Immigrants could get their ‘papers’ very soon

Immigrants could obtain their ‘papers’ in various ways. American Dream and Promise Act 2021 (HR6) bills presented. They seek ...

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  • Immigrants could obtain their ‘papers’ in various ways.
  • American Dream and Promise Act 2021 (HR6) bills presented.
  • They seek to create all the conditions necessary for immigrants to get their citizenship.

Just a few months after taking over the country, the Joe Biden administration tries to create all the conditions necessary for immigrants to receive their ‘papers’ and here we mention the four types of people that could get them very soon.

This Tuesday the first hearing of the draft American Dream and Promise Act 2021 (HR6) in the Judicial Committee of the Upper House will be chaired by this senator for Illinois who has unsuccessfully sponsored similar measures for the past 20 years.


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“I’m ready, it’s time. The country is ready. Overwhelmingly, Democrats, Republicans and independents are in favor of this law, and they believe that it is fundamentally fair that these people have the possibility to be part of the future of the United States, “he said a few days ago.

That is why with this first option it is one of the most anticipated by immigrants who seek to obtain their ‘papers’ and achieve a permanent citizenship that they so desire and that is the reason why they arrived in that country, information that has also been published on migrant connection.

Immigrants: ‘DREAMERS’ and TPS

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Durbin indicated that with the consideration of HR6, already approved with bipartisan support in the House of Representatives last March, it will begin to advance towards the permanent legal status of the “dreamers” and of those who benefit from the Temporary Protected Status (TPS). ) and the so-called DED (Deffered Enforced Departure) or “Deferred Mandatory Departure”. Bill HR6 could open a path to citizenship for about 4.5 million undocumented people, according to estimates by the Migration Policy Institute (MPI).

In addition, Durbin said, with President Joe Biden, these immigrants have “a friend” who supports the Dream Act bill, which Durbin and fellow Republican Lindsey Graham reintroduced last April and which, like HR6 , seeks to regularize the immigration status of the “dreamers”, and also of Deferred Action (DACA), which protects them from deportation.

Immigrants: DACA

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Other beneficiaries would be those of DACA. This is the complete opposite of his Republican predecessor, Donald Trump, who tried to abolish this immigration protection created by former President Barack Obama in 2012, although the Supreme Court prevented him from doing so.

The hearing in the Senate will be held on June 15, on the ninth anniversary of Obama’s announcement of the creation of DACA, which since 2012 protects hundreds of thousands of young people who arrived undocumented from deportation and gives temporary work and residence permits. to the country at an early age.


Immigrant papers
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In addition to HR6, the bill for the Modernization of the Agricultural Workforce (HR 1603) is waiting in the Senate, also approved in March in the Lower House and that would give permanent residence and work permits for hundreds of thousands of workers employed in the farming.

Biden’s star project on immigration matters also awaits, a comprehensive reform that would give a path to citizenship to some 11 million undocumented immigrants, although this broader option lacks the sympathy received by the “dreamers”, Tepesianos and peasants who have been shown “essential” during the covid-19 pandemic and has a bleaker future in the Senate.


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Recently, the Hispanic journalist and host of the Univisión program “Al Punto”, Jorge Ramos explained who qualifies for their ‘roles’ if immigration reform that President Joe Biden promised during his campaign to give millions of immigrants a path to citizenship is approved. .

Ramos began by clarifying that the recent provisions recently passed by the House of Representatives are not complete immigration reform, but the laws would help millions of dreamers, TPS recipients, and farm workers. Filed Under: Immigrants


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The presenter Jorge Ramos, interviewed Cristina Jiménez, co-founder of “UNITED WE DREAM”, the first and largest organization led by young immigrants in the nation, according to his official Twitter account, about the projects that have reached Congress.

The Hispanic activist said that the Promise and Dream Act of the United States “creates a path to citizenship for people who have TPS also for undocumented youth who have DACA,” and noted that there could be more beneficiaries than those already mentioned. Filed Under: Immigrants


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Cristina Jiménez assured that other dreamers who could not apply for the Deferred Action for Childhood Wounds (DACA) program “also qualify”, within the new law that ‘revived’ in Congress after a pause in the Immigration Reform works

“It is a very expansive version, compared to other legislation,” the activist told Jorge Ramos about the law that would grant ‘papers’ to millions of immigrants. Then, Cristina Jiménez explained to the Hispanic presenter the “Law for the Modernization of the Agricultural Workforce”. Filed Under: Immigrants