Ilia Calderón interviews Kamala Harris and she puts her in her place (VIDEO)

The journalist Ilia Calderón interviews Kamala Harris. The vice president of the USA puts the Colombian journalist in her place. “I...

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  • The journalist Ilia Calderón interviews Kamala Harris.
  • The vice president of the USA puts the Colombian journalist in her place.
  • “If we are going to deal with the problems at the border, we have to deal with the problems that make people go to the border.”

Migrant Kamala Harris Ilia Calderón. The Colombian journalist from Univision, Ilia Calderón, had an interview with the vice president of the United States, Kamala Harris, where she became unpleasant while talking about Kamala’s trips to Mexico and Guatemala, but the American put Ilia in her place.

Ilia Calderón apparently wanted to follow in the footsteps of journalist Jorge Ramos when he interviewed former President Donald Trump, where the Mexican had no compassion for the Republican, so much so that later Trump would no longer let Ramos ask him questions at any conference.

Ilia Calderón al tú por tú with Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris migrant Ilia Calderón

In this talk, the vice president tells about her trip to Mexico and Guatemala, and why she told citizens to go to the United States illegally. He affirmed that he did it so that people who travel to American soil for reasons of violence remain in their own country.

In addition, Kamala Harris mentioned that she will soon go to the southern border of the country, but did not give the exact date of when she would make that trip, when the Colombian journalist asked her, only the vice president answered with: “I will keep you informed.” Here is the interview …

Kamala Harris migrants Ilia Calderón: “Don’t come”

Kamala Harris migrant Ilia Calderon 2

Ilia Calderón began by asking about her warning to immigrants: Some migrants trapped in Ciudad Juárez and heard your words “Don’t come” and they say that you don’t understand their suffering and that you haven’t put yourself in their shoes. It’s hard, Vice President, to hear those words “Don’t come” from a daughter of immigrants who also came to seek a better future for her children.

To which Kamala Harris responded: “I have worked on this issue for almost my entire career and have always been an advocate for documented and undocumented immigrants in terms of the need to make sure they are safe, free from violence and harm. , and that they are treated with dignity and that they are providing meaningful pathways for those seeking citizenship. TO WATCH THE VIDEO CLICK HERE

Kamala Harris migrants: “These people are fleeing hunger and violence”

Migrant Kamala Harris Ilia Calderon 3

Immediately, the Colombian from the Univision network replied that these migrants are not seeking asylum, but are trying to cross the border, and reminded her of what she had said in 2019: “I do not agree with any policy that turns its back on people who are fleeing danger. These people are fleeing hunger and violence and this dangerous strip is their only way out ”. and asked: “What is your message to them?”

“Well, the reason I went to Guatemala and then to Mexico and what the president asked me to do in my approach is exactly what you said. That you are addressing the reasons why people are leaving home. Ilia feel very strongly, and I know this is true, that most people do not want to leave the house. They don’t want to leave the place where their grandmother lives. They don’t want to leave the place where they know the language, where they know the church they go to every Sunday. And if they leave home, it usually has to do with one of two things, because they are fleeing danger or because they cannot stay home and take care of the basic needs to take care of their family. And that is why I am addressing the root causes of what we are seeing in terms of poverty, ”Harris responded.

Kamala Harris migrants: Purpose of her trip to Guatemala

Migrant Kamala Harris Ilia Calderon 4

Then the vice president explained her reasons for her trip: “My trip and the purpose of going to Guatemala, for example, was to meet the economic needs of women, youth, and farmers. We left that meeting also talking about the need to address smuggling, the need to address violence against women, in particular, the need to provide financial support ”.

“Much of my work when it comes to Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, but with a more recent emphasis on Guatemala, has been to bring US CEOs to the table to say what the role is… and I would like to expand the role of the private sector to put resources in that region, knowing the great capacity of its people. But they need assistance and support. The work I’ve been doing is convening members of the United States Cabinet to say, let’s deal with the agricultural sector in that region. It is such an important part of the economy. But due to these hurricanes, we have seen the destruction of farms and resources, “he added.

Kamala Harris migrants Ilia Calderón: The country’s resources

Migrant Kamala Harris Ilia Calderon 5

Then the Univision journalist touched on the issue of US resources and asked for an answer so that it does not end up in the hands of unrequited people: “Vice President, we are talking about resources. How can the United States ensure that these resources do not end up in the hands of the corrupt? ”Ilia asked.

