CURIOUS: Injured woman receives $10 million from Walmart

April Jones won a lawsuit against Walmart. She was injured while shopping at a Walmart store. She received 10 million after stepping on a...

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  • April Jones won a lawsuit against Walmart.
  • She was injured while shopping at a Walmart store.
  • She received 10 million after stepping on a nail.

A woman received money from Walmart. Very curious things can happen in a store, from finding very strange things in products, like insects in vegetables, fruits, and other groceries, to getting injured in the store by accident. One such case in Southern California legally involved a Walmart store.

A woman was shopping like any other person. She walked through the aisles calmly, with no idea that she would have an accident that would lead her to take legal action against the company. She sued Walmart because she had injured her foot after stepping on a rusty nail.

The woman was paid $10 million because of the accident

Woman receives money Walmart
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April Jones sued Walmart after she was injured shopping on a main aisle of one of Walmart’s stores in Florence, South Carolina, in June 2015. She received $10 million after winning the lawsuit. Jones had to undergo multiple surgeries and eventually had her leg amputated as a result of a rusty nail infection, according to information the jury received during a five-day trial.

April initially had to have the second toe of her right foot amputated before three more toes were removed, after which doctors had to remove the rest of her leg above the knee because the infection was gradually spreading.

Jury deliberation took about an hour

Woman receives money Walmart
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The People en Español magazine stated that the members of the jury deliberated for an hour and a half after hearing the evidence presented throughout a five-day trial. According to Jones’ lawyers, the key to victory was that Walmart failed to present a video demonstrating that its local employees have followed the company’s protocol of “sweeping regularly” to ensure safety.

Thanks to the jury’s decision, the woman will be able to customize her home and make it accessible for the disabled. It will allow her to purchase a prosthetic leg. The lady has been in a wheelchair for the past six years and has had to rely on her adult children, her lawyers said.

Walmart expert testified in April Jones case

Woman receives money Walmart
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One of the experts from the commercial store came to its defense, arguing that the infection had occurred due to Mrs. Jones’ already infected toenail. The fact is that her nail became infected the moment the rusty nail entered her foot.

It was a completely unfortunate event. Who could imagine that a common shopping day would result in a tragic event like this? For Mrs. Jones, it was a day like any other. Unfortunately her grocery run left her with only one of her lower limbs.

The situation that changed the life of April Jones

The situation that marked the life of April Jones
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Without a doubt, April’s life has changed since that event. Now she is in a wheelchair all because of carelessness in the commercial store. The good news is that there is a way for her to walk again. It is only a matter of time before April Jones can get a prosthetic leg.

That one nail shows that there is carelessness on the part of the company for not complying with the cleaning and security measures that they offer to their clients. A common day turned into one full of terror. As a result of the incident, the poor woman underwent many surgeries to try to save her limb, which were unsuccessful. She ended up losing her leg. However, the saddest thing is that Walmart did not want to take responsibility and tried to avoid it, but still lost the lawsuit.

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