India: Elderly man rescued from freezer after apparent death

India: Elderly man rescued from freezer after apparent death His brother is accused of leaving him there His remains were expected to be ...

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  • India: Elderly man rescued from freezer after apparent death
  • His brother is accused of leaving him there
  • His remains were expected to be preserved but the man is still alive

India: Elderly man was rescued from freezer after his apparent death. In the video you can see Balasubramaniya Kumar, a 74-year-old man, in a cold room with a transparent area, he was taken out when they saw him move.

According to New York Post, 74-year-old Balasubramaniya Kumar was placed in the freezer because he was thought to have died.

The above in order to preserve his remains for a series of rituals, after his brother thought he was dead. The events occurred in the Indian City of Kandhampatti.

However, 24 hours later, a worker from the freezer company went to the man, and noticed that his hands were “shaking.”

Old man rescued freezer Balasubramaniya Kumar

PHOTO: YouTube by NDTV

In the video that has been viralized in India, it is seen as a second person asks about the state of Kumar. This second person was later identified as the brother of the old man found alive in the cold room.

“His soul has not left him yet,” said Saravanan, Kumar’s brother, referring to his brother’s state of health, and attributing these movements to “seizures,” according to the New York Post newspaper.

He was then immediately transferred to a hospital in the Indian city of Salem, and according to the New York Post he was responding to treatment, said Dr. R Balajnathan.

Saravanan, the 70-year-old brother of Balasubramaniya is being accused of negligence and putting his brother’s life at risk according to the newspaper Times Of India. TO WATCH THE VIDEO CLICK HERE.

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Kumar had been bedridden for two months due to the complications of his advanced age.

According to the media, the man had been in bed for several days and was very ill. One day his relatives noticed that he was no longer moving and therefore they thought he was dead.

The day they thought he was dead, the family ordered a special refrigerated box and placed Kumar in it so they could preserve him until he was fired. But one day an employee saw him move and that’s when they realized he was alive.

Family members could not believe that after spending about 20 hours in the freezer, the man was still breathing.

According to Times Of India, Saravanan, the 70-year-old brother was not arrested. The New York Times noted that the brother could be affected by mental illness.

Also according to Times Of India, Balasubramaniya Kumar, the old man rescued from the freezer in India, had retired 15 years ago.

Old man rescued freezer India

PHOTO: YouTube by NDTV

His wife, named Usha, passed away two years ago due to age, and Kumar did not have children, so he moved in with his brother Saravanan.

According to the New Indian Express Also living with them was the daughter of their sister named Geetha.

It was Geetha and Saravanan who cared for Balasubramaniya Kumar, however Geetha fell ill and was transferred to a private hospital in Coimbatore, according to the New Indian Express.

At the same time, Saravanan asked the company for the freezer, which left it at his house on Monday night and said they would pick it up the next day.

The 70-year-old brother informed his family about the alleged passing of 74-year-old Kumar. However, when the relatives arrived at the house, they noticed movements inside the freezer.

It appears that it was their family who made the news to the Suramangalam police and later came to Kumar’s rescue.

The hospital has also indicated that Balasubramaniya Kumar’s condition is extremely critical.

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An elderly Hispanic man who was brutally beaten.

An elderly Hispanic man who was brutally beaten and robbed in the bathroom of a grocery store in Los Angeles County, amid a wave of attacks on street vendors and seniors, died Wednesday, according to his family.

Roberto Flores López, 80, was attacked on July 8 inside the bathroom of a supermarket in the Lancaster area, north of Los Angeles.

The Hispanic, a native of Michoacán, Mexico, went with his wife to the grocery store to buy products and at some point went to the bathroom, where a young African-American attacked him and stole about $ 20 that he had in his wallet, they said The authorities.

“What we are demanding is justice. If my father had not been beaten in that way, he would still be with us, ”Francisco Ordorico Flores, the victim’s son, told Efe.

Photo: GoFundMe

Due to the blows he received, Flores was lying on the bathroom floor without being able to sit up until someone else entered and found him.

The elderly man was hospitalized for injuries that included a broken jaw and nose and multiple broken ribs and was treated in the intensive care unit at Antelope Valley Hospital.

He spent two weeks there before being discharged, according to the latest update to a fundraising page from GoFundMe created to help cover your medical costs.

But he had to be admitted again and Flores died this Wednesday morning in the hospital, leaving behind his wife Amelia, three children, 16 grandchildren and a great-grandson.

“What hurt my father the most was that after he handed over the wallet, he kept hitting him, kicked him while he was on the floor, and broke his ribs, and kept hitting his face,” said Francisco Ordorico.

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An endless family drama

Flores actually had four children with Amelia. One of them died this Tuesday, a day before the old man, of COVID-19, according to relatives.

“My mom is struggling with the death of her son, our brother. We just made arrangements for my brother to be buried next Tuesday. And now we are going to go back and make arrangements for my father, ”Cecilia Ramírez, the victim’s daughter, said at a press conference.

“My brother couldn’t see my dad because he got sick when my dad was in the hospital. We never told my dad about his death, ”Francisco said.

Damaris Wade alias “Papa Cill”, 22, and his girlfriend Tamika White, 33, both residents of the area where the attack occurred, were arrested and charged in this case.

Damaris Wade Photo: Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office

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