Indonesia death toll from floods rises to 126

  • Floods in Indonesia. Death toll from mudslides and floods in the east of the country rises to 126 and dozens are missing
  • The most affected district was the Flores Oriental district, on the island of Adonara, where 67 bodies have been recovered so far and six people are missing.
  • Sunday’s landslide surprised people in their sleep. Some were swept away by flood waters after night rains overflowed rivers

Floods in Indonesia. The death toll from mudslides and floods in eastern Indonesia rose to 126 on Wednesday, and dozens of people remain missing, authorities said on Wednesday as rain continued to fall in the region and hindered search efforts, AP reported.

The most affected district was the Flores Oriental district, on the island of Adonara, where 67 bodies have been recovered so far and six people are still missing. Sunday’s landslide surprised people in their sleep. Some were washed away by flood waters after the night rains overflowed the rivers.

floods in Indonesia

On the nearby island of Lembata, downpours from Cyclone Seroja triggered an avalanche of solidified lava from a volcanic eruption in November, which struck more than a dozen towns. At least 28 people died and 44 were unaccounted for, according to the National Disaster Relief Agency.

Hundreds of policemen, soldiers and neighbors dug into the remains with their bare hands, shovels and hoes looking for those who had been buried.

Deaths, damages and displacement

floods in Indonesia

In total, landslides and floods have caused at least 126 deaths on several Indonesian islands and another 27 in neighboring East Timor. Thousands of homes have been damaged and thousands of people were displaced by bad weather, which was expected to continue until at least Friday, as the storm moved south towards Australia.

Rescue efforts were complicated by the rain and the remoteness of the affected areas, with bridges and roads damaged in many places.

Help Deployment

floods in Indonesia

The deployment of rescuers with bulldozers and tons of food and medicine from the city of Makassar, in Sulawesi sila, was hampered by the lack of maritime transport. The head of the National Agency for Disaster Relief, Doni Monardo, asked the private sector to help with relief efforts.

Three helicopters began arriving in isolated areas of the islands on Tuesday, and President Joko Widodo held a government meeting in Jakarta to speed up the operation.

Helicopters and hospital ship

floods in Indonesia

Three more helicopters with relief supplies and rescue personnel arrived on Wednesday, and a hospital ship with more supplies was expected to arrive on Friday to attend the overwhelmed local clinics, said Raditya Jati, a spokesman for the disaster agency.

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Collision between truck and bus leaves 11 dead

Image taken from Shutterstock

Eleven people were killed and 19 people were injured after a collision between a truck and a passenger bus early Sunday morning in eastern China, authorities reported. The injured people were sent to the hospital, according to AP.

The accident occurred around 1 a.m. (local time) in eastern Jiangsu province, when the truck crossed the central area that divided the highway and collided with a bus traveling in the opposite direction, which overturned due to the large impact.

Video shared on social networks recorded the chaotic clash in China

Shock in China
Click on the image to see the VIDEO. Clash in China between truck and bus leaves 11 dead and 19 injured. Photo: Twitter

Two other trucks behind the bus rolled over in an attempt to avoid the accident, according to a statement from the traffic management office of the Chinese Ministry of Public Security, which was investigating the accident. Videos posted on social media recorded the chaotic scene.

The bus was traveling between Shanghai and Jiangsu, according to the official Xinhua news agency. When the fatal Crash in China occurred, the truck was not overloaded. Authorities are carrying out an additional investigation in this regard, according to the media Zee5.

The deadly accident mourns a national holiday

Shock in China
Clash in China between truck and bus leaves 11 dead and 19 injured. Photo: YouTube

Speeding, dangerous overtaking, poor vehicle maintenance and driver fatigue are the most common causes of traffic accidents in China. In 2019, almost 248,000 traffic accidents were registered, with almost 63,000 deaths, according to the National Statistics Office.

The deadly traffic accident mourns a national holiday. On Sunday the annual Qingming festival is celebrated (in Spanish, translated as “that sweeps graves”), a day in which the Chinese visit the graves of their relatives and leave offerings in remembrance.

Train-truck collision kills at least 48 in Taiwan

China truck-bus collision leaves 11 dead, 19 injured

At least 48 people were killed and dozens more injured on Friday when a passenger train derailed after crashing into a truck that had fallen onto the track and several wagons derailed at the exit of a tunnel on Taiwan’s east coast, the agency said. local police. With the train still partially inside a tunnel, the survivors exited through the windows and walked along the roof of the train to safety after the fateful accident.

Hualien authorities indicated that the rescue operation was continuing. The incident occurred near Toroko National Park around 9 a.m. on the first day of a long holiday weekend when many people were boarding trains on Taiwan’s sprawling rail system. On board the train were more than 400 passengers, according to local media.

Train in Taiwan derails, kills at least 48

China truck-bus collision leaves 11 dead, 19 injured

The National Fire Service confirmed the number of dead, which included the young and newly married train conductor, and said everyone on board had already been accounted for. More than 100 people were injured, he said. Railroad news officer Weng Hui-ping called the accident the deadliest rail disaster in Taiwan.

Weng said that a construction truck operated by the railway administration rushed off a cliff and fell onto the tracks, the train crashing into it at the exit of a tunnel. No one was in the truck at the time. The official said the speed at which the train was going was unknown.

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