does the check arrive faster?

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According to the IRS statement, “using direct deposit to issue these payments means they were disbursed noticeably faster than would otherwise be possible,” such as paper checks and EIP cards sent through the mail.

However, some paper checks were also sent during the first batch. “While most of the payments were disbursed by direct deposit, the Treasury mailed approximately 150,000 checks for an approximate value of $ 442 million,” the agency indicates.

SSA beneficiaries could see a delay on their check

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“For federal beneficiaries who did not file a 2019 or 2020 tax return or did not use the Non-Filers tool, the Internal Revenue Service is working directly with the Social Security Administration,” as some may see a number of delays .

The foregoing, according to the agency, “to obtain updated information from 2021 to ensure that automatic and rapid payments are sent to as many people as possible. More information on when these payments will be made will be provided on as soon as it is available. “

How will the paper check arrive?

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The new paper check, shared by the IRS has a similar design to the previous ones, and this time the name of Joe Biden does not appear anywhere, unlike previous rounds where the name of former President Donald Trump appeared.

“Paper checks will arrive in the mail in a white envelope from the United States Department of the Treasury. For those taxpayers who received their tax refund in the mail, this paper check will look similar, “the Internal Revenue Service said in a statement.

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