Immigration reform would eliminate the “Law of Punishment”

Immigration reform would eliminate the “Law of Punishment” A draft reveals this important point that could be addressed in th...

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  • Immigration reform would eliminate the “Law of Punishment”
  • A draft reveals this important point that could be addressed in the Biden reform
  • The so-called “Punishment Law” expelled immigrants for up to 10 years

There are many expectations about the new immigration reform or the American Citizenship Law proposed by Joe Biden and now, a draft obtained by Univision revealed that eliminating the so-called “Law of Punishment” could be contemplated.

The draft of the immigration reform indicates that there would be two versions, one that would be sent to the House of Representatives and the other to the Senate. The bill is expected to be presented in late February by Congresswoman Linda Sánchez in the Lower House.

Draft of the Immigration Reform

However, the draft allows us to know more details about the immigration reform, among which he immediately highlighted the elimination of the “Punishment Law.”

Punishment Law Reform, New Biden immigration reform

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A provision that ‘punished’ immigrants who have lived more than 180 days undocumented in the US with three years and those who have been for more than 365 days with up to ten years, says Univisión.

Other details

According to the Hispanic network, the draft of the immigration reform also recommends “recovering all visas from previous years that have not been used” in order to eliminate delays. As well as including the children and spouses of immigrants in the ‘Green Card’ as ‘immediate family’.

Punishment Law Reform, New Biden immigration reform

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The reform could also contemplate eliminating visa limits by country and facilitating access to residence for workers in industries with lower wages, indicates Univision. Also, within the reform priorities would be to provide resources and collaborate with NGOs and other organizations for inclusion programs and “assistance” in English, which could be a essential requirement.

Visa changes

The new details released by the Hispanic news network also include visas, as in the case of the H-1B, where thanks to the new Biden reform, a work permit could be extended for the children of the holders of said visas.

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The foregoing so that they do not “age out of the system,” says Univision.

What else does the reform contemplate?

As is already known, the bill that Joe Biden has promised as part of his electoral platform, would mean a path to citizenship for more than 10 million immigrants.

Since the creation of a new temporary status that millions of immigrants could access with a series of requirements, such as being physically in the United States before January 1, 2021.

Going through access to the ‘Green Card’ after five years with the new status, and the possibility of obtaining citizenship after three years and ‘more’ requirements.

Even increasing the Diversity Visa Lottery from 55,000 to 80,000, and attacking the root causes of immigration are some of the aspects that the new reform would contemplate.

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Furthermore, Biden would seek to ‘dignify’ the immigration system of the United States by changing the term ‘alien’ to ‘non-citizen’.

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According to Univision, the immigration reform or United States Citizenship Act of 2021 would dedicate an entire chapter to the protection of workers from exploitation.

Less walls, more technology

Strengthening border security in a ‘smart’ way is something President Biden has contemplated on several occasions.

He recently ordered an end to the “national emergency” that was ‘used’ for the construction of the border wall in the south of the country.

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Biden’s immigration reform suggests the use of “high-performance scanning technologies,” the implementation of programs to “improve infrastructure at ports of entry,” and “improve the capacity to process asylum seekers,” to comply with the objective of security, according to Univisión.

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