“That was part of the very candid conversation I had, for example, with President Giammattei. In fact, it was a huge part of our conversation. I made it very clear and very direct that I have serious concerns about corruption. I am concerned about the need for an independent judiciary, the need for an independent press. The president is well aware that I did this and I spoke to him about the need for them to fight and address the issue of corruption because it is an impediment, not only for the well-being of the people of the country, it is an impediment for those in whom United States that really want to invest in Guatemala. So if we want to deal with the underlying problems and he cares deeply about the economic health of the country and its growth, well, let’s deal with corruption. Because without doing that, US companies and the US government will hesitate to invest too much. ”

Kamala Harris Migrants: When will you go to the border, Vice President?


As vice president, she has not visited the border. Texas Congressman Henry Cuellar from your own party is arguing, urging you and President Biden to visit the border. And I’m going to quote him: “Someone needs to listen to our local communities. With all due respect, just coming and visiting in stages is not enough. They have to understand ”. What do you answer? When are you going to the border, vice president? ”He asked the vice president.

Kamala immediately responds: “I have said that I will go to the border. And also, if we are going to deal with the problems at the border, we have to deal with the problems that make people go to the border, flee to the border, and that is the root cause. So my first trip as Vice President of the United States was to go in terms of a trip abroad to Guatemala, being on the ground, addressing and being informed of the root causes. Why are the people of Guatemala leaving? And that’s the trip that I took. And I just got back yesterday, on that trip I had extensive meetings and conversations and I came out of it with agreements with the government, with civil society, with people from all walks of life about what we must do here in the United States to address the root causes of people leaving and emigrating from their home to the United States ”.

He did not give the exact date of his trip to the border


After not giving a specific date for when he would go to the border, Ilia Calderón asked him again: “Do you have a date for your trip to the border and see the situation with your own eyes? To which the vice president, Kamala Harris did not give an exact date: “I will keep you informed.”

Ilia Calderón: “I have to ask you a question about Nicaragua. Opposition candidates have been detained, journalists threatened, protests are prohibited. Do you think that all this points to a dictatorship led by Daniel Ortega? ” Kamala Harris: “Well let me be very clear. The Ortega regime, we are very concerned about what it is doing. And we support the Nicaraguan people in their quest, their just quest to have free and fair elections, period ”. Filed as. Migrant Kamala Harris Ilia Calderón.

Topics of Cubans who risk their lives for the American dream


Finally, Calderón questioned him about the Cubans who are arriving in rafts to the country, risking their lives at sea: “Well, we have seen a significant increase in the number of Cubans who arrive in rafts, risking their lives. Does the United States have any plans to address this situation?

“Part of the challenge our administration has faced is that, under the previous administration, there were four years of deterioration in our immigration system. And so, we are in the process of rebuilding it. But as I said before, we will always be committed to being a safe haven for those fleeing danger. And our immigration system is being strengthened a lot to address the needs of many countries, “concluded the vice president. Filed as. Migrant Kamala Harris Ilia Calderón.

Controversy because Kamala Harris has not visited the border

Photo: Getty

Harris softened on Thursday the harsh message she had sent to potential migrants during her trip this week to Guatemala and Mexico, assuring that she is “committed” to ensuring that her country will be a “safe haven” for those seeking asylum.

In an interview offered to Efe, they asked him about the message he sent during his trip to Central Americans who are considering emigration: “Don’t come. If they come to the border, they will not be able to enter ”. The vice president received criticism even from her own party since under US and international law, migrants who arrive at the border have the right to request asylum. Let me be very clear. I am committed to ensuring that the United States provides a safe haven for those seeking asylum. Period, ”Harris said. Filed as. Migrant Kamala Harris Ilia Calderón.

Criticism of his own party

Photo: AP

Harris thus reacted to the criticism he has received from his own party this week, including from the Democratic congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, for having exhorted the inhabitants of the Northern Triangle of Central America not to “come” to the United States.

That message, which was accompanied by a warning that they would be expelled if they reached the border, generated alarm among politicians and human rights experts, who recalled that the United States has a commitment under its own and international laws to process petitions for asylum for those who come to its territory. Filed as. Migrant Kamala Harris Ilia Calderón.

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