‘Impossible Foods’ manages to design cow’s milk from plants

The consumption of cow’s milk has generated some controversy in recent years. More and more people are opposed to the production an...

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The consumption of cow’s milk has generated some controversy in recent years.

More and more people are opposed to the production and consumption of cow’s milk; Faced with this scenario, different companies have emerged that aim to replace this product with a healthier alternative.

One of the main negatives to the consumption of cow’s milk is the animal exploitation that its elaboration implies and the supposed damages that this product can cause to the human being.

Today, consumers of cow’s milk find alternative options in products that are classified as vegetarian or vegan.

Impossible Foods has joined this list, and has announced a prototype to make cow’s milk plant-based.

The company Impossible Foods assures that it is possible to make a plant-based milk: How will you do it? Here we tell you!

  • Impossible Foods has announced a prototype to make plant-based cow’s milk
  • The main goal of the company is to replace dairy products with something that the consumer will more like
  • So far, soy is one of the most viable options, although they do not rule out using other types of products derived from plants

In recent days, the Impossible Foods company announced, via virtual conference, that it will allocate $ 700 million dollars to a new and ambitious project to provide the public with new alternatives to the foods that are most consumed today.

Impossible Foods, a plant-based protein foods company, announced that it will allocate double its budget from previous years for its product development team to start working on the launch of plant-based milk, steak, bacon and fish. .

The plant-based milk production team started working on various prototypes several years ago.

This was due to the fact that the last five years have represented a radical change in the market for products of animal origin, and a good part of consumers have demanded more alternatives to this type of product.

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Plant-based milk prototypes have taken several years to be tested, and this is because the company must ensure that each of its components resembles conventional milk.

For example, the team must check that the product works the same as milk; In other words, consumers can not only drink it, but can cook with it and boil it.

So far, one of Impossible Foods’ main tasks is to create an alternative to beef; however, Impossible Foods CEO Pat Brown has stated that producing a cow’s milk alternative is also one of the company’s priorities.

According to Brown, “There are about 1.7 billion cows on the planet, and a significant fraction is used for the production of dairy products. Cows are incredibly inefficient. ”

Very soon, cow’s milk will be replaced by a plant-based alternative

According to official figures, the consumption of cow’s milk has decreased considerably in recent years.

This has resulted in the sale of products classified as herbal alternatives has increased.

Now, the challenge is not only to provide a healthy food, easy to commercialize and accessible, but companies pose the challenge of achieving all of the above while taking care of the environment.

In an interview, Brown stated that one of his main goals is to “Create something that, for consumers of dairy products, is better than any product that comes from a cow.”

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Impossible Foods challenge: create plant-based milk that effectively replaces cow’s milk

During the videoconference in which Impossible Foods plant-based milk was presented, scientist Laura Kliman assured that the new product will retain the flavor of cow’s milk, and demonstrated the properties of this by mixing it in a cup of hot coffee, while explaining the properties of milk.

Although the demo was successful, Kliman said it was one more step towards the launch of the final product.

In this demonstration, it was possible to see how Kliman was able to boil the milk, foam it and mix it into the coffee with great success; In addition, he explained step by step what properties were expected to be found in plant-based milk: taste, nutrition and sustainability were just some of those he mentioned.

One of the ingredients that the Impossible Foods company has used the most for the creation of its products has been soy. As with ‘Impossible Meat’, ‘Impossible Milk’ is made from soy.

The scientists behind the original recipe declared to the press that “We have developed prototypes based on a series of products of plant origin.”

For Brown, CEO of Impossible Foods, “the soy It is a very good option from a nutritional and production chain point of view. For these reasons, I think there is a real opportunity for it to become the protein base of our product. “

Brown’s plans don’t stop at creating a plant-based milk:

In one of his most prominent statements, the executive assures that they have raised more than $ 1.5 billion in investments since the creation of Impossible Foods until today, and that one of their medium-term goals is to eliminate animal agriculture to 2035.

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