Before confirming his divorce from Chiquis, Lorenzo Méndez sends a strong message and regrets it (PHOTOS)

Before confirming the divorce with Chiquis Rivera, the singer Lorenzo Méndez had published an ‘indirect’ The message was dele...

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  • Before confirming the divorce with Chiquis Rivera, the singer Lorenzo Méndez had published an ‘indirect’
  • The message was deleted on Twitter by the now ex of Chiquis Rivera, did you regret it?
  • Finally, he broke the silence about separation in an unexpected way

Lorenzo Méndez would have published a message on his account Twitter that it would be perfectly with what his now ex-partner Chiquis Rivera would confirm a few hours later: their separation and imminent divorce.

After saying and telling about assumptions infidelities and problems with addictions, this day, Chiquis Rivera announced the final separation from her partner Lorenzo Méndez, leaving the divorce as imminent.

A year and two months after married, the couple went through scandals with Claudia Galván, former Lorenzo Méndez, for criticism that the singer was a ‘maintained’, ‘unfaithful’ and other things that Jenni Rivera’s daughter never confirmed.

On September 17, Chiquis Rivera announced that the separation is by mutual agreement after trying several times to make her marriage work before making the drastic decision.

And although it was Jenni Rivera’s daughter who made the announcement of the imminent divorce, Lorenzo Méndez would have advanced with a message on his Twitter account.

“Do you want to know who values ​​and respects you? See how he treats you after he no longer needs you ”, was the text that Lorenzo Méndez wrote on Twitter hours before Chiquis Rivera confirmed their separation.

People commented: “The truth is, I don’t know what Chiquis looked at Lorenzo,” “Chiquis endured a lot with her toxic ex relationship. I was her since the first scandal your ex sent you to the girl in slippers, first fix your past and then come find a new relationship ”,“ I think, she doesn’t love him. He looks more in love. And his comment seems to be hurt or disappointed “,” Well, I think he no longer contributed anything to the house and has already hindered Chiquis because since he left the band he no longer hit the same. “

But in a surprising way, after the confirmation of their separation and imminent divorce, Lorenzo Méndez broke the silence in the least expected way.

On the next page, we show you what happened.

Lorenzo Méndez divorce Chiquis Rivera (Instagram)

Lorenzo Méndez divorce Chiquis Rivera (Instagram)

While everyone was shocked with the unexpected news of the announcement of the separation of Chiquis Rivera and Lorenzo Méndez, the singer had to respond to the comments of his message on Twitter where he apparently sent a hint to a former bandmate and not to her now ex-partner, because people were associating her words with the difficult moment she is going through.

In his most recent post, Lorenzo Méndez wrote: “The last tweet I deleted is not about my wife. Please do not tie knives, love and respect always, “he posted on Twitter.

However, journalist Javier Ceriani on his Instagram began to speculate whether he had regretted those words because they were really for Jenni Rivera’s daughter:

“Ave Maria!! Damn Networks !!! What Does My Mom Say That Always Doesn’t • LORENZO MENDEZ RETRACTS AFTER HIS INDIRECT TO CHIQUIS! ”, The Argentine journalist began.

And he continued: “After #ChiquisRivera will reveal this morning that his relationship with #LorenzoMendez had ended and Lorenzo will launch a hint with a first and last name on his #twitter account now he retracts and publishes this message assuring that the #tweet was not directed to #Chiquis and it should be noted that he still calls her “My Wife” in addition to having erased the evidence. Could it be that Chiquis bothered to leave her as the bad guy in the story? ”, He concluded.

The comments for Lorenzo on that Instagram account appeared: “The worst thing that could happen to you is having been Chiquis’s boyfriend and going through scandals and she thought that you were going to keep her, if Lorenzo is a wasteful of money”, “The Maintained is an asshole and Chiquis keeping him how quickly love is over ”,“ Ridiculous clowns the two of them ”,“ I put it .. the Chiquis! That’s why she deleted it ”,“ Aha, we believe her ”,“ Pure pe… ”,“ Circus. Show. Advertising. To me neither was nor fa that lady ”.

And what do you think, the message was for Chiquis Rivera or not?

Lorenzo Méndez divorce Chiquis Rivera (Instagram)

Lorenzo Méndez divorce Chiquis Rivera (Instagram)

After a year of marriage, living a temporary separation in quarantine due to the pandemic and getting back together, Chiquis Rivera, daughter of Jenni Rivera announces her divorce and / or final separation from Lorenzo Méndez whom she married in June of 2019.

After various rumors that they assured in the separation months ago, that Jenni Rivera’s daughter was tired of ‘keeping’ her husband Lorenzo Méndez, who would have problems with alcohol, their final separation is finally announced.

Through his Instagram account, where he posted a very smiling photograph with Lorenzo Méndez who wears a white mask, Chiquis Rivera wrote a long text that begins like this:

“With a heavy heart… he informed you through this medium that Lorenzo and I have decided to separate. It was a mutual and difficult decision, but necessary. NO, this is not something I’m publishing to cause controversy or “publicity”, far from it, “he said.

The announcement was for the people who support them: “This is our private life that we have decided to share with you these last 4 years, and for that reason I feel the need to let you know.”

Jenni Rivera’s daughter demanded respect for her privacy: “We are extremely grateful for the support and love that you have given us, but I ask for your privacy at this time.”

Chiquis Rivera dropped the bomb without giving more details and was clear in saying that she would not give interviews: “I am not going to give interviews on this subject, much less give details, so I ask my friends in the middle, with all my heart, what please respect that ”.

Although there was always speculation that they did not love each other, it was a relationship show and they were labeled ridiculous, to avoid such comments, Chiquis Rivera disabled the messages in her publication.

In a recent interview, Lorenzo Méndez had said that addictions had caused the relationship to deteriorate.

Chiquis Rivera, daughter of Jenni Rivera announces divorce from Lorenzo Méndez (Instagram)

Chiquis Rivera, daughter of Jenni Rivera announces divorce from Lorenzo Méndez (Instagram)

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