Iran executes fighter for murder and even Trump asked for clemency

Iranian fighter executed. Authorities executed him for allegedly murdering another man, state television reported. However, in a campaign...

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  • Iranian fighter executed. Authorities executed him for allegedly murdering another man, state television reported.
  • However, in a campaign on social networks it was denounced that Navid Afkari was a victim for participating in protests in 2018 against the theocracy that governs that country
  • Even President Trump asked for clemency in the case

Iranian fighter executed. Iran’s state television reported Saturday that the country’s authorities executed a fighter for allegedly murdering a man.

State television quoted the Chief Justice of the Fars province, Kazem Mousavi, as saying that “the sentence against Navid Afkari, Hassan Turkman’s killer, was carried out this morning at Adelabad prison in Shiraz.”

Afkari’s case drew attention because a social media campaign portrayed him and his siblings as victims of participating in protests against the Iranian Shiite theocracy in 2018. Authorities accused Afkari of stabbing an employee of a water supply company water in the southern city of Shiraz amid unrest.

Last week, Iran released the fighter’s confession on video. The segment resembled hundreds of other allegedly coerced confessions issued in the past decade in the Islamic Republic.

The case revived a lawsuit within the country for Iran to stop using the death penalty.

Even US President Donald Trump asked that the 27-year-old convict’s life be spared. “To the leaders of Iran, I would greatly appreciate it if you would spare the life of this young man and not execute him,” Trump wrote last week on Twitter. “Thank you!”

Iran responded to Trump’s tweet with about 11 minutes of videos about Afkari that included the slain employee’s parents crying; another of Afkari on the back of a motorcycle saying he had stabbed Torkaman in the back without explaining why.

The state television segment showed blurred police documents and described the murder as a “personal dispute,” without elaborating. He indicated that Afkari’s cell phone was in the area and showed surveillance footage of him walking down a street, talking on the phone.

Additionally, the semi-official Tasnim news agency dismissed Trump’s tweet in an article, saying that US sanctions have hurt Iranian hospitals amid the pandemic.

“Trump is concerned about the life of a murderer while endangering the lives of many Iranian patients by imposing severe penalties,” the agency said.

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Former wrestler and actor Stevie Lee dies at 54

The ex-Wrestling fighter and actor of the famous Jackass movie, Stevie Lee, dies and the world of show business and sport is on mourning, according to information on the portal The world.

According to information from the portal, the peculiar character participated in the wrestling with the name of Puppet the Psycho Dwarf.

He actor He passed away last Wednesday at the age of 54, however, it was until this weekend that the information was released.

Stevie Lee dies

Image taken from Twitter @abc_es

So far the causes of death are not known, however, the news has caused a stir in the world of sports and entertainment.

The character he played in the famous movie brought him fame and was one of the favorites of Jackass fans.

Through a communication on GoFundMe, the family released the following letter for their fans: “He was loved by many and has many friends who were like family, fans who adored him.” The fundraising platform has started a campaign to collect funds and ‘give’ Psycho Dwarf ‘the best possible resting place.’

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The Jackass film was a series of practical jokes and even dangerous, since several of its participants suffered some injuries or injuries.

People identified with that film as there were no restrictions on anything and it became very famous among viewers.

On the next page you can see more about the life of Stevie Lee, who dies this Wednesday without knowing the causes.

It was the Imacta Wrestling company that released the sad news that Stevie Lee, Jackass actor and former wrestler of that company, dies.

Through a heartfelt message he wrote the following: “It is with great sadness that we learn of the death of Stevie Lee.”

Suddenly the messages of unity of the followers appeared who did not believe the tragic news that enveloped the struggle and the spectacle in mourning.

“Rest in peace, Stevie. My condolences to his friends and family “,” Throwing a gun at Jeff Jarrett is still one of the funniest segments in the history of TNA, RIP, “” Enough 2020 please. Rest in peace Stevie Lee ”, were other expressions of the people before the tragedy.

Some more commented, “Damn! first Barry and now Stevie… How horrible this year 2020 is being! RIP Stevie, “” made the asylum days hard. It really stood out. Reaper doesn’t take down another TNA star. Give it a break, ”more people said.

On the next page we will share more people’s reactions to the news that Stevie Lee died last Wednesday.

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