How to vase? Adamari López appears in Hoy Día, but they tell her that it looks like decoration from the show

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How to vase?  Adamari López appears in Hoy Día, but they tell her that it looks like decoration from the show
FOTO: Mezcalent / Video: MH
  • A new beginning for the program Today
  • Followers say they put Adamari López just as one more ornament
  • The Puerto Rican looked amazing with the new outfit they put on her

Adamari López appears in the new stage of the program Today, but followers attack her, they begin to believe that they only put her on the program as one more vase of decoration.

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There is no deadline that is not met, nor a date that does not arrive. Today began the new stage of the program Today, which was announced a few weeks ago.

With this new model, the morning program, which was previously A new day, started with new sections and even with a news space, which were presented by the new drivers that the chain Telemundo contract.

Adamari López vase

VIDEO: Instagram. Javier Ceriani

After this, many users on social networks began to wonder where Adamari López had been, since the new section of news, and neither she nor Stephani Himondis, also known as Chiqui Baby appeared.

In a video published by the official account of the Argentine journalist, Javier Ceriani, you can see how Today began with its new stage.

At first you could see Adamari López and Stephani welcoming, but then in the new news section, they did not appear. Instead, the journalists appeared: Arantxa Lozaiga, Nicole Suarez and Nacho Lozano.

After this small detail, the driver, Javier Ceriani, argued that they had only put Adamari López as a vase, writing the following message at the bottom of the video: “Strong, but what about Adamari López and Chiqui Baby? Did they put them out of vases? What’s up Today? “

After this, various comments began, where followers They asked to include Adamari in the sections, while others said that this change was even better.

You can see the video where it seems that they put Adamari López as a vase with Chiqui Baby here.

Quickly several comments began to arrive on the video where it seemed that Adamari López had been put in the program as one more vase of the decor of the set.

Some followers affirmed that they looked much better without them: “And with Adamari not being there, I am satisfied”, “They should already remove those two, they ran to those who did serve”, “HAHAHAJ they put them in vases”

VIDEO: Instagram. Javier Ceriani

While other users argued that this change was more than anything because the two of them were more from the entertainment area and not as much as journalists: “Neither are they changing, there are new formats, Adamari López and Chiqui Baby are doing well there, you have to support them ”.

“The program is on the journalistic line, that’s why they put them, and Adamari and Stephanie on the entertainment side, I thought the new directive of the Program”.

They were one of the many comments that the video of Adamari López received in which she appeared like a vase in this new stage of the program Today.

Fortunately for Adamari López, not everything was so bad, since the Puerto Rican driver hit with a attire that left everyone with their mouths open.

In the photograph, shared on the program’s Instagram account, you can see the beautiful actress wearing a pistachio green dress, with red details.

This outfit managed to win the hearts of the followers of the program, as they were shocked by the curves and how thin Adamari López looked with that dress.


PHOTO: Instagram. Today

Some followers affirmed that she looked more curvy and slim than before: “How beautiful, how she lost weight, wonderful man by her side, God had that beautiful family prepared for her”

“How well that dress fits for her physiognomy, she looks beautiful”, “How beautiful she looks, now they are putting nice outfits on her, we want them to favor her”, “Simply beautiful”, “The best, she looks spectacular”

You can see the photograph here.

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