10 delicious ideas for cheap dinners under $ 10

Cooking delicious, balanced meals doesn’t have to bankrupt you, and sometimes cheap dinner ideas are the best way to start saving m...

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Cooking delicious, balanced meals doesn’t have to bankrupt you, and sometimes cheap dinner ideas are the best way to start saving money. And it’s not as difficult as you think to inspire your inner chef. Delicious dishes don’t have to involve expensive ingredients. And you can feel satisfied at the end of the meal; cheap does not mean lightweight. According to Leanne brown, cookbook author of Good and Cheap, it is possible to “create satisfying food that does not require you to supplement your meals with cheap carbohydrates to eliminate hunger.” Her goal is “to help people learn how to make good, modern food that is cheap too.” The trick is to get creative with your food and focus on ingredients that have multiple uses. To get you started, here are 10 cheap and delicious dinner ideas that will fill you up and keep your wallet full, too.

1. A perfect dinner is rotisserie chicken with potatoes and butternut squash.

The ingredients main they are cheap and everything else you probably already have in your kitchen. The fact that you have to buy three things and this dish can fill a family of four makes it cheap, delicious, and healthy.

2. Shrimp Fra Diavolo

A dish of shrimp on a plate

Oh, did you think prawns They were elegant and that any dish with them had to be expensive? We have news for you! You can make a tasty shrimp dish using mostly ingredients that you already have. If you like your food spicy, you will love this recipe, which uses ground red pepper flakes for flavor.

3. Roasted cauliflower fettuccine

Here is what you will need to to make this dish: cauliflower, bacon, garlic, parmesan and a lemon. You already have the rest at home. Last time we checked, all of those ingredients together cost less than $ 10, and this dish will serve at least four people. It looks like a restaurant-quality dish and requires little time and money to cook.

4. Chicken with rice and mushrooms

A plate of rice with mushrooms

Besides being incredibly easy to do, uses very modest ingredients that give a lot of flavor without costing too much. Frozen peas, chicken, and mushrooms are the main ingredients you will need to purchase.

5. The dish that I love is called Pizzadillas

The pizzadilla It is hands down our favorite food combination. It is a hybrid of pizza and quesadilla. Cooking for your kids doesn’t have to be expensive and you don’t have to exclusively serve frozen dinners or junk food. You can make something fresh and tasty that they will devour but your money will not be wasted. With this dish you can be creative with your ingredients and add any vegetables or meat that you have in the refrigerator.

6. Another dish that captivates is shaped like mini hamburgers


Small in size but with great flavor, that’s how we like our burgers. These mini burgers are great because you can eat more than one if you’re hungry, or you can satisfy your kids with the perfect portion size for them. They are cheap to make because you only need ground beef, bread and American cheese.

7. Texas Chili

It’s cold outside so it’s officially chili season. Chili is a pot dish that uses mostly canned ingredients, so it’s cheap, easy, and oh so delicious. This recipe requires onion, bell pepper, black beans, sliced ​​tomato (canned), garlic, beef, and plenty of seasoning. It might take a while but it’s worth it.

8. The dish of the sea comes in hypoglossal fish tacos with coleslaw and coriander

A plate of fish tacos

We love fish. We love tacos. We love fish tacos! And luckily we can make them for little. Are toasts Fish are tasty thanks to the coriander, cumin and garlic, and you can add any complement you want or find on sale. You can also use several types of fish, so if there is tilapia on sale, buy it.

9. Chicken encrusted with pecan

Who doesn’t love fried chicken? Children love it and grown-ups adore it. And the good news is that you can make it at home, cheaply, without unnecessary extra fat. This recipe use breadcrumbs and pecans to make a crunchy topping. Also, making chicken fingers are healthier than anything you fry or buy from a fast food restaurant.

10. Roasted Primavera Risotto


While it sounds fancy, this is a cymbal you can do at home, for little, spending just $ 2.48 per serving. It’s impressive enough to serve to guests but reasonable enough to whip up anytime. The most expensive items you will buy are fresh vegetables and pecorino cheese, everything else you probably already have or can find on sale.

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