Mitzy Navarro, the La Unión girlfriend, is investigated for visits from alleged drug lords

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Mitzy Navarro, the La Unión girlfriend, is investigated for visits from alleged drug lords
  • The narco girlfriend of La Union is being investigated.
  • Mitzy Navarro has been arrested for the visit of alleged drug lords.
  • Mitzy was captured by members of the Mexico City Security Secretariat (SSCCDMX).

One of the drug brides of La Union, a recognized criminal group, has been detained because different cameras recorded the visits that alleged drug lords paid her. It is Mitzy Navarro, who is known as the girlfriend of a recognized criminal who is wanted by the authorities.


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Through social networks, pictures of the woman being captured by authorities are circulating thanks to the recordings from different security cameras, where she was seen hanging out with different drug traffickers. It is worth mentioning that the member of La Union Brides is a celebrity on social networks.

They investigate one of the Union’s Narcos Brides

Mitzy narco girlfriend union

Mitzi or Mitzy Navarro as she is known, 26 years old, was identified as the girlfriend of the current leader of La Unión Tepito, known as Eduardo Ramírez Tiburcio “El Chori”, one of the most wanted drug traffickers in Mexico City and who is also engaged in criminal activities such as drug sales and other crimes for which he is being investigated.

It may be that the alleged infidelity of the criminal ended up betraying her of her forbidden businesses, since thanks to the fact that she was seen with other subjects who are presumed to be drug traffickers, where the subjects give her gifts and caress her body was the proof they needed to capture it, depending on The opinion.

Mitzy narco girlfriend union: They gave him ‘gifts’

Mitzy narco girlfriend union: They gave him 'gifts'

In her social network profile Mitzy Navarro shared different images where she boasted of her luxurious gifts that were given to her by both her boyfriend better known as “El Chori” and the other subjects in which she was surprised by the security cameras receiving gifts from them in the middle of the street .

It is worth mentioning that one of her great aptitudes in addition to her beauty is her spectacular figure, which made hundreds of users fall in love with her social networks on both Instagram and Twitter. Even the lavish gifts included a late-model car, designer clothes, and lots of jewelry that she constantly flaunted.

Mitzy narco girlfriend union: They are already investigating their “boyfriends”

Mitzy narco girlfriend union: They are already investigating "a couple"

The journalist Carlos Jiménez shared on his account Twitter the photographs where the female member of the Union Brides is seen with other subjects receiving different gifts from her. They were even caught caressing the body of the criminal in the middle of the public thoroughfare, while she turned around.

“THEY INVESTIGATE THE GIRLFRIENDS of LA MITZY In a Porsche, in luxury trucks, armed, with drugs … This is how these subjects came to visit the girlfriend of El Chori de La Unión. They took her shopping, to parties … Agents of @SSC_CDMX they caught her there. They are being tracked, ”the reporter wrote in his tweet.

Mitzy narco girlfriend union: Netizen reaction

Mitzy narco girlfriend union: Netizen reaction

Immediately the Internet users were present in the comments to give their opinion on the matter, where many want the whole truth to come out about with whom Mitzy Navarro has been related and also criticized the place where he lived: “Well, it was cheap… he lived in a filthy neighborhood “,” They wear Gucci, but they live in a hovel, pajamas of street markets and blankets a blanket of a village fair, “said some users.

“Why don’t you show photos of politicians and artists who also threw it at him or are you scared?” I think he will visit a magical town… yes, one of those magical towns where people disappear in a barrel of diesel. I think they call the method “Pozole”, were some comments.

Mitzy Narco Girlfriend Union: Her Capture

Your catch
Photo Twitter

Previously, capital police agents arrested Mitzi Yunuen, alias “La Mitzi”, girlfriend of “El Chori”, current leader of La Unión de Tepito, on Friday night, according to information published by the El Universal news agency and the portal of Blog del Narco.

The arrest stemmed from a warrant for search which was granted by the control judge Héctor Fernando Rojas as part of the folder CI-FIDN / AOP / UI-3 C / D / 00244 / 09-2021, where the activities criminal from “La Mitzi” at his home located on the Cuernavaca Railroad in the Héroes de Padierna neighborhood, Magdalena Contreras, he is linked to El Chori.

They take their mom

The Chori
Photo Twitter

Inside the home, Mitzi was accompanied by her mother Laura B, who was also arrested and transferred with her daughter to the drug dealing prosecutor’s office to be part of the investigation against her daughter for the resulting crimes.

This is a detention closer to the criminal activities of “El Chori”, one of the criminals most wanted by the capital authorities, considered as a generator of violence. Filed Under: Union Tepito Girlfriend

They enjoy wealth

They take their mom
Photo Twitter

The detainee was also romantically related to “El Pozoles”, another member of the crime cell of La Unión de Tepito, and it is speculated that even the leaders of that group ‘pass’ on to couples, according to what was published in the Narco Blog.

In the same portal it is said that those who are girlfriends of the members of that criminal group, usually enjoy the money their men obtain, allegedly the product of drug sales, extortion, vehicle theft, kidnapping, among other crimes. El Chori’s girlfriend is incarcerated, according to the Narco Blog. WARNING, STRONG IMAGES, to see video click here. Filed Under: Mitzy Narco Girlfriend Union

The most wanted

The most wanted
Photo Twitter

However, despite having money and wearing expensive clothes and in luxury cars, some of them have even paid for that lifestyle with their lives and recently there was news of an attack against one of them and as far as is known, he allegedly fled the country.

Currently, says the Blog del Narco, La Unión de Tepito is one of the most violent groups in that area of ​​Mexico and its leaders are among the most sought after by the authorities due to the amount of crimes in which they participate against the citizenship. Filed Under: Mitzy Narco Girlfriend Union


Photo File

In addition to being the leader of that criminal group, the authorities have considered him one of the generators of violence that impacts the most in the area, which is why they seek to find him and for now they have already found his girlfriend.

So far the process of her case is unknown, but in a few days they could announce whether the legal action for a trial is appropriate, it is also unknown if they released their mother or is still detained together with her. Filed Under: Mitzy Narco Girlfriend Union

They tried to kill another ‘girlfriend’

El Chori Blog del Narco
Photo Twitter

Just a few days ago it was announced that Kareen Elizabet, better known as La Cubana, and as one of the girlfriends of La Unión, was shot in Mexico, is an alleged member of that criminal group, according to information replicated by the portal of news from El Imparcial that he obtained from a tweet from journalist Carlos Jiménez.

In a verbatim way, the reporter wrote the following: “THEY TRY TO KILL ANOTHER BRIDE OF THE UNION
It is Karen with the missing Karina, and with the murdered Valeria. She was the last girlfriend of El Betito in the Reclusorio Oriente. A few days ago she was shot but she survived. Another case to the file d @ FiscaliaCDMX ”. Filed Under: Mitzy Narco Girlfriend Union




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