Nenobia Washington, famous US influencer, dies at 38 (PHOTO)

Famous influencer dies at 38. It’s Nenobia Washington. The causes of her death are unknown. She died outside her home. The unfortun...

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  • Famous influencer dies at 38.
  • It’s Nenobia Washington.
  • The causes of her death are unknown.

She died outside her home. The unfortunate death at age 38 of the influencer, known as ‘The Queen of Brooklyn”, was recently announced. The cause of her death are not yet known, but followers, family and friends are already saying goodbye to the woman, stating that, “Her funny and bright spirit will live on forever.”

On November 3, the death of the 38-year-old influencer Nenobia Washington was announced.  She was known to her thousands of followers as ‘The Queen of Brooklyn’, according to People, the cause of her death is still unknown, but there is much mystery surrounding her unfortunate demise.

The death of a famous US influencer is announced

The death of famous influencer in the United States is announced
PHOTO: Twitter

According to People, a spokeswoman for the New York police, Annette Shelton, released a statement saying that her department had received a call last Saturday at around 7:40 pm, asking for their presence in the Hamilton Heights neighborhood, in Manhattan.

It was there that the unconscious influencer was discovered in front of her building. Emergency Medical Services was immediately called and they transported her to St. Lukas Hospital where a the 38-year-old woman was pronounced dead. At the moment the causes of her death are still unknown.

The influencer was 38 when she passed away in New York

She was 38 when the influencer passed away in New York
PHOTO: Twitter

Faced with this tragic death, her son’s father, David Jackson, stated that the influencer Nenobia Washington, known as ‘The Queen of Brooklyn’, brought happiness to many. He added that he would do everything in his power to make sure that she is properly put to rest: “Nenobia brought happiness to people. She was loved by many, so we will do our best for her.”

David Jackson also reported that he started a GoFundMe, so that they can receive donations for the e 38-year-old influencer’s funeral and for the care of her child, whose name and age were not revealed. However, everything seems to indicate that the little one will stay with his father.

She became famous thanks to several controversies, involving statements about Islamist terrorists

It became famous thanks to several controversies, which involve Islamist terrorists; His death is announced at the age of 38 in the United States
PHOTO: Twitter

People reports that Nenobia Washington, known as ‘The Queen of Brooklyn’, gained popularity on social media for the funny posts she always shared. They quickly won the hearts of her numerous loyal followers.

However, it was not until 2015 that she truly went viral after HotNewHipHop posted a controversial video of the influencer, in which she talked about rapper and husband of Beyoncé JAY-Z, Hilary Clinton and ISIS. After that she had kept a “low” profile.

Followers dismayed at the tragic death of US influencer

Followers dismayed at the terrible death of influencer in the United States
PHOTO: Twitter

Faced with the tragic death of the 38-year-old American influencer, Nenobia Washington, also known as ‘The Queen of Brooklyn’, many of her loyal followers mourned her passing. They stated that she was an extremely funny woman and that they will undoubtedly miss her very much:

“Rest in peace Nenobia, also known as ‘Queen of Brooklyn’, we will all miss you. Her fun and bright spirit will live forever”, “I love this woman so much, I remember constantly sharing her memes on my main account and from there I managed a reaction page to her memes (…) This account will remain active to remember this queen”, commented several followers on social media.

Her mother demands justice! Prosecutors share video of murdered influencer Bianca Davis’ death

PHOTO: Shutterstock

Before the 38-year-old influencer known as the ‘Queen of Brooklyn’s’ death was announced, in 2019, the case of Bianca Devins, a young woman who gained fame through her YouTube channel, was announced. She posted content that encouraged her young followers, and everything was going great until one day when she was leaving a concert, the young woman met a person she trusted, who ended up destroying her life, her dreams and her future.

Brandon Clark, who turned 21 that year, murdered Bianca, 17, in cold blood. And that was not enough for him, the young man also made a video of the exact moment in which he committed the vile act, and later he photographed himself with the girl, posting the photographs online where they were quickly reproduced and ultimately led to his capture. Two years later, the Devins family went back to trial, demanding justice. Filed Under: The death of famous influencer at age 38 in the United States is announced

It was the prosecution who distributed the videos

PHOTO: Twitter

According to the New York Post, Bianca Devins’ family is returning to court to seek justice, after the news came out that it was the upstate New York district attorney’s office who actually distributed child pornography. They leaked video of the young girl having sex as well as the video of her murder, to the press. The family is suing them for violating federal law.

This case resurfaced two years after the terrible crime was committed. Brandon Clark was found guilty of the murder of the influencer. Initially, the family had asked the authorities in charge of the case not to make the video of Bianca’s murder public, but the people in charge of holding the evidence did not comply and ended up distributing the material.

What her mother fears

PHOTO: Twitter

The lawyers for Kimberly Devins, mother of the murdered young influencer, said that they had an agreement with the prosecutors that the evidence obtained in the first trial after Bianca’s death would never be shown. This was one of the family’s greatest fears. Years later this fear was realized when she learned of violation of her daughter’s privacy.

It was the New York Post, who reported that Bianca’s lawyers stated that: “Two Oneida prosecutors assured the mother that the videos would never be published, but to her horror, she later discovered that the office had shared them with CBS 48 Hours, A&E, a Clark confidant with a popular YouTube channel and possibly MTV and Peacock TV.” Filed Under: The death of famous influencer at age 38 in the United States is announced

The lawsuit

PHOTO: Shutterstock

At the time of the lawsuit, the names of the people who disseminated the images and videos that were given to the press were announced. Kimberly Devins’ lawyers then released a statement to the media expressing what a difficult time she was having.

“When confronted, Assistant District Attorneys Sarah DeMellier and Michael Nolan admitted that the district attorney’s office had shared the content,” said attorneys for Bianca’s family. “Kimberly was devastated that the video of the murder and the sex video of her daughter had been published.” Filed Under: The death of famous influencer at age 38 in the United States is announced

“Her worst nightmare”

PHOTO: Instagram

After the death of the 17-year-old influencer, then living through the trial against her murderer and mourning the loss, the family did not believe that anything worse could happen. But they learned it could get worse when it was discovered that the prosecutor had distributed the video of Bianca’s death, her naked pictures, as well as the video of the victim having sex. They told the Post that this was their worst nightmare.

“Our family is forced to experience violence over and over again on social media because of what the murderer posted. It is unbearable that those who were supposed to protect Bianca, the district attorney’s office, were engaging in child pornography as if she had no right to privacy,” Devins’s mother told the New York Post, in response to the lawsuit.

They refused to let her family see the evidence

PHOTO: Instagram

According to the New York Post, after speaking with Bianca’s mother, they said that she was extremely upset because the prosecutor’s office has prohibited her from seeing the last live videos of her daughter and also the evidence that had been collected around the trial. But that didn’t stop them from letting the media get that evidence.

“The district attorney’s office has been reckless and casual with those who provide the private images and the last moments of my daughter’s life; meanwhile, they refuse to allow their own family to see the evidence,” said the mother of the deceased influencer to the media, after filing the lawsuit. Filed Under: The death of famous influencer at age 38 in the United States is announced

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