India jobs cut after TikTok ban

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India jobs cut after TikTok ban
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It was last June when TikTok suffered one of its hardest blows in Asian territory, when the download of the app was prohibited in that country.

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Today, TikTok has made a drastic decision that casts doubt on the company’s permanence in the country: a job cut and a reduced number of its work teams suggest that the outlook is not encouraging for the return of one of the applications most downloaded all over the world.

  • TikTok has made the drastic decision to downsize its India-based staff
  • This, because the application has been banned by the government of that country, which last June decided to block the download of TikTok, alleging security reasons
  • TikTok is just one of the more than one hundred Chinese applications banned in India: What will the future of the company be in the Asian country?

Recently, it was announced that ByteDance, the company that owns the TikTok application, has decided to reduce the number of employees on its work teams in India, months after the application was banned by the government of that country.

Undoubtedly, this decision represented a significant impact on the interests of TikTok, since the India It is one of the markets that reported the highest number of downloads in recent months.

Just last June, the Indian authorities blocked 59 applications of Chinese origin, claiming that they were “involved in activities harmful to the sovereignty and integrity, defense and state security of India, as well as to public order.”

Since then, the ban has not been lifted, which has led ByteDance to reduce its employee base in the Asian country.

According to a statement issued by TikTok, “We have worked hard to comply with the order issued in June by the government, even though we disagree with it. Given the lack of response from the government on how to solve this problem in the past seven months, it is with great sadness that we have decided to reduce our workforce in India. “

Vanesa Pappas, Acting Director of TikTok, told reporters that “We have worked tirelessly to avoid firing anyone from the company. However, we cannot keep the same number of employees while our applications are inoperative. “

Pappas assured that, so far, they do not know when or if TikTok will operate in the country again, although they trust that it will be possible to reach an agreement in the future.

The decision, although drastic, does not represent a risk for TikTok’s interests in other countries, as Pappas confirmed that “prospects in other countries continue to be strong; these issues are unique to the political changes in India. “

In total, India has blocked 168 apps, and the next step may well be a total and permanent ban on them.

One of the reasons behind this ban is that the authorities considered that TikTok was the consequence of a political tension with China due to a territorial dispute between the border of both countries, which caused the death of at least 20 Indian soldiers.

In this regard, Ji Rong, spokesman for the Indian embassy in China, emphasized that the authorities’ decisions to ban the applications represent a discriminatory act that goes against the principles of fair competition in the economy.

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TikTok, in trouble in Asia and Europe for different reasons: A girl dies in Palermo, Italy and the app is accused of being dangerous for minors

TikTok continues to be one of the most downloaded applications, but also one of the most controversial.

Although in some countries the application is seen as a danger to the interests and privacy of users and the government, TikTok has also been in the midst of controversy by being blamed, on this occasion, for the death of a minor in Palermo, Italy.

The girl in question allegedly died as a result of a ‘challenge’ known as a ‘Blackout Challenge’.

Thus, the Italian prosecution has decided to open a file to get to the bottom of the causes that led to the fainting and subsequent death of the minor.

According to relatives, the girl was taken to a Palermo hospital, where she was admitted after her five-year-old sister found her passed out at home.

The minor is believed to have participated in a ‘challenge’ that motivates users to self-suffocate to produce a feeling of euphoria in the brain.

In this regard, TikTok has declared that it is unaware of the existence of any type of content within its platform related to said challenge, thus dissociating itself from the death of the minor.

The incident once again places the platform at the center of an important discussion regarding the content that is produced on it, as well as the alleged deficiencies in its privacy conditions.

On various occasions, TikTok and ByteDance have been accused of being unsafe for their users, which led a company spokesperson to testify to the media that: “The safety of the TikTok community is our top priority, for this reason we do not allow any content that encourages or promotes behaviors that may be dangerous.”

In the case of the girl who died in Italy, the court has formally filed a lawsuit against TikTok, and among its accusations it stands out the fact that the platform did not provide the necessary security measures for users who are minors .

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